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  1. Inspired by Shelby's work in this thread I undertook to make some English muffins using the Reinhardt recipe. This is the second batch as the first batch of 6 last night was no match for us. Recipe is simple and killer. I'd like to see more nooks and crannies, so will try with higher hydration.
  2. Dcarch brings the on topic thunder. Nice post.
  3. Kostbill if I understand your post right your problem is probably that your grinder has an "output tube" attached. This is a sausage stuffing attachment and pushing mince through one of these with an auger is a typical cause of smear. Try grinding without the tube into a bowl.
  4. Yeah that sounds like a grinder problem. Are you sure you're assembling it correctly? Running mince back through the grinder is a typical technique for sausage making and it probably wouldn't help your product if it's smearing even on the first pass.
  5. The only cut up chicken I remember seeing recently was at Safeway and appeared to be packaged at the foster farms chicken factory so its provenance was dubious at best Once you learn to fabricate a chicken though it really only takes about 90 seconds.
  6. Oak is my favorite too and I just happen to have a giant white one in my back yard.
  7. No you can use "garnish" for most BBQ societies, what you can't do is submit a marked box. So, your meticulous putting green of curly parsley on romaine struts will score better for appearance (and subconsciously maybe taste and texture) than the competitor who haphazardly tosses two sprigs of parsley in the box. Sorry for launching and fueling the competition derail But back to the topic at hand, let's talk about cooking brisket. If we're talking about texas BBQ it's gotta be mesquite, right? Beef can take a lot of smoke. So for example in a WSM smoker you could get away with a log or two of smoke wood, or 6-10 smoke wood chunks dispersed throughout your fuel. Or if you take the time to let it burn down to embers, you could use a solely hardwood fire SpaghettiWestern, is the level of smoke that you're looking for in Texas brisket like what you'd get on a hardwood open pit? What flavors besides beef, salt, and smoke do you look for?
  8. Technically garnish isn't supposed to affect your score wink wink
  9. I'll have to buy some beef to test if I think meat cures at a .7% salt level during a SV cook. I understand the science behind this concept but does it really happen in the time it takes to pasteurize 1" patties?
  10. Paul why not pre salt the meat immediately before grinding? If it's minimally handled after grinding before shaping the myosin shouldn't develop too much. And this will give you a very uniform distribution.
  11. Well there are different sanctioning bodies and judges are necessarily fairly local to each competition so in theory the arbitrary standard has regional variations, if that helps assuage your concerns.
  12. Pressure frying in a non pressure frier is decidedly not a good idea.
  13. Right you're cooking to an arbitrary standard, not what you think is best to eat. That's probably the hardest part.
  14. For money. Community. Laughs with friends. Something to do.
  15. Food seems 1.5 to double priced on amazon to me. For example three 28 oz bottles of sriracha are 18 bucks compared to 10 at restaurant depot. 00 type flour is another item that feels way over priced at about 3.50lb. But it is very nice to get prime shipping on specialty items like for meat processing or baking.
  16. Thanks JoNW, I don't see a lot of info as to typical accompaniments to club sandwiches in this thread or otherwise. If I had to guess most common id probably say fried potatoes.
  17. For all the back and forth about sandwich contents I haven't seen anyone mention what I consider to be a vital element: a large, cold, quarter or two of a crunchy dill pickle. On the side. For eating between club triangles.
  18. I've been subscribing for years and never bother to cancel my auto renewal. It's a fairly expensive 20 minutes of mild entertainment 6x per year. It's incredibly repetitive but the recipes we have tried have over 90% success rate so I keep all my back issues. I have quite the collection now and would probably never buy a compilation book as I wouldn't expect it to contain anything new except an index.
  19. Deryn with all that in mind it's ok to have your venting go sideways or down or wherever but my point was try to put a capture hood above the cooktop as it will work the best.
  20. Downdraft will work better for induction than conventional heat sources but is still a pale substitute for the mechanical capture ability of a properly sized hood above re cooking area. The hot effluent from your pan will always rise and that is what you are most concerned with capturing. If the hood is too small to capture that column of areosolized grease or underpowered to pull it out of the capture area before it escapes, the effluent goes in your kitchen. Down drafts don't mechanically capture the column so they have to pull really hard whether or not you have induction. Most downdrafts don't pull that hard or even as hard as cheaper overhead vents.
  21. Nabbed these for a buck each right on my way to work one Friday this year.
  22. This is normal - you get moisture and gelatin from the meat. You can use it to make a sauce, but proteins in the liquid will coagulate during cooking. Some people strain them, some people don't.
  23. The gelatin makes it unctuous. Maybe that's the word you looking for gfweb. Or maybe that word belongs in the culinary words that need to die thread.
  24. Dave W

    Dinner 2014 (Part 7)

    Huiray you post so good. Dejah that sesame chicken looks perfect!
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