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    Preserved Lemons

    I've got some embarassingly old (3 years+) preserved lemons where the brine has turned very dark, amber in color. There's no mold in the jars and the lemons are submerged. Safe to use? Start over?
  2. I've made neither. But I shall try to make the congee soon if not the seitan.
  3. Costco bulk iqf chicken breasts at my store are 1.99lb which is about conventional fresh boneless thigh/organic factory farm (Coleman) fresh whole chicken price
  4. A green side dish I've made in the past that people tend to like is from Jacques pepin: sautéed lettuce packets. Get Boston Bibb or similar lettuce and slice whole heads in half. Boil in salted water until cooked, a couple minutes. Drain, allow to cool, fold into triangles and sautée in plenty of butter after seasoning. You could put some bread or cheese in the middle if you like but they're delicious.
  5. I made a riff on tartine morning buns 56% hydrated dough, 500g flour, laminated with 1 stick butter Filling is just sugar and cinnamon. Dusted with more brown sugar and some turbinado after baking.
  6. Well it's aggressive not atomic. I think roasted jalapeños are plenty hot. The aggression is also from the garlic, raw shallot, cumin and salt. I try to keep them all aggressively balanced. Use a mortar on your cilantro and cumin and garlic and hot pepper but not the onions.
  7. I make my stocks heavily concentrated with just meaty bones, blanched, and water. Sometimes onion but not usually. I prefer to have the flexibility to season any dish as Italian, Mexican, Thai, or French as necessary. I've not noticed any shallowness of flavor by omitting aromatics from the first stock. And any loss of convenience I get from having to season each new dish fully is for me made up by the flexibility of having frozen blocks of our chicken gelatin at hand for any use. A tip I picked up from this forum was to try pressure cooking your stock bones with very little to no water. The resultant stock is so rich it's usefulness is measured in tablespoons.
  8. Hi , I'm excited to participate. I'm an avid home chef, part time caterer, amateur sausage maker, BBQ competitor , forum poster and novice baker. I like: Aggressive guacamole Cold smoke Hot smoke Home dried sausages Fermentation Gluten Schmaltz with potatoes American food Southeast Asian food Filled dough Making every. thing. from scratch. Love this forum. Hope I can learn lots more here and contribute some of my own knowledge. I've got myself a 25# sack of bread flour, bones in my freezer and a big oven. Baking and soup season has begun.
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