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  1. wegmans just opened around the corner from my office and i am obsessed...i heard recently that fresh water chestnuts are de-lish...saw them today lunchtime and bot them and now need idea of something to do with them. cut'em up and eat them plain?
  2. sooo sooo pissed.....been so biz at work have not checked in recently....was it just too too good? sounds wonderful
  3. make aheadh latkes...i have been waiting for this..any special ticks???
  4. i MUST have ck pot pie...have stuff to do until the weekend with no free time. this is going to be a get up extra esry on sunday morning thing for me....it is just that good fifi, thanks much for getting this up here...i really have to learn how to do a bit more on here...i have taken some pics that i want to learn to put up also...they have been hanging in the camera since the egullet picnic
  5. i posted a similar request sometime back and got a response from mayhaw man..i didnt know to connet to the post s i just copying and pasting...i was making my good friends fav dinner for her as a b-day gift...thankfully i made 2 so i could have one..this was unbelievabpe..nothing like what i was used to..BETTER..so much better well now i have a copy paste issue...i'll get help and get it to you
  6. sabg

    Deep frying prime rib

    the dinner is not for 2 weeks...i am going take some pics and hopefully teach myself how to get them onto egullet..i make a big prime rib 4 or 5 times a year and love the garlicky herb crust on top...i will miss that but hope to make up for in a deep fry crunch...i was thinking about injecting it
  7. caviar of the month club...i am sooo excited i have to excuse myself
  8. sabg

    Deep frying prime rib

    after talking about it for a year...i am finally doing it...going to deep fry a prime rib...i have read i MUST use peanut oil. i need a lot. any ideas where i can large quanity. even costco had smallish bottles
  9. its not a b&b but i would stay at the lambertville station. nice rooms, great view, walk to everything. plus, i really need tv.
  10. congrats !!! wonderful article
  11. i think a great guy place is ashes in red bank...good raw bar, steaks and all the steahouse stuff to go along with it. v civilized. bar can get a good sized crowd. and you can walk to a few othher places if you are looking for more after dinner. the is jazz and a couple of other music places...i really like the walking around aspect of red bank
  12. and i thought i was happy being married...now i want a boyfriend too
  13. i bot one of those timers where you stick the prob in the meat and it beeps when you hit the desired internal temp...i LOVE it and cant say enough good things about it especially for chickens
  14. thannks much. the dinner i had there was my fav meal EVER. i wanted to see how close i could get to a 500.00 experience for 20.00. i think i'll give it try on sat. thanks again for the details. The active discussion thread for Jean Georges and Nougatine may be found here.
  15. i read about a 20.00 lunch someplace but cant remember where. does anyone know if thats a regular thing or was a restaurant week special?? thanks
  16. is this fuji on roosevelt blvd? i may be in that area on sunday and would like to try it out
  17. thanks so much. they all look great. i still cant imagine hollowing out a pear and filling with sorbet. seems to soft or it might get mealy. i may be thinking about this too much, i just need to go get some
  18. pear sorbet in a pear? sounds de-lish. i am trying to find their website
  19. i was at luger on sat night with husband and clients. the steak was EXCELLENT but i think the shrimp wer good but nowhere near great. i know people love the big sliced tomatoe and onion but to me that is not an appetizer. loved the creamed spinach and the pot were fair. i have been there quite a few times and still feel i can make a comparable steak at home from lobels. i love f&J. so much nicer. love the bar and they have tablecloths, which i know has nothing to do with steak but i like it. for app we had crab cakes, they were ok but the others loved them, shrimp cocktail, v good., pot v good, creamed spinach was v good also but seemed to have cream ch in it possibly. i know i had a salad and enjoyed it but dont remember the details. i like the sauce better than lugers also. waitress was great and so were they bartenders. and if after all that food/drink you can still move its a nice area to walk around. my last dinner as a single woman was at sparks with a girlfriend, so i have very fond memories.
  21. sabg

    Mushroom Soup

    i just read a viennese boiled beef recipe this weekend in savuer (either currentt or last isse) they used a bottom round with fat cap attached or second cut brisket...if you can get your hands on the mag the picture even smels good
  22. i have had tongue quite a few time and always thought of only cow. maybe this should be under too stupid to ask BUT is the differenece between lamb tongue and cow tongue as distict as between beef and lamb ?
  23. peanut and bacon.umm um..that sounds so good...do you grill it?
  24. i roast them at high heat with oil oil on a sheet pan, tkae them out6 add lots of bread crums and finely grated parmesan. i make 2x as much as i need. i usually eat half before they get to the table
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