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  1. I didn't feel the OP was negatively reflecting on this thread but rather expressing her take (and others) on its benefit to her. p
  2. palo

    Food recalls

    Trying to squeeze out every last bit out of the poor chicken. p
  3. I have this one and am pleased with it. 220v 3000 watts. https://www.amazon.com/6535-Max-Burton-ProChef-3000-Stainless-steel/dp/B01N5JOIED p
  4. Not to be cliche-ish, but with advantages often come disadvantages. In order to be more proficient and helpful, devices need more information which we give them by using them. Personally I use Alexa and have found setting timers etc very useful, in order for the device to serve me better it needs to know me better. p
  5. Try something similar: https://www.amazon.ca/Folding-Cookouts-Weatherproof-Assemble-HP-180CZ-CA/dp/B07Q1NG999/ref=sr_1_5?crid=3P5AEQHZ0OCHV&keywords=folding+tables&qid=1564207154&s=lawn-garden&sprefix=folding+tables%2Caps%2C223&sr=1-5 Available @ homedepot, CDNTire and other stores and possibly cheaper p
  6. Hmm... Cuisinart CA has them available to buy. CSO-300BPCC-1PKC $329.99 p
  7. Had a similar silicon, it wasn't "open" enough so things tended to steam. p
  8. Instant Pot Ultra Electric Pressure Cooker, 6Qt 10-in-1, Stainless Steel $89.99 Amazon.ca Prime Day p
  9. Prime Day Canada is the same as US July 15 & 16 p
  10. Good buy! What I like about it is that the heating elements are in the plates and that they are removable for cleaning. I bought an extra set so I can have two flat or two ribbed. p
  11. @ John Jones: Jeez! By the time you make all these modifications, it'l be 2025! p
  12. Can you add your own recipes? Modify supplied recipes? p
  13. Talk to officials in the city in which you live. p
  14. What do people bag their trash in? I use the plastic bags from the grocery so they become duo-use. p
  15. Re "appearance" the # 8 looks nice and I assume the feed and grinder parts could be removed and stuck in a cupboard https://www.lemproducts.com/product/8-575-watt-countertop-grinder/butcher-meat-grinders p
  16. nahh! Just search Amazon for "Halogen Oven" All you're buying is the top piece which fits on the glass bowl, howerver instead of the glass bowl you're using your instant pot. Check out point number 7 in their manual under "safeguards": Never use it if your pressure cooker is turned on or plugged in! Don't waste your money. p
  17. Retailers sell what consumers want and that is usually a lower price. Manufacturers have to cut corners to deliver those prices. p
  18. Anyone had this issue with Corelle dishes? p
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