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  1. @Kim Shook - the fridge! Ya gotta put ‘me in the fridge to cool for a few minutes next time so we can see them in all their individual glory! 😁
  2. My husband and son enjoyed it - they had me put it in the “three month rotation” file. Notes: I could only pick up Navel oranges - it’s what was available. I used very little black cardamom - probably an 1/8 of a tsp (I cook by smell if one of the guys isn’t here - I cannot taste what i am cooking anymore 😞 ) - no one was here, so smell was it - no taste testers. Black cardamom is something that - well - I’m glad I used very little. At @JoNorvelleWalker recommendation, I used shallots - and I’m glad I did - I will continue to do so. I used extra — glad I did that, too. The After I removed the loin and oranges from the skillet, I added a couple of Tbsp of fresh squeezed OJ and another half Tbsp of zest to the remaining liquid and continued to cook it for several more minutes - “more orangey” - well, my nose liked it anyway.
  3. We don’t eat a lot of commercial foods, either - I just don’t think the extra stuff in it is good for my guys ... I do make the odd exception for some things (like cookie butter - Peanut Butter- chocolate chips - yogurt - some things like that. Personally, I don’t think the odd exceptions i make here and there is going to kill them - ymmv.
  4. If all goes well tomorrow - I will be making “my*” Coconut Filled Coconut Bundt Cake tomorrow ... *Its not mine - It’s a recipe on King Arthur Flour and it’s delicious. I sub the milk for coconut milk and don’t use lemon - I have an aversion to lemon. Coconut Filled Bundt Cake
  5. Thanks for posting that @ElsieD - that is the brand I prefer - although I hear many wonderful things about TJ’s brand of cookie butter. Cookie butter is a wonderful thing - sub it anywhere you would use Peanut Butter or nut butter - (or - since I introduced my mother-in-law to it - do as she does and eat it straight up — with a spoon 😉 ) ...
  6. Sorry - my mistake ... Savoy’s Scones ... http://www.fairmontmoments.com/food-drink/scones
  7. Cayenne?! Hmmm 😀 I will have to give that a try in one of my next batches - thanks for the tip! ... A few years ago I turned my son on to cookie butter so I will oft sub cookie butter for Peanut Butter- that is his fave version, of course ... Oh - Kolaches!!! That was another big winner with the meeting crowd - I did a variety of fillings - apricot - cream cheese - apricot / cream cheese - prune - cherry - cherry / cream cheese - etc ... And the Savoy Scones - not like a typical American scone at all - these were good! - oh these are so delicious - so light - soft - absolutely heavenly. Haven’t made them in a while - I used figs instead of sultanas - the recipe is at fairmontmoments.com - I’ve made full recipe (makes a fair amount) and halved it no problem) ... the double egg wash absolutely makes a huge difference.
  8. I don’t like most gummy candy at all - but these are so stupid cute I’d buy them anyway and give them to my neighbors who have kids and grandkids.
  9. CatIsHungry

    Dinner 2019

    @HungryChris your table always looks so inviting - like anyone could come in, sit down, start chatting with you and have a nice comforting dinner.
  10. @Anna N I don’t know if you’re still looking for ideas for snacks, but - my husband has to attend a lot of meetings where people come in from across the country (we live in N Central TX) - he always says, “If you feel like making something, that’d be great - if you don’t, that’s Okay, too ... “ ... well, of course I’m going to make something- put it to me that way - gah! 😉 I have made everything from tarts to buttermilk pound cake - brownies - Hungarian Nut Loaf - fudge - fat cookies (copycat levain cookies) - bar cookies, rocky road candy, rocky road brownies, muffins etc and on ... funny thing is - one of the things that get most get requested is homemade Rice Krispy Treats (I use extra marshmallow cream and extra marshmallows and and I use vanilla) and Peanut Butter Rice Krispy Treats ... sort of pedestrian, I know but takes a lot of people back “home” - back to childhood, etc ... And Thomas Keller’s coffee cake - I have made it with creme fraiche and subbed sour cream for cf when I’ve been out (the sour cream version won, oddly) - absolutely nothing better and I have made and eaten a lot of coffee cakes.
  11. CatIsHungry

    Dinner 2019

    Sounds like a keeper recipe for you 😀 ... my guys don’t mind a little sweet for sure - thanks for the heads up! I will try it next time I pull a loin out of the freezer (probably this weekend).
  12. CatIsHungry

    Dinner 2019

    This looks delicious, @JoNorvelleWalker! Husband and son eat a lot of pork (I do a tenderloin with a honey / maple glaze / cherries) but I think I will give this one a try.
  13. Really glad to hear he is doing so much better and has such great results - fantastic work! I cannot remember if I purchased these at H-Mart or at my local grocery but these rice noodles are gluten free ... (h-mart does shop online if you need - or I’m certain you could find them on Amazon) ...you also have the option (possibly of soba noodles or glass noodles ... good luck!
  14. CatIsHungry


    That was a very interesting article about them @chromedome - thanks for posting it.
  15. This has been interesting - thanks everyone! Personally, I love almost all tomatoes - but that color is a little off-putting. @JoNorvelleWalker your dinner looks delicious! LOL @liuzhou if only I could say there were something I am not telling y’all about my true identity (of course, then I’d be branded a big fat pants on fire liar) - alas - I am just a poor commoner ☺️
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