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  1. Sorry...couldn'>http://www.gordonramsay.com/Sorry...couldn't resist!Just for Simon.....
  2. I decided to visit this post again to find inspiration for tonights dinner. I'm stuck working late, scott had his dinner already, so that leaves a takeaway for me! Popeyes is the favourite, but as I'm back in london at the moment, that will have wait till March. I think therefore that it shall have to be a Big King from the BK on the concourse of London Bridge Train Station! (and I WILL enjoy it!)
  3. Deep Fried Crispy Mars Bars - I kid you not! Dip Mars Bars into a thick batter and deepfry for 4 minutes. Can't say I've ever tried one. (Can't say I want to either!)
  4. OK - Sausage Rolls & Baked Beans are my 'comfort' food. The sausage rolls have to be the small frozen ones, ready to cook - (I prefer Icelands own brand - the cheaper the better!). Presentation of this dish is vital - the plate needs to be large, with the beans (must be Heinz) poured into the centre of the plate, and the Sausage rolls are placed around the beans. Each mouthful should consist of half of a sausage roll with about 7-10 beans. Yum Yum Yum. : )
  5. mmm...... I'll let Andy answer that...... Or perhaps Simon M.
  6. I don't think so, I just think GR would be an 'interesting' member.
  7. Now that Mr B. has joined us, what are our chances of getting GR to join? Or maybe he has.......?
  8. Back on track...... In my experience of working with Bankers and Lawyers - which is vast - the food they have to eat comes from Deliverance! (Thats what we feed 'em anyway!) And they always order sushi. (Edited by SamanthaF at 6:43 pm on Jan. 9, 2002)
  9. Thanks Margaret, I'm going to go home via Borders tonight!
  10. I can't believe you've all ruined my day like this! First I find out that Santa is not real, and now you tell me that Olive Garden is a 'chain store' food outlet!
  11. 17/18/19 are the only days we will be there. Thanks though! S.
  12. I'm trying to get a table for dinner on the 17/18/19 Jan 02 for 2 people. 1. Does anybody have a reservation that they don't want? 2. Bux, do you have any tips on how to get a table? Any assistance will be much appreciated. Sam.
  13. SamanthaF


    Mike, There is an earlier thread that my Husband posted called "An Englishman in NY" - this is a food diary of our visit in November this year - we also went to Daniel and loved it.
  14. 1 Blossom Street. Not far, and wonderful in the summer when the terrace is out.
  15. Andy, I'm interested to know - have you tried the Crescent yet. Scott and I have picked it as our 'night out' between Xmas and New Year, when I'm back from the US for a whopping 8 days!
  16. I'm shortly returning to the UK after an extended vistit to the US. ScottF my darling Hubby asked what I would like my first meal to be. I WANT A FRY-UP! Proper Bacon, Proper Sausages, Heinz baked beans, fried Kingsmill bread, and the biggest free range fried egg I can obtain. Other English delacacies that run a close second to my fry-up were; Toad in the hole Bubble and Squeak Proper Sausage rolls (Made from scratch) A proper roast dinner with crispy roast potatos and lashings of gravy - In fact, I will be eating this on Sunday!
  17. Had my DC treat last night - I ate at Melrose in the Hyatt Hotel. Food, Service and ambience all outstanding!
  18. Chez Bruce is always near the top of the wish list for dinner for Scott and I. I never usually manage dessert!
  19. Thanks Everso, I was beginning to think that Old Ebbits was it! I did go to Dominiques down at the WaterGate the other night. I've been told that the Dupont area is good for brunch - can anyone make any suggestions? (Edited by SamanthaF at 3:16 pm on Jan. 8, 2002) (Edited by SamanthaF at 3:17 pm on Jan. 8, 2002)
  20. I like french/modern European/American. No particular fondness for Indian/Spicy food. I'm living by Faragut Sq, working at G/15 Thank you.
  21. I'm a Brit working in DC for a while. I'd like suggestions on where to eat. Specifically, I'd like places where I won't look so odd eating on my own. Thanks.
  22. This is the Sam as mentioned in Scotts original posting. I am currently back in NY for work and looking for quality bargain eats. (We done all our dough last week!) Any recomendations?
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