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  1. Nabbed these for a buck each right on my way to work one Friday this year.
  2. This is normal - you get moisture and gelatin from the meat. You can use it to make a sauce, but proteins in the liquid will coagulate during cooking. Some people strain them, some people don't.
  3. The gelatin makes it unctuous. Maybe that's the word you looking for gfweb. Or maybe that word belongs in the culinary words that need to die thread.
  4. Dave W

    Dinner 2014 (Part 7)

    Huiray you post so good. Dejah that sesame chicken looks perfect!
  5. Dave W

    Dinner 2014 (Part 7)

    Frittatta or tortilla? What's the difference?
  6. Dave W

    Dinner 2014 (Part 7)

    Mussaman curry with beef chuck and fresh squeezed coconut milk, cooked in the PC.
  7. It could be any Saturday rotuts. I do enjoy elk for sure it has a gamy pungency that begs to be paired with bold assertive umami heavy flavors. Plus it is an excuse to push my steaks to beef-unfriendly levels of rareness. I have some hunter friends and so am lucky to receive elk meat in barter for sausage making and drying services (although the one whose salami failed has never returned any meat to me; I hope he enjoyed the bratwursts). There is also a local butcher that sells elk meat but the prices are quite deer. One time he sold me some elk ribs which I rubbed and smoked over charcoal and then finished on a hot GAS grill with a sauce glaze. I hope that doesn't disqualify it from being BBQ. If colorado did .25 billion in pot sales in 2014 I'd estimate you wouldn't have been the only person bringing "that" back to your home state.
  8. would you come for a BBQ on Saturday I'm gonna grill some Korean BBQ Kalbi on my weber kettle BBQ grill LOLOLOLOL
  9. Dave W

    Breakfast! 2014

    Two adults and a toddler and the toddler agreed: more sausage!
  10. I compost and recycle and grow my own vegetables, and do pretty well about not letting things go to waste so I feel ok about that part. But again I live in suburban USA and excessive food packaging from normal food sources is nearly unavoidable. And I eat beef so almost by rule my kitchen isn't green on balance.
  11. Dave W


    Great sour addition to homemade BBQ sauce And of course, pad thai!
  12. Dave W

    Breakfast! 2014

    Nothing too fancy here but I did make the sage breakfast sausage this morning
  13. Isn't this the point of a lifetime warranty?
  14. I don't know what Salumi recommends or what your conditions are but you can lower the RH at this stage to 60-65% rh to get to the final weight. I've toured a commercial operation that finished their products at lower humidity for the final stage.
  15. Pancetta for cooking would be fine at 25% loss but lonza for slicing and serving raw I'm not quite so sure. How does the meat feel when you squeeze it? I tend to go by firmness for whole muscle cures but funny enough it usually only feels firm enough to me once it is <65% raw weight.
  16. Meat curing and sausage making and well even BBQ as you know mesh well with engineer skills of planning, measurement, and note taking so good luck with your membership and I'll see you in the forums.
  17. In cold smoke? Interesting, I put my bacon through twenty four hours of cold smoke in three sessions. It's like spray paint, you can't force it on.
  18. Look into Venturi style cold smoke generators, you need much much longer than 1-2 hours in the cold smoke for many applications such as bacon or some sausages. Edit to add and as you saw a soldering iron is unreliable at best.
  19. Foiling raises the relative humidity of the cooking environment to 100% and therefore prevents evaporative cooling of the meat, which is the cause of the "stall".
  20. Excuse my ignorance but does hard anodized aluminum nonstick (eg calphalon, analon pans) contain PTFE? And if not wouldn't that be a decent solution?
  21. Beautiful pork! Just a great example of the tenderness equation being time-at-temperature rather than only final temperature.
  22. Carbon steel or cast iron is the answer here.
  23. Djyee you're suffering from a foundational misunderstanding here. Lean pork as described in your post is not the same as tough pork you would find in a shoulder. That meat is not "tender" by any measure unless you tenderize it mechanically (grinding) or by cooking. Torolover if the meat shredded easily but was dry it's overcooked. If it didn't fall apart but was dry it's undercooked, and the gelatin hasn't rendered fully to release it's moisture. BBQ shredded pork as noted above is effectively what you're dealing with here and unlike lean pork or steaks it's not as simple of an equation as internal temperature. You wrote it was heritage pork which could mean different thing depending on the breed. But most heritage pork is fattier than commercial pork rather than leaner. A final possibility is that you got a cut other than shoulder that was mislabeled. Even the shoulder picnic for example dries out easier than the shoulder butt.
  24. Id be surprised if anyone told you it looks safe to proceed. It doesn't to me.
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