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  1. Well, I’ve missed almost an entire section of this topic!  Just a combination of stuff got in the way.  Been out of town a LOT and am hoping to start cooking more and contributing here more, too!


    I couldn’t possibly mention all of the lovely dishes that made me hungry when I read back over the more-than-two-months that I’ve missed.  It took me THREE days and one day I actually used up all my allowed ‘likes’ (didn’t know THAT was even possible – another rule to learn :rolleyes: ) – so if your gorgeous and delicious meal is missing a ‘like’ from me, it’s not MY fault.


    We celebrated the 4th of July with friends and my contribution included Caroled’s baked beans (my new favorite method for quick beans):



    A few meals (prior to our Florida trip on the 15th)-


    Mr. Kim saw Jamie Deen make a steak salad with molasses marinated London Broil on TV one morning and had to give it a try.  Salad and crackers:



    London Broil:



    All together with some crumbled Bleu:



    And some corn:



    Another night Chicken Parm:




    Breakfast for dinner:


    Mushroom and cheese omelet and fried potatoes.


    We finally got some good tomatoes:


    (with marinated cukes).


    Chili dogs, beans and some of those tomatoes with mayo and LOTS of S&P:



    Another one - salad:



    Meatballs w/ gravy and rice:






    The only thing I’ve cooked since we got home from Florida last week – starting with the usual salad:



    Sausages, kraut, mac and cheese (packaged – it’s a comfort food, what can I say :blush: ), nice crusty sourdough roll and corn:


    The sausages were great – bratwurst and knockwurst from the meat case at Fresh Market.  The kraut was a little dull.  I should have known better.  It was in a jar and we always like the super sour kind in the can.  


    I won't ever apologize for serving too much summer corn and tomatoes, but maybe I need to find something other than salad to make with every meal.

    I'm jealous of the corn! Where in Fl did you go? I'm going to Marco Island Saturday for two weeks and looking forward to lots of fresh grouper.

    Your tomatoes look perfect! And, really, what's a summer meal without good corn? It's been not so great here in Nj so I am super envious of everyone's corn-centric meals!

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  2. I've never HAD to cook. My mother is first generation Italian and a decent cook. My dad mastered the grill. I studied Hotel & Restaurant Mgmt in college and worked in high end restaurants so I got used to eating very well.

    I don't really LOVE to cook; I get easily frustrated with failures that result in money and food tossed in the garbage. It's not so much the money as it is the waste of food. I can make a great sauce, a super lasagna, but I wouldn't say I enjoy cooking. I don't know why anyone would assume that's a given just because someone posts here. I love food, I love dining out, I love eating and I love learning. But I don't love cooking. Not yet. But I think I will get there.

    ETA- hoping to sneak past my pup recovering from surgery for- GASP- a corndog that I will dip in ketchup as a late night snack, or really, a delayed dinner.

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  3. Thanks for the Crepes-- I think it's my user error and not your directions! I also think, from previous posts, I had overblown expectations. Which is fine, the only way I will learn is by trying, and trying again. Much to my pups pleasure!

  4. Some folks like those very dark small bits; I'm not one of them. My smallest pieces are about the size of the largest ones in your picture. À chacun son goût, I guess. However, that doesn't address your sogginess problem.


    Two thoughts: Have you considered not washing it first? A crumbling head of cauli is probably past its prime; I'd try to find a fresher one. I don't know if that would contribute to the sogginess, but, as I said, it's just a thought.


    Other thoughts:


    Rather than slicing it across, I core it mercilessly from the bottom, then continue separating it into florets.


    Is your oven temp accurate?

    Actually, after testing the temperature after over an hour of having the cauliflower in, the temp turned out to be 412 and not 350 which is even more baffling. While I need to call my contractor who installed my ovens (he's on vacation for a month)- I will buy a cheap oven thermometer.

  5. Not so successful yet again. I'm so really confused as to why pieces browned up nicely yet were soggy. I dried the heads for a half hour, shook them vigorously, and used less than 2tbsp of olive oil. The oven was at 350 and I kept switching the sides, flipping the cauliflower and after over an hour, after picking at bits, this is what I got, after cranking the heat to 450 for 5 minutes.


    Luckily, the dog likes it. Some parts were, okay but not great. Most of the head crumbled badly. I have the other half, which is smaller pieces in my mixing bowl (I wanted to try one tray at a time) Nx have no idea what, if anything, to do with it. Sometimes I think I should just stick with what I know.

  6. I am not being snippy really! - but you have 14 pages of experience - they gave you no help?

    Well i don't have a mandolin slicer so I'm not really seeing exactly how to slice a crumbly head of cauliflower into thin slices without making a mess of the whole thing. But I can use google. They probably have more images.

    Also, while they gave me help, to the point where I tried and was halfway successful, the temperatures and times are widely varied.

    I'm not dumb but I'm not exactly an experienced home cook. I don't know how to take that comment except being snippy. I read all 14 pages prior to my last attempt. I thought the purpose of this place was one for suggestions and help.

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  7. I tried this recipe last weekend. I think a few things made it almost awesome,but not quite:

    - my oven temperature needs to be calibrated.

    - I didn't slice the cauliflower thinly, I just broke off florets. How would one go about cutting a head of cauliflower relatively thinly?

    - I washed the cauliflower and it seems I didn't allow for enough time for it to completely dry.

    - I got a bit slap happy with the oil once the cauliflower was on the cookie sheet. A bit too oily.

    The smaller pieces were pure perfection, crispy, caramelized, just shockingly good. My husband and I kept snatching up the tiny browned bits. Better than popcorn.

    It also took longer than anticipated. Does anyone have any other tips? I just got another head and really want all of it to be as amazing as the smaller pieces.

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  8. Dinner was an exaltation of my very own tomatoes and cucumber, with a particularly nice baguette.  I had thought about hamburger but that was not about to happen.

    That sounds perfect. It's way too hot to imagine grilling.

  9. Bacon brushed with maple syrup, zucchini pancakes, baked tomatoes from the garden and microwave scrambled eggsattachicon.gifDSC00940.JPG

    Yum! I really need to try making zucchini pancakes! I also dip my bacon and sausage into syrup. My husband thinks I'm nuts but I love that salty and sweet flavor.

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  10. Dinner, I fear, was not all that patriotic.  Sexpartitioned Campari tomatoes, product of Canada.  Pepper, Ancient Sweet, product of Canada.  But cucumber, product of my own balcony.  Really, really good, possibly my best cucumber ever.  And at least there has been a lull in the fighting along the border.


    French cheese and a day old baguette.  French is not always all that patriotic in this country but is this time of year.  Particularly since I live along a National Historic Tail thanks to Rochambeau marching his army past my apartment complex on his way from the French encampment at Liberty Corner to meet up with general Washington.  I hear it was a big deal in town.


    I wanted a sweet beverage to go with grilled chicken and barbeque sauce, so I chose funny bubbles.  Amusing, but a bit too sweet, so I recarbonated with CO2 to give it a little bite.

    We did sweet Italian sausages on the BGE with baked potatoes and Marsala wine sautéed mushrooms. We live where Washington made his HQ in the winter, there's a lot of events panned but the forecast is rain. I'm going to try searing scallops for the first time with a pan sauce of butter, capers and white wine.

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  11. In my experience, after moving out, I took things my parents didn't need and bought things on an as needed basis, based on my interest and ability of cooking. I lived with roommates and we taught each other our recipes over time, and eventually when I got married, the bulk of my kitchen items were either gifts of purchased by my husband and I. Start off small. If you anticipate moving, be cognizant of how much you accumulate

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  12. For some reason this site has me ready to purchase a lot of things. I first found it when my California born and raised husband kept talking about missing something called "it's It's " I googled it, and was directed to goldbelly.com.

    We have a fairly large freezer left my the previous owners and it's been hot in the NYC area. I figured my husband deserved a taste of his favorite San Fran snack and bought a mix of mint and vanilla ice cream, then my eyes kept wandering so I added Lou Malinatti's sausage pies as my husband enjoyed them when we were in Chicago. Since I was placing a decent order I added two racks of Lou's BBQ ribs, they were decently priced. Some of the items sell out really fast, some as a NJ native I wouldn't particularly pay for as a good sloppy joe is not regulated to one place. Has anyone else used them? I have visions of us eating various It's it's on our deck with the puppy licking up the melted ice cream.

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  13. A three and a half lb whole paycheck chicken done on the BGE, beer can style. A can of Sam Summer Ale, lemons and the BGE chicken seasoning which I tasted and liked before it was rubbed down. Such fun in torrential down pours that even the dog was disinterested (I definitely gave her three bites of left over steak for being so calm while we ate) juicy chicken and good corn- I was shocked that my husband found good corn. Tons of mosquito bites and two changes of clothes thanks to the rain, but dinner was awesome

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  14. I wish I took a picture! NY strip steaks from Whole Paycheck- but my husband just bought a large big green egg and a millions accessories, since he did tours in Europe when he lived there he's a bit of an expert, the pup and I just say back and dozed off. Although the pup got her first taste of steak and went crazy., she is so our dog.

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