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    Milk Frothers

    What about heating the milk? p
  2. I use this recipe ( HOME BAKED SANDWICH BREAD ) from their site which is for the 9 inch pan. http://www.usapans.com/cgi-bin/recipes.cgi?Pullman+Loaf+Pan I use a breadmaker on dough setting to do the mixing and kneading. p
  3. There are two sizes available the 9 inch and the 13 inch. The 9 inch fits the BSO and CSO perfectly. The pans are designed to produce perfectly square loaves of bread. The flat top is achieved by letting the final rise reach about 1/2 inch of the top of the pan, sliding the lid on and placing in the preheated oven. Oven spring takes care of creating the flat top and ensuring the final square appearance. Pullman loaves generally have a very fine crumb. Will it work for cakes? I have no idea. I don't bake. p
  4. Agreed, copper looks great, but what experienced cooks have touted the advantages of copper or other materials specifically? Don't work with induction do they? p
  5. Amazon Canada has them as I mentioned above: USA Pans 9 x 4 x 4-inch Pullman Pan, Aluminized Steel with Americoat p
  6. USA Pans 9 x 4 x 4-inch Pullman Pan, Aluminized Steel with Americoat p
  7. I have a Pullman Loaf Pan from them and it works as advertised. I have the small one that fits and and functions in my CSO. p
  8. Did you empty the collection tray underneath first, it might have been full p
  9. Regards using the IP at 9000 feet, Laura's site has a table for figuring out the cooking time adjustments: http://www.hippressurecooking.com/pressure-cooker-psi-faq-the-stuff-you-didnt-think-to-ask/#high According to the chart 40% seems like a lot of time...even if you lose some of the speed advantage you still have the convenience factor to make it worth while. p
  10. Corelle dishes and "Corningware" have the same weakness as I have personally experienced - slivers of glass and a too curious cat - strained my relationship with her that day due to my strenuous exhortations to "scat!" I'm still not sure if I retrieved all the fragments. p
  11. Clay doesn't like rapid changes in temperature - high heat is fine if it takes a while getting there - the same would be true of removing it from the heat and placing it on a cold counter p
  12. Not sure as to why, but the "ovht" means "overheat" From the IP site: Does Instant Pot burn food? The short answer is No, not likely. Most Instant Pot cooking functions, (e.g. Soup, Congee, Rice, Meat, Poultry, Bean/Chili and Slow Cook) have temperature monitoring to avoid burning food. This mechanism is called “burn-protection”. When a high temperature (140C or 284F) is detected at the bottom of the inner pot, the burn-protection mechanism suspends heating to avoid burning food. On Instant Pot IP-DUO series, a warning message “ovHt” is flashed on the display. This “burn-protection” mechanism works very well, except if the food has very high starch content. For example, if you add flour in your chili recipe, the flour sinks to the bottom, solidifies at low temperatures and can block heat dissipation. In this particular case, we suggest you add flour to the chili after initial cooking and perhaps cooking it for another one to five to allow thickening of the chili. Because the “Saute” function operates at a much higher temperature than other settings we do not recommend operating unattended, just like you wouldn’t leave a pan on the stove unattended. You might contact IP directly as there may be a problem with yours, or perhaps there wasn't enough liquid. p
  13. I believe AnnaN was referring to large external tanks that are stored/used indoors. That being said, can someone point out the dangers of using a gas fueled appliance indoors. As well, the inherent dangers of a larger than 8 oz fuel cylinder, from a fact based perspective as opposed to what we've all "heard" p
  14. Regards gas cooking appliances, whether natural gas, LP, propane camp stoves or butane, don't they all have the same safety concerns? p
  15. Please keep us updated on tweaks and possibly post your recipe. p
  16. My thought was to string some picture hang wire or something similar (stainless steel braid?) to enable you to get a pair of tongs under it and lift it until you can grasp it with a mitt. The wire would have to be long enough so it could move out of the way and not impede access. A DIY pail handle. p
  17. My apologies - I searched for "RSVP Endurance Stainless Steel 3 Quart Wide Rim Mesh Basket" as per US description Amazon.ca has it as "RSVP Endurance Wide Rim Mesh Basket" Just have to look harder next time, although I'm not sure I want to spend $18 on it, I'll look around at Walmart and see if there's something similar that is cheaper
  18. Not available on Amazon.ca and the US page says it doesn't ship to Canada p
  19. Haven't seen it mentioned, but there is a new smart oven available. The Smart Oven Pro BOV845BSS. Same size as the BOV800XL, but adds a light and slow cooking capabilities. On amazon.Com it's $25 more than the 800xl at $275,but... it is only $239 at Amazon.ca!!!! Amazon's prices are all over the map atm, I purchased one about two weeks ago for my nephew at $269, one for my niece a week ago for $249 and now it's $239! Go figure! It' like the stock market! BTW the slow cooking function allows for 4 hours on high and 10 hours on low, obviously the container used requires a lid to retard evaporation. Many have commented on the desire for a light, (I personally have used a flashlight) but the addition of the slow cook functions make this app lace even more desirable! p
  20. I have a VP112 - weight and size were the prime considerations - had it for about a year and no problems So I haven't searched every post in the two threads but it wouldn't hurt to mention another use for a chamber vac even if I'm reposting a previous suggestion. While not lamination, printing out a recipe and sealing it in a bag, makes a great water/grease proof storage medium. I use 8.5 by 11 paper and bags slightly larger to vac and seal. Recipes can be stored in a file folder or an accordion file for easy retrieval. Same could be done foe one or two page equipment manuals/instructions/charts etc that you wish to reference. p
  21. Wilkinson used to have the same system many years ago - had one, wasn't impressed p
  22. Check Amazon, they have a bunch, at least on Amazon.ca p
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