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  1. Well, when I able to eat out ~ before food allergies ~ I would eat almost anywhere :o) I was a hungry girl :D I loved fine dining and we did it ~ eh - once a week sometimes - sometimes once every two weeks or once a month  ... we also loved eating very casual places or whatever struck the mood ~ we weren't snobs about it - just whatever sort of struck our fancy ~ we ate just about anything or anywhere ... One thing I could not abide by was dining al fresco *yikes* - just something about dining outdoors that I absolutely cannot do. That and uncomfortable seating. At my fighting weight I was 5'7.5" 110lbs - any hard wood seating was horrifyingly uncomfortable - it's much much worse now!  So, now - when Mr Cat eats out he does so with Cat Son or friends and I live vicariously through them :D ~ eh - it's not the same ... so not the same xD

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  2. I noticed I neglected to answer @heidih question for uses - and really the only thing I’ve ever used it in is Korean food - a large variety of soups (I would even try to persuade my mom to put it in seaweed soup ha! - she’d just roll her eyes and tell me it would ruin the healing properties of it and stop it 😂 - but I swear seaweed soup would cure what ailed ) ... Okay, from a huge variety of soups (even it’s own eomuk  soup) to Kim-bap (if it’s not in Kim-bap  - it’s not Kim-bap 😉)  ... 


    As much as I love the stuff, weirdly - I never used it in other foods 🤷🏻‍♀️


    I read the the forums for a long time before so actually joined - read a lot of archived posts, etc and I remember reading @Domestic Goddess posts - she was one of the reasons I was excited about joining here - I did t realize until later her posts were from long time ago 😔 but she is right @Kim Shook - it is it’s own thing. 


    You know, IMO - every “thing” is / has the potential to be an ingredient - it really doesn’t matter what it is - doesn’t matter if it’s fresh or ultra processed and we shouldn’t be shamed or embarrassed out of using it (dang - except balut- just - *shudder* yikes 😲 😉) ... we use what we can use - we like what we like ... food shamers can suck it 😉😉

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  3. 🤣 I think I will leave the “fish bologna” description” out next time I serve it to Mr Cat and Cat Son 😂 apt though it may be 😁 


    Growing up, I remember my mom and her friends getting together sometimes and making various eomuk together ... (they’d do this sometimes - make Romulo - or rice cake or mochi blah blah blah - they’d always want my mom there because she was a much better cook - other times she’d show up with the ingredients and just tell them how to do it best while she watched 😂

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  4. Oh yeah ... I used to eat those ... not really Western but sort of (mom’s Korean) - so - we sort of grouped it all under the ‘eomuk’ category - eomuk - odeng - kamaboku -  whatever - we put it in soups - fried it - whatever 🤷🏻‍♀️ Man I loved that stuff *sigh* loved loved loved it ❤️❤️❤️ 


    When I first moved out on my own - I made soup and I swear I put more eomuk  in my soup than I put soup 😂

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  5. @Katie Meadow I have seen her recipe for melting potatoes but haven’t made them, yet - I make fondant potatoes, though - I have some vague memory(?) they are a sort of shortcut version ??? (Sounds like it from your description)  ... 


    One of my best friends made me (ha!) boil some baby golds in ham or chicken stock or beef stock (whatever) ‘til just soft - remove from stock - put in baking pan - mash them down - drizzle with butter / garlic / olive oil - sprinkle some pepper -  bake at 350 til crispy and brown - oy vey! Mr Cat and Cat Son loves those, too! (obviously, we are not watching our carbs 😂) ... add bacon 😁 ... 

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  6. I don’t see shanks very often, but to me they’re interchangeable with hocks - meatier, of course and that’s always a good thing to me - and the ham bone broth! oh my ‘lanta! 😋— always good for New Year’s black eyed peas 😁 and various soups and bean dishes .. sometimes I will add it to a 50/50 chicken broth /ham bone broth split pea soup (okay maybe it sounds odd but it’s really good) ... 

  7. On 11/12/2019 at 9:21 PM, Margaret Pilgrim said:

    I see these in local markets, more fresh than these at this time, but i have no idea how to use them.   Help???


    Oh the absolute horrid memories I have as a kid “helping” my mom pick these (we picked - she chatted 😂) - taking bushels and bushels of these home and drying them - turn them over - bring them in - take them out - dry - turn - in - out - etc ad nauseam ... on the plus side - she would make a beautiful and delicious rice cake (my favorite) and trade them with her friends for various delicious foods 😂😂😂 - mostly things that were a pita to make ... so - rice Cake is one idea if you make / eat it ... I also know they all froze a lot of them to use later, but I could t give you specifics on how. 

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  8. 11 minutes ago, blue_dolphin said:

    No, I won't be making it again for a while - once I add more escarole & beans, this batch will take me through the next few years! 

    But for that distant future time, how long to soak? What volume and temp of water? How many changes? Assume a 1-1.5 lb hock.

    Do you use chicken stock when you make it?


    I put in a bowl and put in enough water to cover the hock ... I change the water about 1.5 hour and go through 3-4 water changes ... (I keep it in the fridge while I’m doing this, but not everyone does because it’s smoked).


    Yes - I use chicken stock - always have - I can’t imagine how it would taste without it? It adds a subtle depth of flavor I think you’d miss if you didn’t use it. 

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  9. 1 hour ago, blue_dolphin said:


    Good idea.  I've also got some smaller hunks of "seasoning meat" that I could have used instead. I was thinking that I wouldn't mind if this soup was fairly meaty and thought I might be OK since my stock was unsalted and I didn't add any other salt.  I was wrong 🙃


    Well, @kayb is right about soak / rinse ... I’m sorry it turned out so salty for you ... It’s a wonderful soup - I hope you’ll give it another go

  10. I made a prime rib a few weeks ago (with fondant potatoes and creamed spinach *sigh*) - it was around 8lbs ... I’ve always used the “low and slow” method then broil about 3-4 minutes after rest for a nice crust ... pink edge to edge - was wonderful according to Mr Cat and Cat Son ... works every time ... I rub it lovingly and talk to it before I put it in the oven - I think that’s the key 😁

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  11. 23 hours ago, andiesenji said:

    I saw this thread last Thursday and was going to post about my method but became distracted with a medical problem and spent most of the day at Urgent Care hooked up to monitors and having a couple of vampires draining my blood and sticking stuff into me.

    (They really were dressed up as vampires. High Desert Medical Group does Halloween in a big way!)


    Anyway when I finally got home I was too exhausted to even look at the computer.  I had been instructed to REST and take some new meds for my afib, blood pressure &etc.


    I still make my own butter most of the time.  It's not difficult with the correct tools. Some large butter pats are essential because nothing else works out the residual liquids as well.  About every 4th time I make cultured butter, but if you don't like that flavor, don't bother. 

    If you can find Manufacturing Cream, the butterfat is higher than  heavy cream and the flavor is better, especially for baking delicate cakes that don't have a strong flavor.  


    @andiesenji thank you! I have been doing some research / reading and read your post Toliver posted - I appreciate the time and effort you’ve taken into putting your knowledge down for us. 


    I like cultured butter - I definitely think it has its place ... I don’t believe at this time I am up to making my own, though 😁 - I don’t want to get too many projects going at once and fail at all of them 😉 ... perhaps at the beginning of the year I will be more up to revisiting it and start easy with a sweet cream butter. 

  12. @kayb Incredibly interesting ancestry! Were you surprised at any of your heritage or did you know, already? 


    Ha! At the Nigerian cookbook! of course that’s what you do! I’d be stunned if you didn’t! And LOL 😂 at the results (I’m sorry - I am not laughing to be mean - please forgive me ) ... I guess this this excess thing is not strictly an oriental thing (I’m still claiming it as a Korean thing, though - don’t tell anyone 😉


    I was really hoping to avoid pressing Cat Son into service - he has been such a tremendous help these past few years and had to put his life on hold for a while due to me so - I was hoping I would be able to pull this off alone - BUT - I may have to re-think that ...


    When I have done these in the past I would be able to whip it all out in a day and a half ... now - ehhh ... 👀 ... 👀 ... 🤷🏻‍♀️ 😂  ... I already know I will have to freeze some things soon (starting this weekend) etc blah blah blah if I want to have it all done like I want. 

  13. 23 hours ago, chromedome said:

    National recall for a variety of Mann's brand products, mostly cut vegetables, salads, etc. Apparently this is related to the earlier recall for Compliments-branded products, so presumably Mann was the manufacturer for those.




    This recall is also expanding to the US - a HUGE number of brands involved -


    here is is the Mann’s Click for link to Mann’s link to the brands involved in the US - (Trader joes , HEB - Kroger - Signature Farms, etc) 

  14. I made apple dumplings the other day ... I like to use a Granny Smith for them 😁 ... Mr Cat and Cat Son love them ... 


    I have been reading about a new apple variety coming in Dec - the Cosmic Crisp (hybrid Honeycrisp and Enterprise?) ... did I miss talk about about it somewhere?

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