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  1. rustwood

    Ramps: The Topic

    Have you tried it yet? I made it yesterday. It smells good, but I tried it on my eggs this morning and I can't say I could taste it. Perhaps I need to be a little more heavy handed with it, or I could still be blown out from the smell that filled the house yesterday. BTW, I ate some sauteed ramps with my eggs yesterday morning, set the ramp salt to dry in the toaster oven, then after a while went out to run an errand. When I got back into my car, it smelled like a bag of everything bagels but I think it was just my lingering odor (or perhaps my clothes). I guess the smell com
  2. This is true, although I am sure I am conflating the saltiness and the overall flavor to some extent. That's especially hard to avoid with country ham since the salt is such a big component. Breakfast is over now (yum!), but I should try adding some next time. It seems so obvious now that you've said it, but this is the first time I've had the slightest temptation to add salt to country ham. Thanks.
  3. When I saw this, I wondered if she was the cookbook editor that Dave, and perhaps others, were raving about on a show just couple of months or so ago. I am a little behind on my episodes, but I guess I will find out soon. Then again, it sounds like they had quite an episode this week so I may have to listen out of order.
  4. It varied. I'd say for me, the outside 20% or so of the cut edges weren't salty enough. The inner parts were good though. Of course it is all relative. I am at this moment eating some of the outer edge and while it isn't quite as flavorful what I expect for country ham, it is still a tasty side for my eggs and toast.
  5. Coincidentally, hours before yesterday's posts, I had started soaking a good-sized chunk of country ham (dry cured, not smoked - the hard, super salty ham). It was too late to start cooking it by the time I got back to it, so it stayed in the fridge overnight. This morning I drained it, put it in a bag, set the bag inside my mostly empty SV bath, filled the bag with water, finished filling the bath, then cooked it at 150 degrees for 8 hours. I've had good results cooking city-ham in cryovac packaging, so I thought I'd try a variation of it with country ham. It came out with a ve
  6. I think it would give some useful perspective if you could share more info on what sizes/types of smokers and grills you already have. I have a standard 18" Vision (similar to the classic Kamado Joe and BGE) and although I've often thought it might be nice to add a smaller kamado, I haven't done it because I just don't see the point. If I am going to do a long smoke, I want plenty of room. If I am just grilling, if anything I tend to wish I had more room - especially with veggies. Most of my grilling is l for just two of us. I start a half chimney of charcoal while I am preppin
  7. They look great. After I asked about the sequence, I saw your post about them in the sous vide thread. So there was no finishing other than the pre-sear?
  8. Like cheese dip or a dipping sauce for ham? Details/recipe please!
  9. Thanks Rotus and Kayb for the feedback. I suspected that was the way to go, but I wasn't sure and didn't want to ruin any of it - nor get sick. Point taken on the meal-sized packages. I may cut it in smaller portions than I initially had in mind.
  10. I recently I found myself within range of Hemp's Meats in Jefferson Maryland. In a moment of unbridled enthusiasm, I bought an 18 lb unsmoked country ham. It is definitely a dry cured country ham, just a very big one. The cut edge is hard and dry as one would expect. In their shop the hams are just hanging on hooks on the wall - no paper, no cloth, no netting. There isn't any packaging or labeling either. It was just put in an open plastic bag for transport. I have it (mostly) wrapped in a tea towel and a paper bag right now. I've never been there before, but I had read at least one en
  11. Do you mean the iSi slim silicone? If so I totally agree, but I think it may have been discontinued. I've wanted to get another one for a year or so now. It wasn't on their website when I checked a while back.
  12. We finally finished (mostly) our long delayed kitchen renovation at the end of June and had a suite of Bosch appliances installed. Now that we've had them for a few months, I thought I'd post my impressions of them so far. Slide in induction range (HII8056U) - we had long planned to have a gas line run for our range, but we opted for an induction range instead and we have no regrets. It does make some noise in our usually very quiet kitchen, but most of the time it isn't very loud. It is quite loud when using the speed boost setting though, in part because a fan blower sometimes
  13. Glenn, I imagine you have bought something by now but I have an update on our kettle. We have noticed that if we aren't careful to ensure that the lid is firmly in place, steam will escape around the lid and the handle will get hot to the touch. At this point I don't know if we have been a little more careless with the lid or if it is getting harder to make it seal tightly.
  14. It has a rather loud/shrill whistle so I always pick it up as quickly as I possibly can, before I even turn off the burner - so no delay at all. Maybe if you let it go on whistling for a while the handle might start to get warm. It also could depend on how full the pot is. It is plenty big for my needs so I rarely fill it more than 2/3 full.
  15. Glen, I have no idea what the bit about the 30-60 second wait on the handle is about - was that from a review? It whistles, I pick it up bare handed and I've never even noticed it was warm. Yes, the infusers are for loose tea. They don't look bad so I threw them in a drawer instead of the trash.
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