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    La Boheme

    i wanna hear the jean georges story !!!
  2. there is an embassy suites downtown at the financial center, across from the world trade center site...it gives you extra room and a nice area to walk around on the waterfront without crazy crowd...it will be lacking in the cool soho bar/restaurant department though when my son was younger i ususally stayed on central park south...i could walk to lots things and it was not as crowded as some other areas..v good selection of hotels with some v v good dining ang great lounge/bars without too much of bar "scene" and you have the park across the street so if your son needs a good running, its close by...i liked the essex house, park lane, the westin...i stay away from the plaza with kids, i always felt there were too many lurkers...have a wonderful trip
  3. i was there on sunday for brunch....my fav brunch ever...food was delish and beautifully presented.all served in small plates so you dont have to watch folks trying to balance 32 ozs of beef along with 2 lbs of scalloped pots on their plates(does that sound snotty) one thing was nicer than the next foie gras custard was extra special oysters were wonderful and glistening, not your typical room temp buffet shellfish shrinp were good not great lobster pot creme were v good (i may have the name wrong) i am not a dessert person but they looked beautiful and i did try a few...i think the ice creams were special they had a 3 tier chocolate fountain with fruit and marshmellows for dipping coffe was v good which is important to me i did not see the check but i also heard the wine was v v pricey check out the other thread for unbelievable pics...i looked at them once a week for a couple months until i had the opportunity to get there also, lacroix was available to speak with you about the different dishes
  4. sabg

    Foie Gras: Recipes

    if you have a vacuum sealer that work work perfectly...then while home with new baby buy yourself mark ginor's book ..foie gras....total food porn...you can actually taste the pictures...sounds crazy but true and when you are up for it have yourself a feast
  5. do you think if i do it in a tupperware with lid it will stink up everything in my fridge...i wreally want to try this but not risk everything else in the fridge
  6. i have been reading the bouchon cookbook like a novel...keller says he makes his own salt cod..get cod and put it in salt..i am familiar with the "unsalting' part but is that all you have to do is cover it in salt ? then take it out? i bot a piece last night but wanted to see who else has done this..i think if there was any way to add any extra steps, keller would have come up with them but i couldn't find anything other than"salt the cod"
  7. i know v v little about wine but have an opinion about everything ...i remember reading an article quite awhile back about the different cost of the same wine a a variety of restaurnats in in nyc. they said harry's at hanover (one of my local places at the time) continued to have some of the best prices in the . they accounted for some of this because of the long time relationships they had with the distributors and the vineyards. its v hard if not impossible for the diner to know what goes into the cost of what they are eating and drinking. i frequently would love a "supplement' or an extra course but at the time can't afford it. i dont try to figure out the mark up. i eat and drink what i can afford when i am out and if something looks good but not in my range, i go the wine store orgrocery and enjoy it at home.
  8. I'm looking forward to getting your impressions on these. Since I made them the first time, I now always keep a batch in the freezer for those lazy nights, i've come up with about a dozen ways to serve these. It was like rediscovering pasta all over again!! ← just got my book in the mail yesterday and not up to the gnocci yet...but i skipped to check it out aftern hearing so much about them...making them on fir...is there any change (negative) after they have been frozen
  9. if this gets back on the books i would love to go
  10. OMG, fresh artichokes and porcini !!! i am so sorry i missed this...
  11. this made me so envious with the pics...i just ordered the book...are there color pics in the book
  12. do you add anything else to the marinade or just wine?
  13. used to live within walking diatance of china fun, loved'em
  14. sabg

    Baja Fresh

    we have a bf on rt 66 in neptune nj near my office. i really like it. as crazy as this may sound, i dont look at it as mexican, just a lunch alternative to burgers and the cafeteria at the o. i has always been fresh and good but the chips are bland. i only use them as a vessel for the salsa. we also have surf taco down here that serves fish tacos. the first time i went, they were so good i was probably there 3x week for a couple of weeks. then all of sudden they seemed change (for the worse) and i didnt go back for a yr or so. back about a month ago and tasty once again.
  15. congrats to you!!!!5.00 1/2 doz oysters.....this is too good to be true!!!! if not next week definately the following
  16. in central jersey there is mercer county park which has a lovely boat house and does a really nice job. also there are a few camps down around here that do great corporate parties black bear camp in jackson nj. a bit further south is the atlantic club in manasquan they also have a pool, basketball etc. allaire state paek in wall nj is very and also a historical working farm
  17. This cruise is called a "repositioning cruise". Although there are stops - the main goal of the cruise is to get the ship from its summer cruising area (Alaska) to another venue for the winter (in the case - Asia and Australia - the entire cruise takes 93 days - we're only taking one segment). Therefore - there is a reasonable amount of time at sea (6 out of 12 days) - and the weather isn't what you'd normally associate with a cruise (it will be fall in the north Pacific - don't think we'll be spending huge amounts of time by the pool in bathing suits with drinks with little umbrellas). This cruise line has various kinds of programs to fill the hours during the days at sea - particularly during these repositioning cruises. And a lot of them are "education" oriented - everything from improving your bridge game to learning digital photography. You could be right that the cooking course will be more demo than hands-on - but at least I verified that every student will have a cooking station. So it won't be like some cooking classes we've been to at stores where the teacher is up front "in the kitchen" and the students are seated in chairs just watching the teacher cook. By the way - we're taking this particular cruise because I am totally awful with jet lag - and I want to get to Asia without any (and - since we'll be taking so long to get there - I should be fine). I got the idea after talking with a woman from Australia in a pub in London this year. She says she loves cruises to get from here to there - because they eliminate the jet lag factor. We'll see how it works out. Robyn ← this sounds wonderful. when are leaving? hope you post some pics
  18. what ratio of orange to soy would you use?
  19. does anyone know what is going in the space they are leaving?
  20. sabg

    Stuffed Calamari

    i have not made them i awhile but i used to chop up shrimp and scallops for the stuffing and do a white sauce
  21. sabg

    Extra Fois Gras

    there is restaurant in las vegas (i think mix) that serves a big slice on top of a kobe burger. unfortunatley, i missed that restaurnant
  22. this will be my saturday night unless you tell me the the store bought ones from wegmans are just as good
  23. if you find yourself slowing down take a few more gulps of wine...works for me
  24. i get the candying. how would i make cream with them? would i use them like ginger?
  25. when they say better than sex..this is what they are talking about...they look sooooo good
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