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  1. When i was younger - there was a kid that came to our house late - probably the last tricker-or-treater ... I think he did this by design 😁 ...  he was dressed as clown and his pants were tied at the ankles - you guessed it - his pants were his his trick-or-treat bag (he did appear to be wearing long johns) and they were nearly full of candy! We gave him the rest of our Candy and still laugh about it today. 😁


    We didn’t trick-or-treat much - once or twice, I think? When we did - my sister and I had to split our candy  - even even for both of us. She took all the ‘good candy’ and left me with the rest (she was older and meaner) - On the plus side, it left me with a love of hard candy as an adult. 


    These days - I am not much for Halloween - I leave a very large bowl of candy out front with a sign and lighted Halloween balloon - kids are weirdly honest about how much they take ... this year, I told my neighbor to send over her son around 9 or 930 and he could have all our leftovers (I buy Snickers, Reese’s Cups, Peanut M&Ms , and Pay Day) ... the neighborhood usually does a trunk or treat or something like that but not this year (the woman who organizes has family obligations) and i don’t participate- it’s why i put candy out. 

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  2. I love butter - I love cooking with it, baking with it, I loved eating it (not by itself, though I did see a guy once 😲) ... I almost live to make the world a butter place ... 


    As much as I love it - I do not, however, make my own ... I am quite happy right now to buy butter. I do find in my fridge about 4 different kinds / brands of butter for different cooking needs. And then of course, I will mix my own seasoned butter, so there’s that. And I have a lot of butter on hand - in the last 2.5 - 3 weeks, I guess I went through about 12lbs - (that was baking - my preferred butter for baking is Plugra) ... 


    Surely I am not the only one who keeps various brands / types of butter on hand? Right? RIGHT?! 😲😳

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  3. @kayb and @blue_dolphin thank you so much! These amounts help me tremendously - you have no idea! 


    @kayb when you try the Peanut Butter cups let me know how they turn out! I may want that recipe! Trying to find a good one on the internet is like trying to find that ‘one cat video you saw a month ago on YouTube’ 🤦🏻‍♀️


    I found some treat bags at Hobby Lobby yesterday - they have a pull / peel / stick top - and I discovered a I can fit about a dozen truffles in there if full - or fold it down further and fit 6 😁 ... also small pound cake cookies, etc will fit nicely as will some spiced nuts, maybe. 


    I did discover yesterday the coconut cream truffles went over very well - i thought they looked a tad dry inside, but Mr Cat and Cat Son and Cat Neighbor all said No! They are very creamy inside ... I will have to quad the recipe to make enough - it’s a small recipe ... super quick to make, though. 


    Samoa Truffles are also a go - apparently they are a new menu item for Cat Son’s Birthday menu (no one else tried them, yet - he is my best taste tester - gives best reviews) ... easy recipe - quick to make, but mercy what a sticky mess - I didn’t roll after the first few - i opted to use a 2tsp scoop instead ... I’m not even sorry. 


    Cat Son still has to taste Spiced Cookie Butter Truffles tonight to see if they are a go tonight. 


    And I think I might add Flourless Chocolate Cookies to the baskets or more than likely the ‘big tray’ ... 


    The items I am testing, btw - are new recipes for *me* - I test them ahead of time to see if they’re good enough for Christmas giveaway 😂 ... the stuff I don’t test I have made before many times. 


    Okay - well the Spiced cookie. Utter truffles didn’t even make it to the neighbors’ 🙃 - yeah - they were that bad 🤢 ... so they are OFF the list! 


    Oh - and I needed to add about another half cup of cookie crumbs to the Samoa’s Truffles but still super tasty. Easy to do also. 


    I think I might take a break from the truffles for a day or two and try some bat something - I don’t know. 

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  4. 7 hours ago, chromedome said:


    Yeah, trying to keep weight on is a thankless thing (in large part because you sure as heck will struggle to get any sympathy).


    When my ex was having major health issues, 20-odd years ago, her metabolism was super-quick, and she needed to eat six real meals/day (minimum) or she would just fall to the floor. To complicate matters her gall bladder was acting up so we couldn't resort to high-fat, calorie-dense foods either, and (the kicker) we were also terribly broke in those days. It forced me to be creative in the kitchen, that's for sure.


    Yeah - compound the problem with multiple food allergies and it’s - difficult to say the least 😕 ... I’m not short (not ‘real’ tall but def not short and whenever i started having problems - I weighed my normal 110lbs (always weighed that) ... through it all i lost 40lbs 😱 ... I’ve only managed to gain back 17 and it’s taken me a long time to do it ... so far, I seem to be maintaining that so - yay! I’m not losing anything! Whoop whoop LOL 😂 


    Im just trying hard (very hard) to be patient and follow doc orders and hope with time things change 🤞🏻... uhh - for the record - change for the better 😂

  5. 7 hours ago, chileheadmike said:



    My wife's favorite. 


    😁 Down here (good ‘ole country Texas boy territory) - I think it is mandatory table food every holiday and Sunday dinner 😁 ... Lots of things will be forgiven - but not leaving that off the table 😲

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  6. 8 hours ago, Margaret Pilgrim said:


    I love our differences.    These are some of my favorite flavors.    To the point that I have to put on the brakes to restrain myself from adding too much of them.  


    Interestingly, DH and I have different perceptions of "sour".    To him, lemon is sour, vinegar is not; I am the opposite.  


    🤣😂 I have love of ingredients I am that way about, too - I also love our differences - and I am sure there foods I love others wouldn’t touch with someone else’s fork 😳 


    That is funny about you and your DH’s perception of sour ... have you decided which of you has ‘broken’ tastebuds? 😉😉

  7. 3 hours ago, chromedome said:


    A word of encouragement, fwiw...my GF had her gall bladder out several years ago, and like you was unable to tolerate fat for a while. She's thoroughly over it now, and can "keto" with aplomb and pretty much chug heavy cream right from the carton. As always YMMV, but there's hope.


    I am remaining hopeful! 😃 Seriously, Thanks, @chromedome - I kept reading stories of it happening to people - and I suppose that’s what I’m doing now, but, - still - it gives me more hope 🤞🏻 even a touch more fat than a handful of Premium Mini Crackers or a handful of cashews (those are the only nuts I am able to eat) maybe I could put on some weight !!!

  8. Nasty ingredients:


    - Dill

    - Lemon (do not like - but will use lime no problem) 

    Cilantro - does not taste like soap - just tastes bad. 🤢 


    Will not use these things - exception: One of my best friends LOVES lemon bars - I will make them for her and her only. Everyone else gets lime. Okay wait - Mr Cat and Cat son - Buttermilk Ranch - I make it for them - but that’s it for the dill ... and cilantro? NEVER. For no one. Ever. 

  9. I’m not sure how well it’s selling in my area  ... - the price has gone (I think in the last 6-8 months) from around $8.99 for a 4 pack of patties - to $5.99 for the same 4-pack - I don’t believe it’s a sale price - I’ve been seeing it consistently. btw - I live just East of Dallas - 


    However, beef itself seeks extremely well here. 

  10. I saw the title and I couldn’t help but remember ALL liquor gifts Mr Cat and I receive EVERY. YEAR. Wine. Bourbon. Scotch. Whiskey. Tequila. Almost all of it single barrel etc - would be super nice for us if we drank 🤦🏻‍♀️😂🤣 ... we don’t have anything against it etc - we have just never really been drinkers 🤷🏻‍♀️


    People who are close to us know we don’t really drink so they don’t gift us those things - it’s the people that don’t know us well ...


    Salvation Army doesn’t seem to want those those donations 😲😳🤣 Luckily?  Cat Son has been willing / able to take them off our hands these past few years and stock his bar ... 

  11. 1 hour ago, Shelby said:

    Hi again lol.


    I just wanted to add one more thing--and you might have already thought of this.


    I love the idea of having different shapes of containers or trays etc.  And, if you have the time to configure it all, then this won't be a concern.  However, if you don't have a lot of time, it is much easier to have all the same container  when doing a bunch of them.  That way, you take the time and arrange one in a way that works and looks good and then do the rest exactly the same.


    Just a quick thought :) 


    Thanks, @Shelby! I think I’m going to go with whatever works with the fastest shopping wise? 😂 If some match they match - if some things don’t - they don’t - I’m just going to “go with the flow” on it ... 


    I was talking with Mr Cat last night and I think we decided on *around* Dec 7-10 for delivery time ... most people seem to get their food things delivered after that time and I don’t want to deliver in the middle of food fatigue - I want my homemade goods to be appreciated! LOL Not looked at with “Oh no - not another one 😳” ... Seems kind of early - but kind of doesn’t - so i think I’m going to stick with it. 

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  12. 3 hours ago, kayb said:


    Oh, how sad! I've recently been diagnosed with celiac disease, and other than bidding farewell to good homemade bread, I'm coping OK with that. If I couldn't have any dairy, I guess I'd just die. I don't drink a lot of milk, but I do use it to cook with, and as my daddy used to contend, I'm like a rat when it comes to cheese. And we won't even talk about butter.



    @kayb ROFL I know I know! I thought I was going to die too when I found out! AHAHAHAHAHA I haven’t drank a glass of milk since I was probably 12 but - man! I got all of my dairy requirements through cheese - butter - butter - cheese - more cheese - more butter 😁 ... 


    im sorry about your Celiac 😔 Gluten shows up in weird places you wouldn’t even dream of! There are one or two very good forums out there for celiacs with excellent information - Have you found any? (through the process of all of my stuff - elimination gluten was a thing with my Dr for a while - so blah blah blah ) ... I wish you the very best, never another attack, and an excellent Dr., Kayb 

  13. 3 hours ago, blue_dolphin said:


    I am so, so sorry!  A number of years ago, I participated in a research study that required eating a very low fat diet.  No cheese was allowed.  It was a major struggle in the beginning but by the end of it, I had some good ideas for substitutes. Plus, they provided all the food and paid me $1000 so there was that 🙃

    You have all my best wishes in finding tasty foods that entertain your cheese taste buds and I hope that at some point there may be an opportunity to reintroduce an occasional morsel of cheese. 


    Now that is a research study I could’ve gotten behind for a grand 😉😁 ... wait - how long did you have to do it ? Now it would be incredibly easy for me - before all this - yeah not so much! 😂 You’re a better person than I and thank you for your contributions to medical science ... 


    Thank you for your best wishes 😁 - it’s a little more complicated than just finding tasty substitutions (isn’t it always? 🤣) - at the same time as the dairy I also developed soy, corn, beef, and shellfish allergies so - *sigh* - and then had to have my gallbladder out and ended up being one of those who can tolerate very little fat (hoping that changes eventually) - not lots of fun in my diet but I love to cook and bake (I wear and go through A LOT of gloves) ... on the plus side - I have not been diagnosed as Celiac, so there’s that 👍🏻 ... 😂😂😂

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  14. I do A LOT of baking / cooking when I am able and I end up gifting quite a bit of it ... sometimes people will gift me with “homemade” cookies etc ... there is one flavor in particular I have *never* enjoyed - Red Velvet - so what do they gift me? 😂 ... Not to mention I can’t eat that stuff - AT ALL ... Same with a co-worker if Mr Cat - bless him - he spent days making oxtail soup - sent some home to give me - can’t eat that either 😠😔 ... brought back wonderful memories of my mom (so that’s what i told him in my thank you note (the memories part - not the couldn’t eat it part) ...


    Has happened several times ... 😔 


    . Gravious gracious gracious ... Mr Cat sure enjoys it all, though 😁

  15. @kayb very cool about Food52 - Congratulations 😁


    I can’t help but laugh at @Margaret Pilgrim 😂 Invited out! 


    Our Thankgsgiving is very simple - these past few years I’m very extra thankful for that! We live in TX (all Native Texans!) and Mr Cat is a good ole country boy 😉 - so he likes a good ole country boy Thanksgiving - off times he’s not even here - he is down at the deer lease (which is okay with me - we don’t need a specific day to be thankful because the calendar says so - and we those times we always “celebrate” the weekend before) 


    -Turkey or Ham (Mr Cat & Cat Son’s choice) 

    -Sweet Potato Casserole (no marshmallow- pecan brown sugar crumble) 

    - Honey Dinner Rolls

    - Green Beans with Potatoes / Ham

    - Mac n Cheese sometimes sometimes not

    - Giblet Gravy if turkey

    - Cranberry Sauce

    - Corn Casserole

    - Sage Stuffing (if turkey) 

    - Pecan Pie for Cat Son (who swears he hates Pecan Pie, but he loves my Pecan Pie)

    - Sweet Potato Pie - Pumpkin Pie - or Buttermilk Pound Cake- or Something - whipped cream 


    And i always send something to the in-laws - some kind of bread - Cranberry Sauce and you know - something else ... some years it’s sweet potato casserole- some years it’s pecan pie - some years it’s Mac N Cheese n cheese - whatever ... they are also “good country people” - God love ‘em - and i do ... 


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  16. On 10/29/2019 at 1:12 AM, Toliver said:

    "American-Made Cheese Named World's Best for the First Time Ever"

    The article goes on to say the French Press aren't very happy with the decision.



    Well - the French can suck it, this year 😉 


    I love cheese - I adore cheese - almost alllll varieties - Im almost not picky about it ... I miss cheese 😔 (recently developed dairy allergy - not lactose - i mean ALL DAIRY - one of the saddest days of my life - I’m still mourning 😢



    Manager note: This post and the following four were split from American-Made Cheese Named World's Best, to maintain topic focus.

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  17. @Shelby thanks! Those sound perfect, I think 🤔 and love the peanuts idea - Ingenius 😁


    @kayb - trays also sound great - maybe I can mix not match 😁 - basket here - tray there etc and those tray sizes / depths sound just perfect for what i need 👍🏻 - thank you! - I like the idea of holiday tissue to fill ... ha! Those Chinese takeout containers might be perfect for some truffles - I’ll have to hunt some down! 


    @lemniscate - love the vintage trays ... I may give that a go also and just have a hodgepodge ...


    I wish I had time during the year to hunt things down and purchase and plan then, but I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to do them this year so it’s all sort of last minute for me - I’m just glad i have enough time to test a few new recipes to see if they are “Christmas worthy” or not ... 


    Y’alls advice has been just invaluable to me and given me great stress relief - I appreciate it very much ... 



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