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  1. We are having dinner at Hibiscus Thursday night. Will be sure to whisper
  2. We went here a few weeks back, looked at the menu in Racine, nothing appealed so we ended up here. I had a perfectly cooked Onglet and he had a fish dish (I forget what) - the pudding was something else -one of my best of the year - a pear tart with creme anglais Both concluded that it was good food, good value and a nicer dining room than Racine. Will go back next time the sales are on in the "Big Shops"
  3. Don't put yourself down Bas. You're quite high up the hill at the hotel
  4. I have a 1.15 booking for la Trompette this weekend.
  5. Not taking bookings for 00.15 or 00.45 is daft. Out of interest, how many choices are there per course on the lunch deal? There use to be 8-10 per course, but this then dropped to 3.
  6. ....please fell free to chime in, we'd love to hear from you. Claire did tell us last year that they lurk.........
  7. I laughed out loud on the train this morning, the other passengers must have thought I was a nutter (don't go there anyone!) I suppose it proves that their PR company leaves no stone unturned. The other letter was nice though Circe, suggesting that you join the food writers guild.
  8. WOW! It is interesting what you say about the quails egg with the fillet. I had this dish in April this year, and my quails egg remained untouched (until Tony or Simon ate it ), as I thought that it was surplus to the dish. Thank you lxt for a wonderful text.
  9. City Rhodes. Well done darling Your turn now........
  10. No. Hint - you can't get this menu now.
  11. Lamb Kidney Sausage on Bacon and Onion Bread Veal Kidney with crushed new potatoes, peas, broad beans and bacon Bread and Butter pudding.
  12. Simons right, its about £30, and that includes 2 glasses of wine which you select from a list of about 6 wines.
  13. We were at Foliage for lunch on the 20th. Amuses were very good, although Scotts Fois starter was smaller than we had had previously. We were delighted to be comped what Matthew the Maitre d described as an intermediary course of the frogs legs and Langoustines. Delicious thank you very much! My main which was the Assiete of Lamb was interesting - wasn't too sure about the tongue - maybe a texture thing with me. Scott had a fish dish - hopefully he'll elaborate - that I thought was perhaps a bit "busy" - and seemed to have a very similar sauce to our intermediary course. Desserts very good, and as usual, petites were delicious. Left feeling very stuffed, and continued to marvel at the fantastic value that Foliage is.
  14. You got off lightly. At the St Martins Lane Hotel, a continental will set you back $30.00, and the 'full English' is a snip at $45.00
  15. Is there any news on Meds condition?
  16. It was a beetrot flavoured fruit pastille type thingy. I thought that the mashed potato effort was actively nasty, and had the chap not been spoon feeding his next victim, next to me, I would have spat it out.
  17. And should the scone (as in on) contain fruit? At the Ritz in London they offer both types.
  18. Best Overall Meal - GR @RHR Best Amuse - Celeriac Veloute Savoy Grill/ Fois crispy thingy GR@RHR Best Starter - Pigs Trotter at GR @ RHR Best Main - Slow Roast Pork Belly at Chapter One/ Fillet of beef at The Savoy Grill Best Pud - Assiette at GR @ RHR Best Dining Room - Foliage Best Service - Foliage Best Cocktail - The purple bar @ The Sanderson The "what was that all about award?" The Fat Duck The "you expect me to eat THAT award?" - Burnt offerings at the Wetherspoon Seldon Road. "The wounded wallet and empty stomach award" - Spoon+ Best Farmers Market - Hadlow Kent (12 pigeon breasts for a fiver!!)
  19. Oh No!!! This was the place that finally got me to try mushy peas after 29 years.
  20. Halfway through the year, what's been your best and worst to date? Here goes mine: Best overall meal experience: Gordon Ramsay RHR Worst meal: Maison Courtine, Paris Best value: Chapter One, New Tayyab Worst value: Spoon+ Best ethnic: New Tayyab (Also only ethnic, but can't see anything beating it!) Best fish n' chips: Mermaid Inn, Hastings Best burger: GBK Favourite Dining Room: Savoy Grill Best starter: King Prawn Tortellini - Savoy Grill Best Fish main - John Dory @ GR Best meat main - Limousin Beef @ Foliage Best dessert - Assiette @ GR Best service: Savoy Grill Some of you may guess that this is Scott's list and not Sam's.
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