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  1. Made this sourdough whole wheat boule for Thanksgiving today Cold autolyzed, fermented and proofed. Dutch oven.
  2. Dave W

    Half a Hog Fall 2014

    You might be able to dry it with no skin just the same. Or if you don't want to try that, you could use the nice lean ham meat with cubes back fat for beautiful, high definition salumi.
  3. Yeah living in CO dehumidification is really never an issue for me. So far anyway. That humidifier does take up a good couple cubic feet in my chamber though and it's locally way more humid right next to it. I agree with you regarding rogue mold hiding in your fridge. Innoculate with healthy mold for a few generations, control your environment, never sweat it again. Dcarch I think that's pretty cool that you've got a cold smoker set up inside somewhere. I'm fairly sure my wife would actually kill me if I did that.
  4. This is a very cool build Chris it makes my converted wine fridge look kludgy. Do you see a lot of benefit from having the humidifier external to the chamber? I have my ultrasonic humidifier in the chamber and I get concerned about mildew, or eventual damage to the electronics.
  5. Brisket on the other hand has loads and loads of fat and collagen that will moisturize it if handled properly. There's a reason that BBQ brisket flat can be juicier than any tender cuts even at internal temperatures over 200F. Edit: tough meats like this can benefit from a variety of time temp combinations as you saw on the blogosphere. If you're really looking for pink color then stay below 60C and 24-36h as a guideline. I've found longer than that can get mealy with even the toughest cuts like chuck.
  6. Eye of round isn't a tough protein. It's a tender protein that overcooks easily. If I were to SV that meat id apply salt no more than 2 days before, then cook at 55c for core temp and not for extended tenderization. But really id prefer to make eye of round into bresaola or jerky, it's just difficult to work with generally.
  7. OP do you see any fusion/muddling of the different regional styles you describe when the food is exported to other cultures? There's not a lot of awareness of different regional traditions in India in the USA, all Indian food is lumped into one category. I wonder if the desire to increase sales forces Indian chefs to present the highlights of various regions which leads to uncommon (for an Indian) pairings. For example, I can't imagine it would be typical to see a tandoori grilled chicken served at the same meal where a lentil dal was the star. But in the USA that variety is almost expected.
  8. Well if you're stuck on cooking the milk conventionally you could try sous vide milk for a couple days below boiling. I know ideas in food caramelized yogurt like this. Or, get an induction burner with temperature settings and robot pot stirrer.
  9. What Chris said. I think you could do it even faster in a pressure cooker.
  10. I broke down a thanksgiving priced turkey today and am roasting the carcass for stock now. Will try to reduce some of the stock to glacé consistency and use this for cream biscuits, maybe with buttermilk powder if I can get out for some. I will also add sage and celery seed, as suggested above. Thanks for the ideas everyone.
  11. Thanks norm that sounds worth a try, I should try not to be beholden to the original ingredients list if I can achieve the result I'm looking for with another method.
  12. Thanks for the advice I know it will be useful next time I make C&D BUT I was looking for some help with a concept dish : I'm trying to make baked buttermillk biscuits that taste like C&D soup dumplings, by altering the ratios That is: In C&D you'd make your biscuit topping with flour, buttermilk, baking powder, seasoning, and boil it in chicken soup. I'm trying ot make a DRY biscuit that is baked with the flavors of C&D incorporated - so, flour, baking powder, buttermilk, butter, schmaltz, and chicken seasoning xyz There's no problems with dumplings dropped in chicken soup tasting like chicken, it was only described in the OP by way of introduction.
  13. After a recent chicken and dumplings where the dumplings completely disintegrated I ate the resultant chicken porridge and I imagined that it could work as a baked biscuit using the soup for hydration. I used some heavily reduced double chicken stock for half of the buttermilk in my normal biscuits recipe and schmaltz in place of butter. Also tried adding some chives and parsley like I would add to the dumplings in soup. Still I find the flavor of chicken and dumplings lacks, it just tastes like a faintly chickeny buttermilk biscuit. Sorry no pics but you know what biscuits look like right? So what am missing? Do I need to use chicken glacé? Must I add better than bullion? Chicken frosting? Any modernist techniques I could use?
  14. What are the benefits of using a bowl like this over any other glass or steel mixing bowl?
  15. My kids are much younger but it would seem that modular dinners with hot and cold elements would work well. A taco or sandwich bar could stay covered with ingredients at room temperature for hours. Warm meats or cheese sauce or whatever could hold in a crock pot or microwave per serving. Various food preferences can be served in this fashion too. Otherwise id say your best investment in getting meals cranked out quickly is a pressure Cooker.
  16. Dave W

    Bottle brush

    I've found that the cleaning section of a hardware store is a good place for finding bottle brushes.
  17. Sugar is a pretty important component of most BBQ sauce (and rub) styles. As you saw during your search there's few HFCS free and even fewer sugarless BBQ sauces available on the market because quite frankly they wouldn't sell. Bone suckin sauce is great though. For a home remedy a simple butter mustard salt Worcester vinegar finishing sauce might fit your bill. You can find a recipe for one on the weber forum if you search for "K Kreuger finishing sauce"
  18. Internal temp should be the same as other frittattae, you're still cooking the eggs and not the other ingredients.
  19. Dave W

    Preserved Lemons

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll make use of them soon.
  20. Dave W

    Preserved Lemons

    They were never refrigerated. They smell deep and lemony. The second layer is the same color.
  21. Dave W

    Preserved Lemons

    I've got some embarassingly old (3 years+) preserved lemons where the brine has turned very dark, amber in color. There's no mold in the jars and the lemons are submerged. Safe to use? Start over?
  22. I've made neither. But I shall try to make the congee soon if not the seitan.
  23. Costco bulk iqf chicken breasts at my store are 1.99lb which is about conventional fresh boneless thigh/organic factory farm (Coleman) fresh whole chicken price
  24. A green side dish I've made in the past that people tend to like is from Jacques pepin: sautéed lettuce packets. Get Boston Bibb or similar lettuce and slice whole heads in half. Boil in salted water until cooked, a couple minutes. Drain, allow to cool, fold into triangles and sautée in plenty of butter after seasoning. You could put some bread or cheese in the middle if you like but they're delicious.
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