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  1. On Saturday, March 16, 2019 at 11:57 AM, IowaDee said:

    Used to be a game to put peeps in the micrdioramat work.  They would "melt" until all that remained were  little black beady eyeballs looking up from a pile of goo.  Yes, we were easy to entertain!



    Peep Wars! The joys of having a son who loves Peeps :-)


    I was sad to see Wapo discontinue theirannual Peep Show - I loved seeing all the entrants - the creativity was fantastic! - happy to see Wash City Paper decided to continue on with the tradition - the time & detail everyone put into their Peep dioaramas is incredible - I just love it! 


    Wash City Paper 2018 Peep Dioramas

  2. Well, this might sound a little silly, but - with the no-boil lasagna noodles -- I've found you can put the lasagna dish together an hour or two ahead of time (up to 24 hours )  - let it rest in the fridge then bake as directed and the noodles will be as they should ... ymmv ... gives it that "wetting" time. 


    I've also tried it with no boil noodles 24 hours ahead - also works. Weird - but works. 

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  3. Replacement "gocuchang" that I can no longer have because I'm now allergic to soy -


    Fine Korean red pepper +  a little brown  sugar + Red Boat Fish Sauce + Coconut aminos = a decent not a bad hot pepper paste ... it's certainly not gochugang - but it'll do when you can't have the real thing! 

  4. Hello all! *waving at everyone* - newbie here :o) 

    Well, my standard dinner is rice, chicken and kimchi (multiple multiple food allergies - its a horrible thing) - BUT - my husband OTOH - I made him pulled pork the other night with fresh coleslaw - took the leftover pork and wrapped it up in puff pastry and baked it - yummy, he said! -


    My son came by and he got pulled pork rolled in pizza dough - baked and sliced - he said it pretty good, too - I don't know - smelled good!


    It's mom-in-law's birthday today so she is getting a  repeat of the same thing - except you know - fresh - I like her :o) (hubby's dinner, not mine :o) ) 


    I'll keep looking around the site and figure out the photo thing soon :o) 

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  5. 19 minutes ago, kayb said:

    Glad to have you. I'm your neighbor over her e in Arkansas.



    Hi kayb - thanks for the welcome - I have a few wayward relatives up there in good 'ole Arkansas - they are some of my favorites :o) 


    I have been lurking here a long long time- I feel like the weird creepy neighbor lol 

  6. On Saturday, January 12, 2019 at 9:04 AM, kayb said:

    Hey, now. I love candy corn. Did you know you can make fudge with it?


    I have also seen several recipes where candy corn in that secret ingredient in making homemade Pay Day candy bars! 


    Has anyone tried the news Peeps Beans? I think they come in 3 flavors.


    I buy a couple of packages for my son every holiday ~ he loves them  best stale stale stale. Doesn't matter how old he is - he always comes by and picks up his Peeps lol (I tell myself it's to see mom & Dad, but who am I kidding - I lure that kid with Peeps ;o) )  

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  7. Well, if you read my profile, you'll see I have recently developed a ton of food allergies (and really bad food intolerances) *sigh* but I still love to cook and bake - I just cannot eat what I cook - or bake :-/ -- I cook for my husband and son (my son is my primary taste tester - he's very  a very good critic - and if a new recipe gets put on his - yeah its good but  let's put this on the "make every 6months" list - its likely to be never made again :-) 


    I have been cooking and baking for a very very long time - many many years :-) - my mom was an excellent cook - couldn't bake sheet of pre-made cookie dough cookies, God love her. My grandmother was an excellent baker but not much of a cook, God bless her. I was lucky and learned from both. 


    I am half Korean and grew up eating primarily (90%) Korean food - married a good 'ole TX boy who asked for a casserole for dinner ... man, I had never had a casserole in my life! He looked at me like he didn't know who he'd married :-( ;-) 


    I live in N Central TX and wouldnt have it any other way :-)


    I guess  that's it- happy cooking / baking!

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