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  1. Sous Vide Garlic

    Yeah this
  2. Too-thin porkchops

    I understand there is almost zero incidence of trichinae in the US commercial pork supply. To OP, with such thin chops I would slice, velvet then cook in a stir fry.
  3. Can we talk a little more about the egg bites? I just bought 12 half pint jars to make these for next week. I'm reading that 68F is a desirable temperature. Once pasteurized what's the shelf life for these in sealed mason jars at 35F?
  4. Bangers and mash

    Cumberland sausage, onion gravy, mash. Hard to beat. Who knows if Costco bangers are authentic. Called bangers because of large rusk content causing them to split easily during cooking.
  5. But what about the problem with conventionally cooked steaks not pasteurizing the interior either? The issue isn't sous vide.
  6. Yes I understand what blade tenderizing means. That's what I meant when I said it doesn't matter if the meat is minced when you pasteurize it, because you can pasteurize to the core as paulraphael also notes.
  7. Why would tenderized meat preclude SV? If you're dancing in safe temperatures and pasteurization curves it shouldn't matter if it was minced, no? and if you're worried about non pasteurized steaks in short SV cooks how is it too different from conventionally cooked meat that doesn't reach pasteur's temps or times?
  8. The Bread Topic (2016-)

    Sunday bagels here
  9. The Bread Topic (2016-)

    Sourdough with garlic sautéed mushrooms, pecorino Romano and sharp cheddar. Levain, bread and all purpose flour, water and salt comprise the dough. I sprayed with water before baking uncovered on a preheated steel griddle 450F. Delicious! Any tips for making my crust more glossy rather than matte?
  10. Just get some vintage cast iron with machined smooth finish. My Wagners are as nonstick as any PTFE or anodized aluminum. Same as my cast iron wok.
  11. Advice: Braising in Smoker?

    Excuse me for nitpicking but this isn't accurate. Smoke particles will continue to adsorb to the surface of the meat so long as both are present. The chemical reaction that creates a pink smoke ring ceases above ~140F, so smoke ring formation stops after a couple hours but smoke flavor will continue to build.
  12. Chipotle's Mexican Grill

    CMG is fine I guess, I usually only hit them up when I have a 2/1 coupon and then I can get 2400 middle of the road Mexican tasting calories for my $9 purchase.
  13. Advice: Braising in Smoker?

    The quintessential smoked BBQ beans catching drippings from a nearly finished pork shoulder should be tried too.
  14. Advice: Braising in Smoker?

    Braising in your smoker works great especially with disposable pans because of the smoke soiling the vessel as mentioned above. Mature charcoal fires generate negligible airborne ash and you can keep the smoke under control too. The food including liquid will pick up smoke flavor, so take it easy on the smoke wood. Or, if you cover the pan it's equivalent to using an oven so smoke the meat naked for a while first for maillard.
  15. I used to serve here and this dish was not on the menu in 2004. Seemingly any dish developed after 1975 wasn't, either. Good to see they're moving on. The 30 hour 54.8c chuck steaks came out poorly, not quite super tender but neither were they juicy. Drying a sous vide steak uncovered on a rack in the fridge for a day can help get you an out of this world crust though.