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  1. all this talk about the braising book, i want it too also i want to make the millionaire salad from michael ginor foie gras cookbook foie gras and lobster salad...umm and caviar...may need to end of year to pay for it but i have been waiting about a yr so for
  2. i am new to fl and live in the boca area. i have a client coming into miami airport on a friday evening. we would like to meet for dinner before they conitinue on to key largo that same evening.....any ideas on good food, atrractive atmosphere and not too far out of the way (at this point i dont know what the immediate area around the ariport is like)cuban would be great in an attrractive atmosphere thanks susan
  3. i never understood the fooling part either....i had a buddy that used to say she would not share her recipes because that kept them sxpecial for her guests...everyone knew where she ordered her meatballs and eggplant parm etc...but i guess her feel good i love to tell people when i make a make a great find
  4. this is THE funniest..i have to learn how to post photos also..thanks for making me laugh out loud
  5. i think the rice cake in chile looks de-lish
  6. i checked a few other recipes and they all use significantly more flour 30-70% more..they tasted ok v v soft but looked raw...def not for company..i enjoyed them with my husband and dog
  7. yup, checked and double checked...i am now trying the convestion oven...i was never much of baker (too little room for error) do u think it could have to do with not mixing the dough correctly? they taste ok, maybe too soft but tasty. its the raw look that is getting to me Did you check oven temp with a thermometer before you put the rugelach in? My oven beeps that it's at temp about 10-15 minutes before it is actually there. And are you sure your oven thermometer is properly calibrated. ←
  8. i am using the alfred portale recipe to make rugelach (my first time) i followed the recipe to letter except i mixed to dough manually , not with a mixer..it said 8-10 mins the oven and it was still raw...went to 12 still looked raw but i took it out..next batch went to 14 mins and still looked a bit raw but it ran all over..not that nice tight kind of cookie look..what am i doing wrong?? i double checked the oven temp
  9. sabg

    duck confit

    duck strudel umm ummm..is that all there is to it? it sounds de-lish
  10. sabg

    pear pie

    thanks so much, i will definatly wait..ummm brandy
  11. sabg

    pear pie

    i just got 8 pears and they have to be eaten today...could i make a pie with them...would they act like apples with releasing juice etc..
  12. i would love to tell her she could go home and fry them for 10 cents herself and grease up her own stove..i hate when people count other peoples money
  13. Oh boy, should I laugh or should I cry? I guess a hideous combination of both! I don't think it's an ignorant customer, it's ignorant people. I've worked FoH before at a Buddhist inspired vegetarian restaurant that is healthy and I've had my share of ignorant customers. After leaving the place, enrolling in culinary school and graduating... I've noticed that people like that are all over the place. I've cooked over at my friend's place and had similiar questions/remarks from others. The worst I've gotten is "You know that Chinese people stole the idea of pastas from my people (she was referring to Italians and I'm Chinese)". ← i am pissed just reading this..how did you contain yourself..not only is it stupid and untrue, it's a mean thing to say...this is childish and mean too but i hope her dinner had a personal deposit
  14. any space left ???? just moved to florida last week and if my furniture arrives this week i will be allowed to leave the house. attended the 2 e-gullet parties at boblink and had a great time (as did my 9 yr old)
  15. I can see your point, but here's how I look at it. Homemade mayo is very similar to homemade cookies. I don't always have them around, but it's nice every now and again. Take my family, for instance. We grow a reasonable garden: tomatoes and lettuce are definitely in it. We bake our own bread. We cure and smoke our own bacon. Why shouldn't we, then, complete the circle and make our own mayo for our BLT's? Special treats call for special work. But, do I have Hellman's and Miracle Whip (bite your fingers, Jinmyo) in my fridge. There are just times when only one or the other (or the homemade) will do. Additionally, I'm not very frightened of salmonella. I pay attention to basic kitchen sanitation. I am not crazy about disinfection, nor am I lackadaisical about cross-contamination. Also, I trust my lemons to kill salmonella. Hell, no one blinks an eye about letting their brioche ferment on the open counter, and that's got plenty of egg in it (but yeasts are acid producers). Besides, in 30 years, I've had salmonella once. It broke me off, to be sure, but I believe the risk is quite low in the modern, clean kitchen (and yes, soap and water is sufficient in any arid place). ← OMG fresh baked bread, homemade mayo, garden tomazto, need to hear about curing the bacon...is it long and difficult?...pls say no
  16. Odd, I know both my next door neighbors and don't recall meeting you... ← sorry, meant next door by next town over...what may be a few miles can be torture in the summer down here. this used to be area of the beer an burger bar but some v good restaurants are opening up
  17. thanks much, worked great by hand and i am now on to ketchup
  18. well, my husband would probably say i can never make mayo.....i found the problem, i was using the immersion wand and it was not getting to the bottom of the yolk and oil...did it by hand following the egullet recipe with a little less oil and it is great (iadded some saffron) i dont think i will eat store bot again
  19. sabg

    Green Beans: The Topic

    you can saute in olive oil, take some butter saute pecan pieces add some worchtershire on pour over the beans...de-lish
  20. i tried twice yesterday...i used the alfred portale recipe...2 yolks 2 cups of oil...v v thin....did it again with less ab d still not right...i used an immersion blender...any ideas...i want homemade saffron mayo
  21. I live next door and unless its x x x special i would not drive too far out on a weekend....brandl in belmar is one of my favs, great menu, excellent service by cute staff and byob...the do scallops in foie gras butter...had them on wed and went back and had same thing again on sat...carmines in asbury is new a v good..been 3x in the last month and great each time...6 types of oysters, best osso bucco ever, great selection of apps and they make pan roasts like the oyster bar in grand central...mahogoney grill in manasquan in great also...if you need directions or any more info...just post...my e-mail does not work....where will you be staying
  22. i am at the shore around exit 98..we only have windmill and a place in long branch called max's that is only open in the season...i'll bet you would clean up down here...maybe make it just being open for a long season may through sept...belmar, spring lake, manasquan, pt pleasant...you have to cross a bridge to get to point pleasant but the have a huge boardwalk rides etc...
  23. sabg

    Cole Slaw

    i love it with mayo...add scallions and old bay, v good with steamed crabs and beer..i have never mixed cabbages but add some carrot for color...i am going to try with some red cabbage
  24. Oh yeah, I'm a fan of Don Pablos' grilled chicken fajitas. Chevy's is pretty much identical to DP's, but I give DP's the edge. I used to like Chi-Chi's years and years ago, but they must have went downhill or something, cause towards the end they were god awful. I guess that hepatitis scare was the nail in the coffin. ;-) Anybody like Carrabba's? They're also a pretty good chain imho, although they're food's pretty heavy/greasy. ← i think carrabas has v good mussels and my husband always has the lamb shops and loves them
  25. how about changing it depending on price/season etc. one week try corn salsa, one week black bean kinda thing (my fav), then coleslaw, then chips and see what works best (most economical with high consumption) i dont think you need to stick to one thing but i do think it has to be something
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