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  1. Moving on from the wine issue - the web price versus the price on the menu at the restaurant is a bit of a pet peeve of mine. In this case, the differences were quite huge. (FWIW, the prices have now been removed from their website.) the menu . Food sounds good though.
  2. Samantha, I HATE to tell YOU, but caps lock doesn't really add anything to your argument. as for your argument, if in your overly dramatic (imo) manner you consider this point to be service failure, thats fine. Do you really think though, that it would be considered total, unredeemable, irreconciled service failure by a majority of people? it's a minor point and hardly worth bringing to the nations attention ← Scott - one attepmted pour would be forgivable, 2 irksome but forgetful, 3 an irritation. 4 - yep - I'd be really pissed off. I've done a straw poll of my office and they agree. I work in the service industry and this breakdown would not be acceptable especially for a VIP. It's good that we've all got our own opinions. FWIW - I think that Jay's well written and thoughtful review would have drawn no attention at all if it had not been pulled to the front of house by Andy Lynes. Suzi, you've encouraged people to come to this thread via the media update - (IMHO) it's a bit rich that because it's not going to EG's liking so you want it stopped now. If possible, please leave this post up. (edited if you wish) Thank you. Edit Disclosure - Name clarification
  3. Matt and Scott and Andy - YOU ARE ALL MISSING THE POINT. Jay and Gary made a request, whether it was petty, not to you liking, or whatever - HE MADE A REQUEST. THAT (IMHO reasonable) REQUEST WAS NOT MET ON 4 (FOUR) OCCASIONS. I would be pissed off too, and service failure - to me- would be an integral part of the meal experience.
  4. Rather than simply say that he wanted to pour the wine himself, he could have explained his reasons to the staff and given them the chance of providing the service he really wanted, which is to have the bottle of wine poured equally between himself and his guest. ← But Why????? It was a simple customer request. He shouldn't have to explain himself.
  5. That's my point. ← To quote Jay Rayner - That's total Bollocks Andy and you know it. Edit - spelt Jay's name wrong
  6. Why?? Surely everytime you eat in a restaurant you are testing it...It's all about testing! ← What a terrifyingly joyless notion. ← Please expand Andy. I'm not sure what your point is?
  7. Why?? Surely everytime you eat in a restaurant you are testing it. Can the chef cook? Can the sommelier pick a good wine? Are the wait staff any cop? It's all about testing! What are Michelin, GM et al doing when they are reviewing a restaurant? They are TESTING it.
  8. I second (or is that third?) Jays and Basil Dogs opinion. At 90 quid a head (or any amount for that matter), if I say I want to pour the wine, then I, er, want to pour the wine. No questions asked. It's about preferences.
  9. i'll be there then, table of 5, come and say hello! cheers gary ← 1 bird, 4 geezers - you won't be able to miss us.
  10. I think it sounds quite yummy. That an a nice hot chocolate. mmmm. I Like ABP.
  11. That's just plain hilarious. But then again, GM has praised a restaurant in France (2 years running) for it's stunning terrace.( The restaurant in question does not have a terrace . and has told GM twice of such fact) I also find it highly amusing that Tom Aitkens gets 18.
  12. I've only one at present although in the past I've had as many as four. ← 1 woman . Why is this?
  13. Duran Duran, The Reflex. What do I win? Dinner at one of the places at which you ate during your four free days!? ← correct! glad to see another 80's kid out there, just watching simple minds from live aid at the minute, they ROCK! and yes! cheers gary ← Duran Duran - Best group bar none. Scott F got me 2 concert tickets for Christmas. (Where I will eat a Birmingham City FC Pie - to keep it on topic.)
  14. I'd urge the UKer's to make their donations to Doctors without Borders as the donation is made in US dollars making the £ go further. It's also good to see that pim's blog has made the BBC.Blogtastic
  15. Au Petit Riche - Paris Jean-Georges - NYC DB Moderne - NYC Going to Chapter One for Xmas Eve
  16. I seem to remember Andy having "a thing" for Harvesters. ;-)
  17. The "50 Thing's" program has got to be the biggest waste of an hour of my life. I bloody hate that twat Ainsley. I want my money back from the BBC.
  18. why anthony's is a million times better than the fat duck part 87! 'Cos it pisses all over it
  19. Dinner as previously mentioned at the end of last week. We opted for the surprise menu. We started with canapés of Cheese puffs and assorted bon bons with cheese and ham, garlic mushroom and black olive fillings. Somehow I missed the black olive one, but Scott seemed to enjoy it! The following menu is as supplied by Claire at the end of our meal, specially printed and bound into the traditional Hibiscus folder. Chilled Butternut Squash & Kumquat Soda. Carpaccio of Scottish scallops, Black Mouli, Autumn truffle and Almond Oil. (as Bapi mentions - SEX ON A PLATE) Roast Langoustine tails, Parsley root puree, Buckwheat cream, Alba Truffle Poached Cod, Fennel puree, Salad of fennel and limequat, Parmesan and Truffle Cream. John Dory braised in coffee and cardamon, Spiced quince, Buttered savoy cabbage. Veal sweetbreads, Chestnut crust, Chestnut and caper sauce, Smoked butter. (MORE SEX) Savoury ice cream of Foie gras, Warm emulsion of brioche, Balsamic caramel. Roast Ludlow hare, Smoked Chocolate, Chervil Root, Butternut squash. (This dish is not on the menu, and was only served to us.) Plate of English cheese, Beetroot, orange and shallot chutney. Bramley apple puree, Sweet celeriac jelly, Chestnut cream. Petit pot of burnt milk, Warm banana yoghurt, Jesuit biscuit. Meal started at 8.00 and we were last to leave at around 1.30, only after Claude had thoroughly examined our photos from Anthony’s and Barcelona. A wonderful evening with perfect service. PS; we also found out that Claire and Claude are of the absolute belief that Gary Marshall is Bapi's manservant. PPS; Bapi did not leave us any champagne credits from the week before.
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