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  1. Is that the first time she's done that since Lolas? I think so. 21 hours and 25 minutes until I am in TA with ScottF - can't wait!
  2. We are booked in for next week for 8.00pm. No mention was made of table turning - I like that Will report back.
  3. Thank you simon It was a wonderful evening, with wonderful company. (Just coming to terms with the Three Ohhh thing now )
  4. This is a new one on me. What on earth is woof ? My dog is getting worried and won't come into the kitchen
  5. Yep - 8.30 is the booking and when I requested that we wanted the table for the whole evening they said no problem.
  6. Bapi - that's brilliant - Thank You Looking forward to the next episode....
  7. Aussies finally finished at 359-2 As I type, India need 153 from 92 balls - oops they just dropped another wicket
  8. Suvir, Hospital food in the UK is pretty grim. Generally supplied by external contractors, it is mass produced slop. ScottF is in hospital at the moment (In surgery now infact ) His dinner last night, served from a huge heated trolley was meatballs (unknown meat - we couldn't decide),plain boiled rice and sweetcorn. Pudding was a small cup of jello. Cutlery supplied was 1 fork and 1 spoon (no knife) Needless to say, I shall take Scott his dinner in tonight. Hope all is well with you and yours.
  9. Who would you most like to prepare a meal for, and what would you serve? Thanks again Sam.
  10. Which past or present do you most admire, and why? Thank you for taking part. Sam
  11. Bone Marrow and Parsley salad. Yummy!
  12. You hear that guys? Don't encourage it Bux (Has anyone seen Majumdar?)
  13. I found it quite funny that when Grammercy banned smoking in the bar, they continued to supply matches I smoke. It's a bit of a pisser that I won't be able to do so in a bar in NYC anymore.
  14. Anything involving pastry. Sausage Rolls Pies (I like Pie) Croissants
  15. You couldn't have got me off my chair with a crowbar Did tape the JM thing though so will report back tomorrow.
  16. That is hilarious And the window cleaner must be The Sanitiser of Clear Solids
  17. Thank you all. Weinoo - we have had the pleasure of La Regalade before, trying to decide whether to go back again or try try different delights
  18. Popping over in a couple of weeks, but the bright spark that I am, our visit is the Sunday to the Wednesday. I know enough Sunday places, but can anyone recommend somewhere open on a Monday night. Criteria - must be French, in the €30.00 - €40.00 per head (not including wine) region and preferably inside paris rather than the burbs. Merci
  19. Very witty. Is this what would be a publishers joke? I don't think it is Adam Them Majumdar boys are growing lads.
  20. Me too I like comparing the prices.
  21. As mentioned on the Roast Beef thread, Waitrose is a good bet, as they own the farms themselves. Their butcher service is good too, allowing you to order specific cuts in advance, and they will also prepare it as requested.
  22. SamanthaF

    Roast Beef

    Thanks Jin - You STAR
  23. SamanthaF

    Roast Beef

    Can anyone offer a translation for what a 'shell' roast is please.
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