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  1. sabg

    Cheese and my Crock Pot

    i making cheese this weekend...it sounds great and easier...can you tell me how you do it? thanks much...my first attempt was awful
  2. sabg

    Making Cheese

    i am making mozzarella for the second time (1st awful) the rennet i bot was from the supermarket .... when i read recipe they say use 1/2 ...do you think there are different size tablets ? trying to account for why it didn't seem to come together..looked more like ricotta and i more than doubled the heating and resting time
  3. i love dark chocolate and like the taste but the cake reviews have not been great...the choc i i have priced is high and i don't want to make a mistake
  4. i am not a baker or v familiar with chocolates...in the recipes i have been reading they say biitersweet OR semi...when i read the reviews it seems a lot say bittersweet tastes like dirt and semi is too sweet...can you mix and a hald n half with a good result
  5. what a conincidence...i just got mark bitmans book (vegetarian)for the holiday and was reading all about making crackers last night...they don't seem at all difficult (sure) i am going to try over the long weekend and if i can figure out how to post pics i will certainly include them....it's a great book
  6. i am in boca raton florida...i think i will call my local whole foods..maybe they could set something up...what a great idea...THANKS
  7. i have never frozen slices....i use a non stick pan after a couple "too hot" issues with a cast iron...for some unexplainable reason, it worked much better for me...seared brown, no burning ...then i fried bread in the foie gra drippings and ate it with pear slices..heavenly
  8. I want to learn about olive oil...I see recipes for fruity but don't see the decription on any labels in the stores i frequent..is it a specail olive or a different process...anybody know of a book that can help...i will purchase some different oils and do a taste test but need some advice where to start
  9. there is v good indian at PUNJAB on federal hwy in boca raton...dont be put off by the fact it is in front of a motel painted hot pink...renzo on federal hwy also has terrific seafood salad and great veal,(they also have a pizz rest across the street0 fah for asian (bento lunch 10.00) also on federal hwy is a great bargain..i have lived here v long but you are looking for something special i can scout it out for you i am trying a new thai place in manalapan tonight..i'll let you know how it goes susan
  10. i am fairly new to boca from nj and have not found much i love...but a couple are punjab for indian on federal hwy in boca..fah for sushi on federal also...renzo (the restaurant not pizza) for the best cold seafood salad...their pizz place is goood also...
  11. i want to make choc covered strawberries...i thought i had to do somehting other than just melt the choc and dip?? do i have to do something special to the choc to make it shiny??
  12. sabg

    Latkes - the Topic!

    is there a way to make latkes and have them really good the next day...i always make them when guests are here and just cant do it this year for so many..are there any tricks or secrets? i have bot them from places that have been highly recommended and they are never v good
  13. thanks for the info...i am going to get on this tomorrow...i gues it could also be a goat or cow...i just happened to see the sheep first...i hope you post pics of your head before and after
  14. i was watching anthony bourdain ohhh and ahhh over sheep head and know it is a xmas timecelebration food for some....i called 2 butchers in my area, boca raton florida, and was told by one they are illegal in the us (i dont believe it) and the othere asked why i would want one ( i hung up) i have been looking at cuban, kosker butchers and have had no luck...does anyone have butcher/slaughterhouse name?? i would go to miami to get it
  15. i am going to try the setai...stopped by once and for 53.00 had a martini and 6 oysters ...for 35 seems like almost free
  16. we are driving up the area this evening and i know nothing about the area. i would like to have either a really nice upscale dinner or something with great raw bar on the water...any suggesitons would be great, thanks, susan
  17. sabg

    Crab Cake Binder

    i love the idea of shrimp paste...what else do use it for? Scott, I have used shrimp as a binder. Blend a few shrimp to a paste like consistency. I suggested this to a Chef friend. She was aghast because that would increase their costs. Tim ← Chef Michel Richard in his new and utterly fascinating book "Happy in the Kitchen" does the same thing...and wraps the cakes with corn kernels using plastic wrap....oh then they are steamed and lastly pan fried. The result looks fantastic and sounds great. I have not tried it yet though since I got the book a couple of weeks ago only. ←
  18. sabg

    Latkes - the Topic!

    i was told to use yukon gold for latkes and now when i look at most of the recipes out there, i see mostly idaho russet,,,, i have a costco size bag but really want them to be good and crispy (also told to use crisco) am i on target ??
  19. foy's "regular" restaurant i have been told is closed and he is going to focus on the steak house only...brandl is one of my favs and has also introdueced a comedy night i am going to try out the end of june...also restauarant .co has a disc coupon. red bank had a v v good thai restaurant siam garden and my sis jsut called and recommeded bamboo leaf in bradley beach (i have not been)
  20. sabg

    Buffet dinner for 30

    how bout poached salmon or gravlax i love chix marbella from the silver palate and can be made ahead i love the idea of a ham also...one of those spirals, v good and really no work aspargus with a bit bousin on the end with a procuitto wrap...people love it and another make ahead white bean salad, v tuscan and v inexpensive
  21. i am still laughing at this...i must be a total pig
  22. sabg

    chicken broth

    i am making matzoh ball soup with saffron and spinach matzoh balls from an epicurious recipe for passover...i will not havew time to make the stock with 18 lbs of wings...what would be the best store bot substitute, i will be adding saffron to the broth...anything good out there..thanks
  23. my big le crueset pot got knocked over and BROKE...right to the core...looks like someone took a saw to it...its in one piece but sad looking and unusable...i am sick about it...took me year to shell out for it, i couldn't imagine a pot being worth that much but it is worth every penny...will they just give a new one???
  24. i am going to sb also.....i have checked everywhere and found no deals...hotel prices are crazy
  25. i am making fried rice and i ususally toast the rice in a bit of oil before i add the liquid and someone just told me not to do that but instead rinse it..any thoughts???thanks
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