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  1. 😂 😂 😂 I must’ve been reading / trying to think of something else and posting at the same time (or having some sort of medical event LOL) when I posted - forgive, please! I am starting the push for my Christmas baskets and reading / checking recipes / ingredients / etc and am a little frazzled 🤣 I am checking your link, though and it’s making me more frazzled 😂 ... but some good stuff there - I’ve always tried to spice up my cooking / baking (duh - like everyone, right? 😉 - a little smoked or sweet paprika in Peanut Butter Cookies or cc cookies etc - and Maangchi I’ve followed a lo
  2. I don’t know whether to laugh or like @heidih 😀 - totally understand not being able to sleep and baking in the middle of the night (how many times Mr Cat has woken up to the smell of baked goods!) ... but agree about Maragret’s Post - has me re-thinking some cookie’s planned for the weekend - and I don’t know whether to laugh / cry / be mad 😂 😉 ...
  3. Did it foam up last year - you gave it a few stirs and you poured it out? Did you cook it maybe to a softer crack stage last year? It will result in a much chewier (cheewwwy) brittle). How much you mixed in your baking sofa may be the secret to last year’s brittle ...
  4. As for Prime - you might check out @Margaret Pilgrim post about half down the page ... I don’t know, yet how to link to individual posts, but here is the link to the thread If you click here (if I did this right - ha! ) Personally - “my people” like prime - but we eat a lot of beef 🤷🏻‍♀️... we enjoy dry aged ... ymmv
  5. I am terribly sorry about your Grandmother’s dementia :o( - that’s just - it’s never easy ... I will say that I am always a little envious of people who have their grandparents and parents who live and are part of their lives well into their 80’s 90’s ... My Dad is alive and well (God bless him), but my mom was killed (car accident) when I was 30 ... Grandparents both sides - gone early teens or younger ... my favorite Aunt - thank goodness she’s not gone ... Mr Cat still has his mom (he’s six years older than me) - his Dad passed only 2 years ago (deme
  6. My Gran moved away when I was only 11 years old then passed 2 years later! Thanks for reminding of such a horrible time! *runs crying from room* 😢😢😢 (😂😉) ... btw - the two events were not related - her moving away from me, then her untimely demise, God rest her soul) ... My Gran, God love her, taught me to first bake - really instilled my love of baking - and all needlework I’ve done throughout my life ... Like most people - I still miss her 😁
  7. Unbelievable ... I’m talking to Mr Cat tonight - as he is eating - what else?! Banana Pudding! ... I look at him and say, “Is that your co-workers’ banana pudding?” Mr Cat, “Yes.” Me: “You should be ashamed.” Mr Cat: “I told ‘em you made it for ‘em and they weren’t getting any because I decided to keep it for myself ... “ Me: “😲😲😲” Mr Cat: (licking spoon) “Yep” Me: “What is WRONG with you?!” 😲😲😳🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I got nothin’, man ... nothin’ ... 😞
  8. Sent to me - thought it was funny - if not appropriate- please remove ...
  9. Sent to me - thought it was funny - if not appropriate- please remove ...
  10. CatIsHungry

    Dinner 2019

    Saw the photos first - could’ve sworn it was Bon Vivants (I mean that as a compliment) ... looks stunning and sounds delicious @dcarch
  11. CatIsHungry

    Lunch 2019

    Due to dietary restrictions - I eat *a lot* of chicken ... probably 3-4 chickens a week (yes, 3-4 whole chickens a a week) ... I, too prefer hand shredded and have to be careful about getting all the fat off 🙄 ... there are no worse things in life 😂😂
  12. @dtremit were you able to make your cranberry Jell-O salad? I was just just wondering earlier in the thread if the addition of cream cheese in some of these Jell-O salads was a regional thing - seems to be prevalent in the South ... I was not remarking on anyone’s original recipe - or disparaging any classic recipes etc. 😁
  13. CatIsHungry

    Dinner 2019

    Plate looks delicious! And cranberry looks like pomegranate...
  14. Ahh - no - I am not old enough to remember those Pyrex bowls 😂 - I am 50 yrs old ... 😁 My banana pudding is also “the real thing” - I make almost everything from scratch (I consider “from scratch” = homemade = not boxed / canned / pre-cooked etc.) ... once in a while I will succumb to convenience - but not often.
  15. Well, Wednesday - like most people I was doing a lot of make ahead / prep work ... I made my banana pudding - I shredded the cheeses for Mac N Cheese- cut onions - garlic etc (late that night I mixed up the meatloaf and put it in the fridge) ... felt weirdly done in the kitchen ... that couldn’t be all could it? Well, that was weird. 🤷🏻‍♀️ It felt super empty. So i made dinner 😁 (usually during times like this it’s fend for yourself) ... but Mr Cat had crispy braised chicken thighs and butter braised Brussels sprouts ... no banana pudding - that’s for T-Day ... T-Day was good - M
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