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  1. If that is the place with a bar area by the window to the left, (and I think it is) I went there 2 years ago and it was very good. Thanks BlackDuff
  2. Vanessa - I love The Capital and go there far too often Amuses are not always to my liking - but as Maccers has mentioned "they are free, so why worry"! (Not a direct quote I know ) Another place I would say is up near The Capital in terms of food, service etc..is Foliage (see ScottF's review), but they also served me a very small portion of lentils with my duck that I found inedible - they were bloody awful! Scott thought they were nice though no accounting for taste I also love La Trompette - so have a good time when you decide where to go
  3. In all seriousness.... Today was a pleasure, and I consider it an honour (or honor for the U.S.) to be classed as an equal in the Spud contest to Finchy. His roasties were scrummy! And hats off too to Sainsbury's (not that Jamie Bloke) because they supplied the 6.5lb rib of beef which cooked very well. Once again, nice and crisp on the outside but softly pink/red on the inside All veggies were supplied by our local farm shop. Dessert was an apple crumble with custard which Tony has promised to do a post about, but lets just say that it was a tad embarrassing when Fahro grabbed Tony and said "stop licking the plate". Lot's of champagne, wine and port was enjoyed by all. God, I'm knackered!!
  4. Do you think that would be similar to Ortalan?
  5. I'll second The Capital. Yummy petits!! If you rummage around the threads you'll see lots of positive stuff about it especially the very good - feet on ground - wine list
  6. The tension in mounting - the match day is getting near....... The pick up has been arranged - TF and SF shall purchase the potatoes together from Waitrose Paddock Wood, Kent, U.K. My suggestion would be that TF brings his Pet Olive, as my Goosey is getting himself ready in the fridge To join our spuds will be Tunbridge Wells Farmers Market fare that I shall purchase on Saturday - Good veggies and a rib of beef that will have been hung for 3-4 weeks We have a possible judge, but we will get back to you on that Must go.....off to coach my goose fat
  7. Heston, You've mentioned your children. What do they bug you for? McDonalds, Burger King, Wimpy or KFC?
  8. I'm pretty confident on the goose fat (I also think I might be able to bribe one of the judges) Come on Finchy! Come on! (I'm psyching him out now )
  9. I've had a few recent visits to the Dam. Last month I went to dinner at the only/fisrt ( i think) Indonesian Michelin starred restaurant. Spandershove (sp) is located in Hilversham about 1/2 hour outside of Amsterdam. Indonesian is not usually on my wish list of restaurants, but I will be the first to admit that the whole experience was delightful from start to end. We had a tasting type menu and at 45€ per person, I'd say that is a bargain! I had a so so meal at the Akura hotel on Monday night. Not fussed about returning. Last night I had dinner at the Excelsior in Hotel De L'Europe. Old fashioned luxury al a Ritz. Food, service and ambience were delightful. I'd like to go back again and again and again.......
  10. Thank you everybody for the rec's. I ended up eating in a place on Gamla Stan in the Old Town called Kristina. It was a relly nice place - been there since 1908 and I tried a fantasctic smoked venison and smoked reindeer starter. The reindeer was much 'softer' than the venison and had a more intense flavour. Charming service and a great selection of vodkas. I'll return on my next visit
  11. They know you so well darling! Off to Blakes in the 'Dam tonight.
  12. Just returned from Ludlow feeling fat and happy! We were very lucky that our Lunch table at Hibiscus was changed to a dinner table. On the way down to the Merchant House we popped into Hibiscus to confirm the next days reservation and let them know that if they could, we would rather a dinner res. instead. (wishful thinking) Imagine our surprise, when at the end of our meal at MH, Shaun called across the room to say that Hibiscus were on the phone and would we like a table the next night at 7.30? A great trip to Ludlow with fantastic food. More details later....
  13. Heston Have you ever developed a combination of flavours/textures/temperatures that you thought were the dogs, but was often returned to the kitchen uneaten, and subsequently pulled from the menu? If so what?
  14. I also think that is the point that some people are trying to make here. We don't think it is approriate to take small children to high end restaurants, and we would PREFER that their parents didn't when we eat in them.
  15. Cheers Paul. Is Rudolph anything like Bambi??
  16. Wilfrid - this sounds like a great night out - I too enjoy 'girly' nights where a group of girls go out WITHOUT THE KIDS and have a fun evening chatting up the cute French Maitre D.
  17. IMHO I don't think it is particularly fair to the child or other diners in 'top' resaurants. For the child - Is it really suitable to give them such rich food at such a young age? Sauces are often heavily laden with alcohol. For other diners - Just how nice would it be for a piece of flying Lego to land in the middle of your souffle? Or in the case of babies, just how appetising would it be to walk into the bathroom in the middle of a nappy change? The Time Out 2003 guide states that GR @ RHR's policy for children is "children admitted" however Time Out states in its intro that ""Babies and Children admitted" implies a degree of reluctance on the part of the restauranteur to admit babies/ and or children, or a lack of facilities for them...." The TOG states the child policy for every restaurant it reveiws, so I'd suggest an investment in it.
  18. Yeah, I came across that place last time I was there. I agree it was good. I don't really have a price range in mind - just good authentic Swedish food.
  19. I am in Stockholm Wednesday night. Any recommendations for a decent scoff? Not Indian/Chinese. I'd quite like to try authentic Swedish food. Thanks
  20. What? . Oh, I see. Very funny, Peter hasn't actually been to Italy . Good joke, but why did it take so many months to tell I ask you? LOL
  21. I seriously disagree with you Peter. I've had fabulous steaks in Europe, my most recent experience in Bernardaud, 11 Rue Royale in Paris on Friday last. The steak was delicious. A good 1 1/2 inches thick perfectly cooked and the most flavoursome pepper sauce. I've also had great steaks in the U.S. [including Peter Luger] not worse, not better. I also think that the French cook steaks better than the Brits (Oh No! Call me Plotnicki )
  22. We are having dinner there this coming Friday - looking forward to it
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