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  1. MokaPot

    Dinner 2020

    Textured vegetable protein. I like it. I think it's used a lot in vegan dim sum.
  2. MokaPot

    Breakfast 2020!

    Kouign amann have been my "new" favorite thing for a couple of years now. Hard to find them, so, I don't get to eat my fill and don't ever get tired of them. Also, I don't have the skill to make them.
  3. I like chickpeas / garbanzo beans a lot. Just as a start, I'd say, oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, onions and garlic. Maybe some feta cheese.
  4. I like the Biscoff (airline) cookies and, also, Fig Newmans (the one in the mustard-colored packaging). I like to eat most cookies frozen.
  5. MokaPot

    Dinner 2020

    @Kim Shook, did you put both the Bumble Bee chopped clams and the Matiz wild cockles in your pasta dish? Your food looks extra-delicious today.
  6. Not anything different for me, but I like to make a salad with the following things: Cucumber ("baby" size) Grape tomatoes Feta cheese Garbanzo beans Dressing made of vinegar, garlic, cumin powder, & Tabasco sauce
  7. MokaPot

    jar spatula

    I have a Chef'n brand spatula (silicone over metal). This is the closest thing that they now sell: https://www.chefn.com/products/switchit-spatula?variant=34019450749068 My spatula is black, which I like, because if it's stained, I can't see it.
  8. @Franci, seems like there's some meat in/on the barrel fish head. Is it sinewy? Can you slice it or scrape it and eat it raw? (Looks very fresh.)
  9. MokaPot


    @heidih, are you saying that you separate the caps from the stems, freeze the raw stems ("as is"), then roast the caps? Thanks!
  10. MokaPot


    Hi Guys. Question about short-term freezing of cooked "white" mushrooms. Reason I want to cook and freeze is because I won't be able to use them before they go bad. Photo is posted below. I'll be cutting the mushrooms into smaller pieces (before cooking and freezing). Usually, I cut the mushrooms into 4 "identical" pieces (slicing through the "axes") rather than into thin slices. (Hope that made sense.) I've done this in the past with pretty good results except for some toughness in the stems. (No freezer burn flavor, so that's good.) I don't have any type of vacuum sealer. I would be using Ziploc freezer bags & squeezing out as much air as possible. Is there anything else I can do to get a good / better result? Thanks in advance!
  11. Food looks good, @BKEats. Does the name of the restaurant (Guevara's) have anything to do with Che Guevara's granddaughter, Lydia Guevara (part of a PETA campaign a while back)?
  12. Potato curry with green peas.
  13. @rotuts, here's the inside of a Bianco organic tomatoes can. Orangish-gold. Top of can says "non BPA can liner."
  14. MokaPot


    I like carrots cut into smallish pieces, tossed in oil & salt, baked / roasted in oven on 425 F. Last time I did this, though, it didn't turn out as good as usual (didn't get caramelization). I recently switched from olive oil to avocado oil, which supposedly is more tolerant to high temperatures. Maybe that's the reason.
  15. Not sure why the lousy scores. Maybe price unofficially factored into the reviews. The Bamix metal stick part is not detachable from the handle. I think it's been posted above that the other brands do allow you to detach the stick from the handle. IMO, it's a more solid design (Bamix) when it doesn't detach. Bamix IBs are made in Switzerland, which is a positive, IMO. One of my siblings (the one who I gave my Bamix to) said they buy a new IB every few years (due to breakage). I should check back & see how the Bamix is working. I'm guessing the main advantage of the Bamix would be longevity.
  16. @Toliver, can you do self check-out? I avoided it for a long time because I was sympathetic to the human cashiers that might lose jobs / lose paid work hours. However, under the circumstances, I started doing self check-out more often. I think I do a better job at bagging stuff (cold stuff all together, no fragile-type stuff on the bottom).
  17. Ron Popeil's Ronco Showtime Rotisserie. Apparently out of production, but still available. Only $900 new on Amazon. Used ones available for $250 and up.
  18. @chromedome, what kind of cake was inside? How did it taste? I love buttercream frosting. Did you add any flavor to it (not that it needs anything)?
  19. To eat? Cookware? I've always thought this Fante's Kitchen Shop website looked cool. I haven't ever ordered yet, but you might be interested. Lots of coffee, tea, etc., accoutrements. Other things, too. https://www.fantes.com/
  20. @AAQuesada, when you say coffee based drinks, can you be more specific? Reason I'm asking is because I'm looking for an alternative to half 'n' half (for hot coffee). What kind of almond milk do you use? I've tried Oatly Barista Blend, which was good. But I still prefer half 'n' half.
  21. MokaPot

    Dinner 2020

    I am thinking miso paste. There's the white miso and the red miso. Neither are spicy. Looks like @Heidi's suggestion is soybean-based as well, but is a Korean product.
  22. @Tri2Cook, maybe look on the prepper or survivalist websites. There are vegan preppers / survivalists out there.
  23. @chromedome, maybe your stepdaughter likes the overall look of the cake and is not stuck on the precise shades of pink / red in the photo. Maybe you could just show her the color(s) that you already have and see if she likes them.
  24. @Toliver, what would be a non-plebe Halloween (fun sized) candy that people could buy right now? I agree about the Snickers. Not my favorite candy.
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