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  1. Serious Eats did a comparison review of the Vitamix, Blendtec and Breville, check it out: http://www.seriouseats.com/2014/12/high-end-blender-test-equipment-breville-vitamix-blendtec-review.html p
  2. I was at the vet with my dog a few days ago and a woman was in with her black Lab which had to go in for surgery. The Lab had apparently got into corn cobs from the trash, considering the cost and risk of the surgery, you could buy a really good trashcan for that money, not worth the risk. p
  3. Your counter looks like MY counter...even when I'm not cooking p
  4. ^^One of the few times that amazon.com has pleased me - they don't ship these to Orillia (N of the border) - I have one of those and find myself very insecure when lifting something hot as I am not able to get a firm grip, even with a handle.
  5. I just purchased a replacement gasket for the IP, not that I needed one but when and if I did, I would have it. Additionally I decided to purchase the glass lid (slow cooking etc.) and the silicone storage lid. the glass lid is what it is, however the silicone was definitely impressive. Very heavy and sealed well. Ideal for stews that are to be considered "leftovers", yet do not require the transfer to a new vessel to store. The Amazon price in CDN$ was only $15.50, and well worth the price imho, obviously cheaper S of the border. p
  6. chef Paul Prudhomme, 75, died today in New Orleans CNN: .http://www.cnn.com/2015/10/08/entertainment/paul-prudhomme-obit/ p
  7. "250 ml of about 120 proof spirit." What did you use Kerry to get 120 proof spirit? I thought 80 proof was the strongest available in Ontario. p
  8. From Kerry's description, I believe she is squeezing it out through the cut end, I initially presumed it was the tassel end. Smithy it sounds like you're heading towards the tassel end as well. p
  9. Try a preserving funnel, used for filling mason jars. p
  10. Regarding the shards (not pieces), I have a dog and cat, so you can imagine my concerns. My breakage was due to putting a hot plate on a wet counter. I wonder if age affects its resilience. p
  11. Was it dropped or suffer a temperature differential? p
  12. I have used a remote in mine, I threaded it out near the bottom of the door as I felt the top area was most important to the seal. p
  13. A disappointment last night, due I'm sure to operator error rather than machine malfunction. I decided to do back ribs last night in the IP. I had browsed a number of recipes for ingredients and methodology. With this hodge-podge of ideas in my head I proceeded. I "marinated" the ribs with a dry rub for about 5 hours. I used beer as a liquid in the pot, placed the ribs on the trivet above the beer. I set the IP for high pressure, 20 minutes and released the pressure after about 8 minutes (after the 20 minutes). I took them out to the bbq and browned them then brushed with bbq sauce and allowed them to develop a bit of a char, total time on the bbq was about 20 minutes. The ribs were tasty, but I've made better. The big problem was "fall off the bone" they weren't!!! Edible, but barely, very chewy. The big problem was that I didn't follow a recipe/method but I followed many recipes at the same time. The most obvious flaw was cooking time, especially as I was cooking them above the liquid as opposed to IN the liquid. I should also have done a complete natural release instead of a "sort-of" natural release. I'm uncertain about the advantages of cooking above as opposed to cooking in the liquid, I'm not a fan of "saucey" dishes. However the most tragic part of last night's fiasco was the waste of a perfectly good beer!!!! The effect might have been there, but the combination of the rub and bbq sauce certainly overwhelmed my palate. I would welcome comments regarding my assessment of my failure as I have the other half of the rack in the freezer that I'll try next weekend and I do not want a repeat of last night! p
  14. It seems that the difference between the IP and the SAGE basically comes down to programming. The Sage allows more variables such as pressure, temperature, time etc to be be chosen in a compound fashion (menu item) as opposed to the IP which does that but individually without any reference to what your cooking. I'm happy with my IP and won't move to the SAGE unless someone comes up with a convincing argument. Mind you, if I didn't have an IP, and this was available at a reasonable price, I would opt for this. The ability to set the variables according to menu choice I see as a definite advantage, especially after a disappoint result last night that I'll recount in a separate post later. p
  15. I'd like to hear someone's experiences with the multi-level models, otherwise my pick would be: http://www.amazon.com/Sunsella-Stainless-Steel-Vegetable-Steamer/dp/B00KYDZHSI/ref=sr_1_2?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1442965743&sr=1-2&keywords=vegetable+steamers p
  16. I start with hot water from the tap that's close to my target temperature, never timed it but it doesn't take long. I also use a small beer cooler that I've fitted with a 2 inch rigid Styrofoam lid in which I've cut a small hole for the Anova, I also put a weight on the lid to seal it. Temperature loss is minimal. p
  17. For actually cooking the meat you could probably use this recipe: http://www.hippressurecooking.com/carnitas-pulled-pork-mexican-pressure-cooker-recipes/ Just jump back and forth between the NY Times recipe and this one to get the seasonings and finish you want or are you looking to do it in one pot start to finish. p
  18. CSA and UL are both companies that test and certify products regarding their safety. In Canada, certain products can not be sold unless they have undergone and passed this testing and display their CSA approval. I believe the same is true of the US. p
  19. Welcome Carlos, I hope you enjoy your time with us. I can't help you with your posting problem, but if you contact one of our hosts (moderaters) they will get the problem fixed right away. Just out of interest, if you don't mind, the Instant pot is made here in Canada, just wondering what the price was in Spain (US/CDN $) including shipping, import etc. Again, just wondering. p
  20. Free-form loaves would work and as far as baking goes, height is the only concern, I've done whole chickens in mine, small ones mind you. Yeah the fact that quarter sheet pans won't fit is a bummer, but I found some pans at a restaurant supply store that work. p
  21. palo

    Fasta Pasta

    Would have been nice if it turned , but it should still work . I'm guessing that because your microwave is small physically, it might be also be lower in power than a "full-size" microwave, so you may have to use longer times p
  22. As usual, Andie is correct, not that she needs validation from me. Here is a website that explains the science behind the phenomenon: http://chemistry.about.com/od/acidsbase1/a/red-cabbage-ph-indicator.htm The video is neat. p
  23. I would be pleasantly surprised to find that Canada has these innovations before the US. We tend to lag behind sometimes due to population and demand. Perhaps someone down "south" could check one out in BBB or some such to see if these differences are evident in the US stock. I don't expect to hear you have embraced bilingualism . p
  24. Anna, I don't know how convenient a "Food Basics" store is to you, but they have boneless blade on sale this week for $4.49 a lb. p
  25. Two things - Rereading "Night Prey" by John Sandford and... http://forums.egullet.org/topic/135134-eg-foodblogs-information-index/ Totally awesome, just finished 2005 and starting 2006. Thanks to all the bloggers of the past who shared a week with us. If you have the time, the're worth a look-see. p
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