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  1. On 11/3/2019 at 6:56 AM, jedovaty said:

    Have any of you tried Ferrarini brand butter for pastries?  My so-cal costco only carries salted Kerry Gold and this Ferrarini unsalted.  It's cheap there, but quite pricey in regular grocery stores.  Tastes more like cream to me, rather than butter, I do enjoy it as a change for straight up eating once in a while (I haven't used it for anything else).



    I haven’t tried it ... I haven’t checked my other local grocers, yet though - i will look for it next time I do (and I am not a Costco shopper) ... sounds interesting - anything that tastes like cream can’t be bad, right? 😁☺️😋

  2. On 11/2/2019 at 8:28 AM, chromedome said:


    I'll emphasize that while it is easy, you need to be really, really, really diligent about rinsing every bit of buttermilk out of the butter itself. Otherwise it gets inedibly funky within a day or two (or just freeze it immediately and only take out a pat or two as needed). Still not difficult, but it's easy to fall at that last hurdle.


    Adjusting recipes isn't rocket science, though there's a bit of "feel" to it. Mainstream butter runs about 85% fat (give or take) so if you're switching to lard or a low-fat butter you cut back the amount slightly and add a bit more moisture. Some recipes require a bit more trial and error than others, of course.



    😁 Thanks @chromedome

  3. On 10/30/2019 at 5:54 PM, kayb said:


    Yes, I err on the side of excess. It's hereditary.


    and a container of pimiento cheese 


    (how can you NOT be able to make Rice Krispy treats???).



    Ha! Are you Korean, by chance? I thought only we did that 😂😂 (the horror of not having enough of any one food for anyone 😱


    I would LOVE to gift my pimiento cheese - but 😕 ... I am staying away from stuff that requires refrigeration (it has some cream cheese in it) - so 😔


    The people we are gifting to have had my Rice Krispy Treats before and they love them and I would love to gift them (I make them thick’ish and extra ‘gooey’ and they’re so soft for days after) but I feel like I’d have to make several pans of it and I worry I won’t be up to doing it (it was one of the first things on - then off my list LOL) 

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  4. @SLB I like Vermont Creamery! At least their products I’ve tried anyway 😀 (cultured butter and creme fraiche) - excellent products! Hey - no one can blame you for wanting to support your state - not a soul 😁 ...


    I have heard of Ronnybrook, but haven’t had the opportunity to try it ...


    I had never heard of higher fat butters confounding old baking recipes — wait - I guess to some degree, I have ... I have seen the odd recipe here and there call specifically for margarine and instructions specifically my to use butter ... same for using lard, etc. As far as older recipes that specify butter as an ingredient and higher butterfat - I just barrel on with my normal butter 😂 ...


    I do quite a lot of baking and have many  handed down recipes from my paternal grandmother (my mom, God love her - fantastic cook, but couldn’t bake a thing) and from my wonderful mom-in-law ... and of course other baking recipes blah blah blah - I use all the same butter to no ill-effects that I’m aware of 🤞

  5. On 10/31/2019 at 8:40 PM, chileheadmike said:

    When my two daughters were little, the neighbor dads would take all the kids out to trick or treat. It was usually pretty cold. There were usually four dads and a bunch of kids. We'd load up  a little red wagon with beer and pull that around while the kids hit every house within a square mile. It was usually cold enough that the beer stayed cold.  We'd even hand out some beers to passing dads as well.  Probably illegal but... well... Good times. 


    Before they started the “trunk or treat” thing here a few years ago - we had the dads (sometimes moms) come by with their kiddos in golf carts, on 4 wheelers or side by sides ... always cracked me up ... it’s a small neighborhood- so everyone shared their ... ummm ... provisions 😁

  6. 5 hours ago, blue_dolphin said:


    I am endlessly entertained by those maps and the questionnaires that identify where you are from based on your responses!


    I am, too ... In our family we always called a Soda, Soda never Pop or Dr Pepper or Coke and the list goes endlessly on (but, my mom emigrated here from S Korea - spoke six languages - some things were easier for her to translate to English blah blah blah) ...


    Mr Cat, however - opposite - and the first time I heard him pronounce “Popeye” (as in Popeye The Sailor Man) - I couldn’t quit laughing for 3 days 🤷🏻‍♀️ (he pronounces it “pie-pie” ... I don’t know - maybe you had to be there 😁

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  7. 7 hours ago, blue_dolphin said:

    I only had about 10 kids last night.  I turned off my porch light at 8:30.  The doorbell rang once after that but I didn't answer.  


    I'm a couple of days late on this one (the story of my life 🙃) but what do you call the night before Halloween?  It was Cabbage Night where I grew up in northern NY but I've never heard anyone out here refer to it by any name.  


    We didn’t have many kids - some came and took some M&Ms and Snickers bars, but unfortunately they didn’t take much (I wish they would’ve taken everything and left the bowl ... I did call my neighbor and try to persuade her to convince her son to come empty the bowl, but it was a no go 🤷🏻‍♀️ ... So now I have a a bunch of Reese’s - 

    m&ms and Snickers barstool i have no idea what to do with ... I guess Mr Cat can take them to work (along with everyone else 😂). 


    The night before Halloween - we mostly called it “The Night Before Halloween” - once in a while we referred to it as Mischief Night ... I’ve never heard it called Cabbage Night before - makes me think y’all run around with those little Cabbage Patch Dolls (just the first thing to pop into my mind - sorry 😐)  

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  8. T@dans I am so sorry for you and your friends loss 🙁 I am glad you have someone to lean on. 


    Your question made made me very curious so I fired up a quick google search - I don’t know if you do “apps” (like phone or iPad) but I ran across an app called Spoonacular food companion ... it seems if you put a recipe website into the app - it will do many things for you -  among them - create a shopping list from the recipes / websites you input into the app (I’m not sure I’m making this clear) - but I believe it will do what you are seeking if I understand the app correctly. 


    I have not used the app myself (though I may start 😀) - but it gets high ratings. I know it’s available in the iTunes Store, I’m not sure about Google Play or Amazon though I’m sure it’s easy enough to look. I hope this helps. 

  9. 1 hour ago, rotuts said:



    interesting analysis


    one has to be very careful w


    what's on the internet re


    factual content.


    I dont have a thing against your boy, JB at all -I absolutely admire the way he has grown his business ...  and as for my sources - well, FoxBusiness - WSJ - WaPo - you can google and the info is there for anyone to see / easily find and it goes back several years. It’s a product that loses Amazon money but draws more members - which apparently makes them money. 


    I don’t criticize it - I’m just reporting it. 


    I have seen several things, as you’ve mentioned - Amazon thought they’d market they thought they’d get into and decided later it wasn’t for them. Better to do that than live with an albatross around their neck. More power to ‘em. 


    As for Whole Foods - eh - we’ll see - I hope it works out - a lot of people here seem to be happy with being able to have their food delivered from there. I don’t know about their delivery demographics - but I do know we are ‘outside the delivery area’ and we live about 40mins from WF.

  10. 5 hours ago, AlaMoi said:

    I've had poor luck buying any of the imported plugras/hi-fats types in our area - the taste is off even tho it's "in date" I suspect it has not been stored properly somewhere along the supply chain.

    now and then I see domestic plugra brands but they are typically going 'out of date' shortly.

    apparently the stuff simple does not sell well here - right next to "Amish butter roll" Lancaster county....

    for holiday meals I crank up the Kitchenaid and make my own (fresh) butter - saving the buttermilk for follow-on pancakes/waffles.

    we find a noticeable difference with fresh home churned vs. store bought.



    That is beautiful looking Butter ... I guess Amish Butter beats out (any other Butter every day of the week and twice on Sundays 😁 

  11. 5 hours ago, JoNorvelleWalker said:

    I seldom use butter for much beyond eggs and omelets.  And of course my mashed potatoes.  Typically I buy Shoprite unsalted on sale.


    However a recent baking project was a batch of aebleskiver...





    ...for which I needed butter.  But what butter?  I pored through the butter topic.  I searched the web.


    The aebleskiver recipe I used was from Magnus Nilsson's The Nordic Baking Book.  Nowhere I could find what type of butter Nilsson expects for baking.  (Nilsson is not a baker.)  Naturally I consulted several other aebleskiver sources.  Trine Hahnemann in Scandinavian Baking calls for salted butter, stating firmly:  "Home baking in Scandinavia has no tradition of using unsalted butter."


    What I used was Finlandia salted butter in the aebleskiver batter and unsalted Kerry Gold to fry in.



    Very nice! 👏🏻 ... 

  12. 4 hours ago, Chimayo Joe said:


     I've never had cultured butter.  Is it markedly different?  And what would be the best uses for that?


    It’s very rich and cream and has a slight tang to it ... I dont bake with it, but i do put it on some baked goods - bread definitely, some snack cakes, use it for eggs, etc ... almost anywhere I’d use butter and the flavor is appreciated. 


    I understand it is easy to make your own cultured butter (I haven’t) if that’s one way you want to with it.

  13. 7 hours ago, Alex said:


    I think we did that one year when we weren't home, but Ms. Alex loves to see the kids in their costumes. I do, too, but I'm not as into it as she is.


    The kids do look cute, no doubt but not cute enough to outweigh my pup barking whenever someone barks at the door ... 


    Ive had the candy bowl out for an hour and a half - it is cold here today - 43 deg (Dallas area) - not many takers ... a few, but not a whole lot. 

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  14. 7 hours ago, chileheadmike said:

    those caramel things wrapped in orange and black waxed paper. 


    *memories* Peanut Butter molasses kisses ... my sister took those, too - I stole them back when she wasn’t looking - I loved those. 

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  15. Amazon has reported for years that Prime shipping is a loser for them, profit wise. They have also said it is such a boon to their business they (reportedly) will not give it up. 


    It apparently was was such a loser for FedEx that FedEx opted not to renew their with them, also. FedEx was very “big whoo” about it - said something that amounted to (I’m paraphrasing) - Amazon was less than 1% of their business so no big deal. (I was very surprised) ... I guess it’s a bigger deal for UPS than “big whoo” because I haven’t heard otherwise ... yet.

  16. 2 hours ago, Alex said:


    Right. Although it can vary depending on how much we've used and what's been on sale recently. It's usually Challenge for less critical applications (fried eggs, panckes, polenta, etc.) and Kerrygold, or sometimes Plugra, for everything else (toast, most baked goods, etc.) Unsalted, natch.


    Of course unsalted! 😁 Well, there is one exception (isn’t there always? 😂) ... Colliers with sea salt - the only salted butter I buy ... I think it’s wonderful with meats! 


    I am not a Kerrygold fan - to me it has a strong and distinct earthy flavor and I can’t get behind that ... I’ve tried it several times but - I can’t get past it. Cat Son feels the same way ... however, I can use it for MrCat’s eggs, venison steaks etc and he loves it 🤷🏻‍♀️

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  17. 2 hours ago, chromedome said:

    I generally have multiple brands on hand, but usually just because they've all been on sale for a really good price at some point in the recent past.


    I'll occasionally buy the butter from a local couple I know, if I happen to be near a store that carries it (it's hard to find, and I don't often drive out to Sussex to buy it in person). I also watch for sales on Lactantia, a quasi-premium supermarket brand which generally commands a higher price. It's "better enough" to be reserved for table use, while I use the regular stuff for baking or cooking with.


    I think I need to find some local butter people ... 

  18. 2 hours ago, weinoo said:

    I probably have 4 or 5 kinds/brands of butter on hand most of the time. It's fun.


    It is for me! Mr Cat can tell a difference in his food, but not in baked goods, but I have used Plugra for so long - that may be why ... Cat Son has a pretty discernible butter palate - he has definite likes and dislikes of particular brands and won’t use some at all ... When I was able to eat butter - I would be very poker face (put it on a slice of bread and go about my business) when getting Cat Son to try a new one because I didn’t want my tastes to influence his ... we have very similar tastes ... 


    i do do find some butters pair better with meats, etc - that’s why i keep them. 

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