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  1. Thanks Corinna. For me, I found Con Roca strides ahead of Con Fabes for service and food. Saying that, the most stellar meal (food and service, not including wines) I've had Spain side was in Abac in Barcelona, and that's amazingly only 1*!
  2. Corrina, out of curiosity, did you consider your experience at Con Fabes to be 3*?
  3. Was this the same macaroni dish that I posted a photo of upthread? Given the time between now and then, I doubt it, but that was a phenomenal dish. ← We too were here recently, so presume we had the same macaroni dish as SamanthaF. It wasn't the same as yours Doc, it was called 'macarrones salteados con jugo de trufas', which was baby octapus with large macaroni in a coral coloured, buttery sauce with parsley, served in the pan. I don't remember the macaroni being crispy in the way you described. But it was sublime. ← This was the one! (Don't forget the bits of ham/bacon in the pan.) I'd go as far as saying that this is probably the best pasta dish I have ever had.
  4. mmmm..I think it was possibly a texture/tempreture thing. I didn't like the feel of it in my mouth or the flavour combination. This was (for me) the only bum note in a stellar evening.
  5. That pretty much sums up what we had. The egg dish was not liked by most of the table. The soup was amazing.
  6. Are you drawing a direct correlation between the ability to critique restaurants and the ability to cook? Down yonder path lies the dark side... ← I have no idea of Ms. Maschlers cooking ability - I just don't think she is a particularly good critic, let alone "most experienced". The point she is making though is very correct - everybody should eat freshly picked asparagus. Best pick to pot I've managed is 15 minutes.
  7. I had the lamb chop dish in Dec 04, and although it was fine ( I really do like WD-50) I couldn't help but think they were really "old" lamb due to the size of them. Slightly tougher than the English and Welsh chops that we enjoy.
  8. Let me get this right. Is this place a fishmonger or deli or game seller? Fish, duck and soup - I'm a wee bit confused. Sounds nice whatever it is.
  9. I'm suprised at how many of these I've already done. But..... 22) Eat the first asparagus We are not talking about the bargain-basement Spanish stu. here, and certainly not the thick 'porn-star' Californian spears either, but only the very first British asparagus, poached and served with plain, melted butter. Fay Maschler, the country's most experienced restaurant critic, insists that it should be cooked immediately after picking. As usual, she's right. Really? Who knew?
  10. Having now dined at both I can't help but think how very very very different EB and C24 are. The first thing to strick me was the almost cold service at C24. I'm going to think about the food and post again.
  11. It works for Heston with the snail porridge - very similar textures I'd have thought.
  12. I think the thing was about the wines was how reasonably they were priced. A lot of these wine prices are well below the retail value in the UK. My favourite was the Cristal - bubbly perfection in a glass. The Rioja became the wine of the trip and we had that in nearly every restarant we went to.
  13. What was the main course? You seem positive but a little less enthusiastic than Con Roca. Is this a correct inference? ← We had the Lamb as the main, with 1 other having the sweet bread. Con Roca was strides ahead, but then did you see the wines we drank!
  14. Stunning dinner here last week for my birthday. Chefs menu lovingly prepared for 6 of us. Wines consumed: 1996 Cristal 132 euroes 1996 Clos St. Hune 66 euros 2000 Raveneau Valmur 90 euros 1994 La Rioja Alta 904 57 euros 1995 Beaucastel 72 euros 1999 Dujac Beaune Mares 144 euros. I really like this restaurant.
  15. Sunday lunch here before flying home. Slightly rushed tasting menu - a macaroni dish as one of the courses has changed my view on pasta. I like this restaurant.
  16. Dinner here at the weekend was probably one of the most interesting meals of my life. Super service and some very nice food. I like this restaurant.
  17. I don't know how HB gets away with not changing the menu for the last billion years. Every review of his food churns out the same old same old. Having eaten here 3ish years ago, I have no desire whatsover to return. I've said this before, but Michelin giving the FD 3*'s made me laugh out loud.
  18. Catch a train to Hastings (From Victoria or Charring X - about 1.5 hours) and go to the Mermaid Cafe. Nothing can beat fish and chips that are served fresh rather than in paper.
  19. Andy, my assertion comes from the fact that I have spent time with Mikael, and that I have spent time talking to various 1 -3* chefs. Without doubt, Mikael is the most knowledgable person regarding food that I have ever met. I know you said that you don't have time, but have a look at Gastroville a bit more and you'll see what I mean. That's real food writing. Edit - Spelling.
  20. I back Mikael 1000% in his comments regarding the use of seasonal ingredients - Heston does not do it nearly enough. And I'd also concur that he [Mikael] knows as much - nay more - about food than most 3 star chefs.
  21. Mirrabeau Guest House - Can't be beaten. £25.00 B&B per night. Chap that owns it used to be a chef you know . The chaps a legend in Ludlow - ask Claire Bosi or Shaun Hill.
  22. Alas no, but had a stunning tasting/testing of the new ALC last Saturday that 6 hours! Gary and Scott should have birthdays more often.
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