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  1. the breakers in spring lake. across the street from the ocean and they have a lovely porch for cocktails. i woul not call the food gourmet but it is good and the location is nice and being a hotel is very convenient for out of towners. i have been to many evenings at the molly pitcher and that would be my first choice. it is also a hotel with wonderful food and some great clubs with lots to do the next day for anyone that stays over.
  2. drove about 60 mi on fri night to go turkish. well worth it. we had the table next to the glass so my son who was exhausted from camp could watch the chef. he saw how tired my son looked and had a great hot plate of fried potato for him before we even had water. tomatoe/cuc salad, cheese and spinach spring rolls, cheese pita, mixed meats, lamb soup, and sliced meat over cubed with a red sauce and yougrt. the meat over bread was WONDERFUL. we had the rice pudding and a pistachio dessert i dont know the name of. we also oredered an appetizer with bulgar and tomatoe that we didnt care for. the waitress came asked if anything was wrong and we said we just didnt care for it and she offered to take it off the bill. thats how the whole evening went. perfect. i had the print out in car from the website and i gave it to the folks there and they were very pleased.
  3. grew up not far mastoris, huge diner huge menu huge desserts. if you travel a few more minutes into chambersburg around trenton there are some steller restarants. the ddc is having a dinner next week at place called mambo that is not far off. never been but looking forward to trying it.
  4. i am pretty much wheat free myself and i love rice noodles and mung bean noodles. you can get some great thai recipes from the package and their websites. good luck, i have to walk pizza shops every day with my 7 yr old.
  5. you have to have capers, soy sauce, those red onions in jar for hot dogs,hot sauces (many) (do they really refridge), fish sauce. i have been told walut oil goes or gets rancid.
  6. i always love to watch peoples reactions when you steal their ideas. its hilarious to hear them explain they really dont care BUT........i vote for theft
  7. this is the first i have seen of dangerous dining club. is it open to all? i am origianlly from the trenton area and would love to join in.
  8. sabg


    It might, but the Lobel's grilling guide that came with the steaks does indeed say to add oil after searing, not before. Has anyone tried this method? All I know is that after reading all the Lobel's threads, I did not oil the steaks before putting them in my cast iron pan (no access to grill). While they were still fantastic, they did not develop a great crust...mainly because the s & p stuck to the cast iron. I don't know, maybe it wasn't hot enough. i did just as lobel suggested with sear then oil. i added little sugar to the salt and p[epper and did them in a non stick pan and they were perfect. i think as good as lugar's desperately wanted to grill them but the rain was torrential.
  9. sabg


    i would have loved that dinner...how wonderful was it
  10. just in>>my lobel and wagyu steaks. i did not get a cast iron as i had hoped and am cooking these test taste steaks tonight. should i us a le creuset pan ??? or a calphalon, also there is always the grill but from what i have been reading that is not the best choice
  11. we can't wait. our first in person egullet experience. 2 adults 1 child, mark susan and 7 yr old gregory how about grilled vegtables? pepers, zucc, corn etc? what do you think enough for everybody would be? also i have folding chairs and 1 maybe 2 of those long utility tables if interested.
  12. how about brining it? just got a smoker this week and will use it this weekend for the first time. i have read hundreds of articles this week and they mostly seem to suggest brining
  13. pls help meeeeeeeeeeeee ! i want to pig pick at the nj pig pickin, can find how to rsvp and add something delicious to the list
  14. sabg

    first time smoker

    i arrived home last night to find an brand spanky new smoker sittin on my doorstep. a wonderful surprise gift. i want my first time to be wonderful. what should i do first ? i was thinking about a duck or should i stay with brisket or a butt? also, any wood ideas?
  15. i was on-line yeterday and saw the lobels coupon but got distracted. i am back today to place my order and cant find the coupon. who took it????
  16. i cant take it anymore. i have to have that wagyu beef. i am going to order today. let me know how yours turns out
  17. sabg

    extra lobel's steak

    without an extra thought i would just eat 2. is this the ultra good ultra expensive wagyu meat i have not yet had the pleasure myself
  18. i am looking for the BEST beef wellington recipe. i have seen a few and they use mushrooom instead of goose liver. i am looking for goose liver. thanks
  19. sabg

    Deep frying prime rib

  20. i bot a deep fryer a few years back and LOVE it, turkey, duck, chicken etc. i remember when i bot it there was a recipe for deep fried prime rib along with many commentaries that once you have it deep fried you won't want it any other way. i can't find the recipe , timing or anything about it. anybody ??
  21. I am going to be in palm beach for a few days and am looking for a special occasion restaurant. ocean front would be great. any ideas???
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