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  1. sabg

    Star fruit

    Sweet but not too...with a great texture...soft but not mealy like a pear can be sometimes....I want to say fibrous but in a good way
  2. I have about 50 star fruit and access to tree with hundreds....I can't stand to see anything wasted...any ideas ? I have been putting everything ...fruit, mushrooms, onions, cheese tomaotes into pie crusts fornrustic tarts...can u bake star fruit ? I have so many I would take any ideas and practice
  3. sabg

    Recipes that Rock: 2011

    Do u think I could sub tofu for the chicken
  4. Two fat ladies say they never put their egg in the fridge...It that really ok?..I buy organic from the fridge at the supermarket
  5. This was purely by chance...my son wanted pie,so we stopped n I stayed in the car..he was out within seconds telling me they make their own sausage..pateband other Spanish basque specialties..chic n rice..chic cauliflower lasagna and delish sampling of crostinis..they were completing a of cakes while I was there for some very satisfied customers...AND..they were happy we were there..v v nice mother n son
  6. sabg

    Kelp caviar

    iam hoping this is really going to be good...inexpensive and easy on the fish...has anyone tried it ? did you us just like traditional caviar
  7. i finally the money for my mixer and attachments...i went out to get my kitchen aid and just want to be sure i am getting what i need without over buying...i want a mixer and want to be able to grind meat and mae pasta...i have the hand grinder for both but have some hand issues so want it to as easy as poss...i saw a ka 575 watt 6 qt for 389.00 at brandsmart..they said the r always the best price...it comes with a mail in ice cream attchment rebate
  8. sabg

    The March of Asparagus

    i boil it a bit in some stock...then vita mix it to velvet and serve with crispy fried mushrooms and a dab of goat cheese on top
  9. sabg

    summer rolls

    i may been making summer rolls and have most of it down but the rice paper is v sticky... soak them for about 30 seocnds...should i being "something" to them...i have quite a few recipes and have not found anything
  10. mario recenly made a rome version of a fratatta....an egg and flour mixture made into a crepe like batter and filled with garlic parsley anchovies and canned "good italian tuna" but i was not able to get a brand name...anybody any ideas ? my mouth has been watering ever since...the italian looking stuff at the local import market....with a few italian words was actually from san diego
  11. i just saw an ad for blackbird bakery on tv and they mentioned a strawberry balsamic pie...has anyone ever made one and have a recipe ? it is something i never thought of but sounds so so good...looking for ideas...saw a recipe that had a crust with black pepper
  12. i am making a new batch of lemons...last time i know added a few things...maybe star anise, cardomon, cloves ?? and cant find the recipe...found a bunch online and they all have only salt...anybody make them with a few additions ? they are so good..i have have eaten about 10 with just a delish vodka on the rox
  13. the shanks were so expensive...i don't want to screw it up
  14. i dont think i would ever have a decent slice of bread without my electric knife
  15. i was in bed sick and cruised recipe site for DAYS found these two recipes from my fav cuisine, thai...made them seperately then realized together they are a total and most delish breakfast...thai curry corn cake w fried egg and chili salad...corn, curry past, lime leaf, rice flour, egg...mix it and fry it...top with a fried egg (i like mine still a little runny) toped with salad of, coriander,fish sauce,garlic thai chili , sugar, salt & lime juice...i used frozen corn because it wall all i had but can imagine how much better with fresh creamy corm off the cob
  16. i want to try to dry age my own meat, i have done a little research but finding some conflicting info...i think i want to try a prime rib..it will give me a big enough piece of meat..and i thought the chance to roast part and cut some into steak...thoughts? prime or choice ? can i go cheaper since i am going to age it ? and is there any added value over 25 days or so ?
  17. sabg


    i can believe i am saying this ....but i never asked....i live in fl and its on ice in the fresh section at whole foods so i assumed never frozen but i will def ask..i guess when they say dont assume they mean it...
  18. sabg


    i have only used fresh calamari in the past but have found block frozen at a local restaurant supply and it is significantly cheaper....is it one of those things that does not lose much in the freezing...i want to stuff it and pan saute..anybody use frozen with good or bad results ?
  19. sabg

    The Fresh Pasta Topic

    i have not made fresh pasta in years and really want to start again..i was just watching lidia and she uses oil in her dough..she had guest from italy that only use egg & flour...not even salt..i know a lot depends on personal taste..i just want my new first experience to be really really good.....i will e using a hand crank machine...i dont have the strength to just really on my own kneading..thanks
  20. what is garlic stem saute? is it just what it sounds like ?
  21. i have what seems to be a large quantity of fresh water chestnuts...anyone have an idea about a water chestnut recipe aside from adding to the typical stir fry or soup...are they ever eaten alone or maybe with a chili sauce ?? any help would be great and i have no idea how long they keep.
  22. sabg

    steak fries

    i am making my son's steak house at home b day dinner in about an hour...i need ot make those big fat ovven fries...how can i get'm crispy..should i dip them in eggs white first..thanks
  23. trust me...that would be my choice....easy n cheap...but he wants to go out AND now we are also celebrating his football teams first win...i can t believe in such a diver area this is so hard...it was on diners & dives last night
  24. my son got straight a's and wants to celebrate with chicken n waffles and ican t find them>>>pls help...live in boca raton and will travel up to an hour...west palm. miami..west ??? thanks...and he doesn't want me to make them
  25. i really want to start making my own bread and everyone i talk to says i gotta have a brea=d machine...they seem to vary drastically on which one and how much i need to spend..due to economic downturn..any inexpensive ideas??
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