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  1. I'm curious, what is the point of carbonating non sparkling wine, other than the old wives tale (not sure if it's true) that carbonated beverages gets one drunk faster? Does it taste better? I've googled MR and only got EG answers.

  2. Thank that is perfect!

    I'm a bit young to remember Green Acres though. I found my contractor is a very dumb way- I used yelp. Yes, I know. AND I failed to notice all his reviews were from people in CA who live near my in laws. He had JUST moved to NJ, although less than a mile from our home. I should have asked my parents but I was stubborn. Backfire! He is diligent and has fixed other little things that have popped up for free, but he is hardly familiar with state or township laws or subcontractors. I spend my entire day locked in the bedroom when he has electricians and plumbers here, because I don't know these people and get irrationally nervous. Plus they are in my attic a lot, which has drop down stairs right outside the master bedroom. My husband suggested I spend two weeks or so in Marco Island to avoid dealing with this and him coming down in weekend but I thought that was irrational. Now I know I was being irrational in not accepting th offer!

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  3. Dave, our floors are also oak. I really like the grey shade, we had ours sanded and stained with a cherry tone to match the bazillion cabinets we have ordered.

    My contractor is really working my nerves- not communicating with the custom cabinet guys who he referred us to, filed permits for the work AFTER doing the work, which has us in limbo. Every day it seems there's more bad news delaying us. I have an yet to be diagnosed gastrointestinal issues and not having fresh food to make and eat is making life extra miserable. That combined with exposed walls and holes in the rec room ceiling to re-vent air ducts and the extended gas line...it's a lot for a first time home owner!

    That said, my custom hutch has room for a 24 inch wide wine fridge. However, that seems to be a rarity other than super expensive, like 2k ones. Any suggestions?

  4. These are the uncooked crackers as sold in my local supermarket (very occasionally). They are about 1 inch in diameter.




    And here they are cooked. 




    That said, few of my friends here in China know what they are, and I have never in 20 years been served them in any restaurant in China.


    Most people think prawn crackers are these.



    Thanks Liuzhou, the ones you made (or I'm assuming your made) look exactly like the ones I ate and loved. They would vary in colors, but other than that, are identical. It's funny how random food items from childhood have been impacted into my mind. Chinese food was a treat (my father isn't a fan) and because my birthday is St. Patricks day I never was able to enjoy a Chinese meal on my birthday due to my Irish family being stubborn about tradition (and I still loathe corn beef and cabbage to this day).

  5. While you are kitchen-less you might give some of the packaged ones that are ready to eat a try. Most Asian markets have a good variety at low prices. I'm partial to the taste of the Calbee brand. Here is a link to a Serious Eats taste test of some common ones http://www.seriouseats.com/2013/08/taste-test-asian-shrimp-lobster-crab-chips.html

    Thanks, that was very helpful! I will look for the Calbee brand at my local Asian grocery store.

    I will try my hand at making them, perhaps with a pre- made mix once I have a kitchen with walls and appliances! Although I think I will buy a deep fryer- I tend to be clumsy in general so a big pot of hot oil terrifies me.

  6. Growing up, my favorite, now closed Chinese place would send every delivery order with what I associate with my childhood- multi colored crisps that they called ' shrimp chips'. They were delectable pieces of crispiness that would melt in your mouth like a bit of the sea. In a rainbow of colors, white, pink, orange; the colors didn't change the taste. Unfortunately that Chinese restaurant has closed and none in my area offer these sweet yet savory treats. Does anyone have a solid online recommendation? I know they are loaded with MSG and salt but damn do I want some quality tasty chips!! Amazon wells a wide selection but I would like something simple and tasty and would buy in bulk.

    Any advice is very much appreciated. I cannot make my own as I do not even have a functioning kitchen as it is under construction.

  7. We have some potlucks coming up in the next couple of months, and the Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup that we prefer is not available, so I decided to make my own. One idea that I want to play with is infusing the milk or cream with mushroom flavor from dried mushrooms. Might that work by simply heating the dairy and adding dried mushroom pieces and letting them steep? Is there more to it than that? And just to be clear, the infusion would only be one step in the preparation ... Thanks!

    Why so secretive? Why not reveal your potluck recipe? I hardly think any of us would try to steal anything from you. The best way to get workable answers is giving full disclosure. Isn't sharing the point of this forum? That said I learned a ton from this thread so thanks!

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  8. I feel your pain, MetsFan5. Our kitchen remodeling was done in "record time" - meaning it only took 3 times as long as estimated - but we were very pleased with the final result. I bet you will be too...over and above the sheer relief of being done. :biggrin:

    I really, really hope so! Even just using the range to heat a can of soup at this point would be a huge deal! I'm starting to second guess my floor stain and cabinet color, granite slabs, you know when it's not around it just makes you crazy mentally! And then the huge task of cleaning every.single.piece. Of china and glassware and serving platters and all the nice things from our wedding we haven't touched? I need to make sure everything has a home!

  9. This was the ugly before state. We are using the cabinets and some of the granite for our mud/ laundry room. Why are my pictures upside down?! They're not when I view them otherwise. All these upside down pictures remind me of an episode of Weeds.


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  10. I know, hard to view. The neon chalk outlines show the gas cooktop, fridge, double ovens, dishwasher, etc. We have a lot of custom cherry wood cabinets plus a small narrow island. The paint job currently makes me nuts- I don't get the concept of a 'statement, wall or two. Light granite with ivory and gold tones, and a deep, grated sink.

    It's been a month with my kitchen looking like that. I am so sick of paper plates and plastic utensils- I'm going nuts. The room is long- about 26 ft but narrow, only 13 ft. We had the gas line extended from the garage as well. A large hutch will be home to a tv, with most of our wine glasses, a wine fridge, etc.

    Garbage disposals are illegal in our state hut everyone has one anyway. That's a way off.

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  11. The way I was able to hook up with this opportunity was because I "liked" this chain (small and local) on Facebook and explained I have a degree it Hotel & Restaurant management and works for some major Northern NJ restaurants. It's not through a third party. Although when I think back to my days at working in corporate restaurants, especially Bennigans, I tend to think it should take a minute or less for a server to greet you, another minute for water, five for either cocktails, a glass or bottler wine, etc. when it comes to food delivery time I am a lot more lax. Although I loathe having my appetizer/ salad course cleared and being given my entree in the next 30 seconds. People need to be permitted to digest without controlling their order by holding a menu and not ordering entrees until the first or second course arrives, I hate that.

  12. I have recently been asked to do a secret "shopper" review at a New Jersey bakery staple that has multiple restaurant locations.

    I am used to identifying service and food issues, without making a face, a scene, or even returning food. I am generally on watch to make sure specials are recited (if not an insert in the menu) with prices. Bottles of wine, should be the vintage year listed, otherwise I anticipate an reasoning to the change, but it still bugs me (as someone who spent hours changing leather bound 2lb wine lists daily at a former job). I also don't like when a server uses the table to open the wine, or, which happens all the time, gives my husband the taste of wine when I am the one ordering it. None of these things permit me from enjoying a meal, they are most likely, minor annoyances I file away, but in this case, I feel it is only fair to give a honest report and the owners and management can take or leave my opinions.

    If there are any chefs or restaurant managers or owners out there, I would love to know what feedback you would appreciate. Full disclosure, I am not being paid for this, have a gift certificate for $100 which I imagine we will exceed. It just interests me and lets me enjoy two things I love, eating and writing

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