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    Swiss Borner here, works for me.
  2. Assuming it is more or less computer controlled, glitches often resolve themselves through a reset. Having the power cut may reset the range, try resetting the breaker and keep your fingers crossed, otherwise a circuit board has gone bad which can be expensive. How much do you love this stove vs replacing it? p
  3. Other than the slow cook temp changes, it doesn't sound like a major reinvention. I haven't used the slow cook function so I'm happy with my version 1 p
  4. What's the difference between version 1 and version 2? p
  5. Appreciate the feedback guys, I've had no concerns about my cso, I actually was mistaken as I was thinking of the IP, I'll post in that thread. p
  6. What is the difference between version 1 and version 2? p
  7. I'm assuming the "induction plate" was what the OP was referring to which allows the use of any cookware. Max Burton 6010 8-Inch Induction Interface Disk with Heat-Proof Handle If I was mistaken I apologize. p
  8. Part of the problem is the induction plate - it turns the induction burner into an old style electric stove with ring elements. Suggest you go to Walmart/Target etc and pick up some cheap cookware that will work with induction (take a fridge magnet with you to test) or bite the bullet and if induction is in your future pick out something really nice. p
  9. I have the BREBFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor and it works fine. p
  10. zojihishi (?) rice cooker (micom, IH) no problem ever p
  11. I guess it's better to have plastic pieces in your food than metal pieces, Good call. p
  12. So it's sort of like a hotplate or the element on an electric stove? Not too efficient to my way of thinking, the whole premise behind induction is that it directly heats the cooking vessel rather than something else heating and through conduction heating the cooking vessel which eventually heats the food...and the price??? p
  13. http://panasonic.ca/cio/index.html?gclid=CM7K7s-K_dACFcS1wAodV3wP-g#hero I'm mystified, the blurb states it uses a combination of infrared and induction to work BUT uses an aluminum pan. I'm not impressed by its price either $699 CDN Unless I'm missing something, this won't find a home on my countertop! p
  14. If you go to their site you should be able to download an english copy of the manual that also includes recipes, just pick your model. http://instantpot.com/benefits/specifications-and-manuals/ p
  15. When you drill it out, replace with a small nut and bold...or be proactive and do all of them. p
  16. Should have thought of this earlier - drill it out and re-attach with machine thread nut and bolt - they can be obtained very small. p
  17. Smoke from grilling or searing will be the only concern when using an induction cooktop. I have a cheap hood about 200 cfm which isn't even ducted to the outside, so I don't do a lot of grilling/searing. p
  18. The actual formal recall notification page: http://www.cuisinart.com/recall#press_release_anchor p
  19. Drilling out the screw will certainly allow you to remove the screen, but unless you can figure another way of securing the new one in place you will have to re-tap the hole for a new screw. I have had luck in the past by using a pair of "vice-grips" to grab hold of the screw head. If you get all that done, I would suggest replacing the philips head screws with small bolts with a hex head - it'll be easier next time. p
  20. http://www.ctvnews.ca/business/major-cuisinart-food-processor-recall-amid-reports-of-broken-blade-pieces-1.3201123 p
  21. Been there...Done that. certainly worth the money p
  22. The Thermador Freedom has 48 3 inch coils which are side by side, you are limited to 4 pots. p
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