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  1. What about people that have allergies to dogs? Or don't want pet hair in their food? Some dogs are also smelly - Eau d' Doggy whilst I'm eating, no thanks. I'm playing devils advocate here because although I'm a dog owner, I don't want to chow down with my pet unless I'm in a pub garden. (same withs kids actually - and I don't even want to be in a garden with them )
  2. With most pubs now serving food, they are generally not dog friendly. And IMHO (as a German Shepherd owner) I do not disagree with this. Well behaved dogs should be welcome in pub gardens in the burbs and country. (Hopefully your Norfolk came complete with tail.)
  3. No. Most over rated chef in London IMHO.
  4. John wood was at Chapter One before he went on his travels etc..
  5. That isn't the only variety of own-brand eggs which Waitrose sells. I'm sorry to say I prefer their Cotswold Legbar eggs mostly because they come in pretty shades of greeny blue. Maybe I should try doing a blind taste test sometime to see whether the interesting colour really does make them taste any different than the Colombian Blacktail ones. ← We buy the Cotswold Legbar eggs. V nice with fat orange yolks. Sometimes double yolkers.
  6. Moby, is that a rogue apostrophe I see? :) I have not eaten at the Fat Duck, though my head chef has... came back with a silly grin on his face, if that's a positive indication... ← That wasn't a grin. It was the grimace left over from when he got the bill.
  7. samantha, you write of experiences with an increasing disconnect to my own, do I presume a poisoned association with LG? seriously, Paula's fondness for this place is not unique, and your import is a perhaps little harsh... ← No poisoned association at all. Some parts of my experience there were very positive, but as mentioned and explained previously, I feel that the restaurant is extremely over rated and IMHO not worthy of its acreditation. No malice intented to Paula whatsoever. But I do consider that her raptures to the place are slightly unique, and could be explained by an association. I mean, even Gary Marshall doesn't write poetry about Anthonys!
  8. Otto - nothing else compares.
  9. Le Grand Cafe is open 365 24/7. Great for people watching and not bad (if a wee bit overpriced) food.
  10. Can I assume then that you think that London is the dining capital of the world? ← ← How do you come up with this opinion? I'm really interested in this.
  11. It seems that Mr Oliver is a hit in the US. Can you do us all a favour and keep him there. Luvvly Jubbly.
  12. Can I assume then that you think that London is the dining capital of the world?
  13. London has got to have one of the most pedestrian and boring dining scenes in the World at the moment - (although our Ethnic cheap eats are pretty good.) Give me NYC, Barcelona or Paris over London any day.
  14. I've got this mental image of a smartly suited waiter wheeling up a trolley to the table, lifting a cloche to reveal half an upturned grapefruit stuck with various things on toothpicks. "Would madame like to sample the cheese and pineapple today, or we have some badly overcooked cocktail sausages? Some cheesey footballs perhaps?" ← Andy, I would have been delighted if they had bought the cheese trolley to us, but they didn't. The cheese we were given was the cheese we had to have. 2 bits of crap on a plate. That was a big no no in my book. If I'm paying near on a ton for food alone, I want the trolley if it lists cheese on the menu. To compare the goats cheese with a lump of Tesco Value mild Cheddar on a stick would be fair. Cheesey footballs would have gone down well at the end of that meal. ( Or frazzles. )
  15. The big problem with Tayyab at the moment is the renovations they are going through. Let the guy's finish and every thing will be back to (chaotic) normal. But, as we all know, it's well worth the pain and the wait.
  16. Just remembered! They failed the "Napkin Test"* as well. *See the aknowledgements in Jay Rayners The Apologist.
  17. Interesting to note that that todays exchange rate that is nearly 500 dollars for ALC - not even the Tasting.
  18. Paula, You regularly rec'/hype LG and write your great poetry about it. Is there any disclosure (that I may have missed) about your (possible) association with LG? SF
  19. I guess it must be a case of different strokes for different folks. I am not sure what you found uncomfortable about it, but I'm intrigued - was it the seats, or where you were sitting? I was wondering, how much did you expected to spend, how much _did_ you spend, and what wine were you drinking? Personally I would struggle to call the food bland, even though I have had a couple of times when I have not been over-excited about the food on the menu exceptionnel and the one time I went a la carte, although balance that with the fact that I have dined at LG about twenty times in the past couple of years. I wonder if you were dining a la carte or the Menu Exceptionel? Regarding the two stars, IMHO I have no problem in regarding it as a fair evaluation - I would actually put it at 2.7 stars if there was the choice. I agree with you about this, although to be honest I don't even notice the card on the table any more or the books at reception. I can't say that it iritates me in the way you obviously are! I witnessed an interesting situation in LG last week. An seemingly well-moneyed chap of the old money variety close to retirement was entertaining three other gentlemen, and what can only be described as their 'escorts' for the evening. They were hitting the Dom Perignon and Petrus in a big way. Rather than ordering their starters & mains at the beginning of the meal, they ordered the starters, consumed them, then had the menu back, then ordered their mains. They then decided that they'd complain that they'd had to wait too long for their mains. Silvano tried to explain that the food was prepared and timed to reflect ordering all together at the start of the meal, but it fell on deaf ears. By the way, LG has been completely non smoking in the restaurant since the beginning of the year. If you want a smoke, you must go upstairs to the bar. The old sofa area is now used for dining, and the spots adjacent the kitchen door that sometimes draw criticism are no longer used for dining. Cheers, Howard ← Uncomfortable because it was the hottest day of last year and there was a fault with the AC in the restaurant - and yet they still insisted that men keep their jackets on. Additionally uncomfortable as there were six of us at a table which was better suited for four. The placing of glasses (red, white and water) made any false move on the table to be a hazzard. How much did I expect to spend? I spent pretty much what I expected. (I didn't go there expecting a 2.99 dinner) We spent "a lot". I had the tasting menu. And you know what, I know it was bland as I can't remember most of what I ate. (Compare this to a meal at Ramsays RHR in 2002 when I can even tell you how the food was placed on my plate, or my first meal of 5 at Anthonys in the last 9 months when I can give you precise details of most of the courses.) Things I do recall - A good scallop dish. A really boring course that was described as a rack of lamb, but was infact a single (very small) cutlet served with baby veg in a potato basket (tres 70's), a cheese course that consisted of some goats cheese on a stick and something else equally nasty and a dessert that could have been prepared by me that morning. When I eat out at this level, I want WOW factor, I want comfort and I don't want to be sold anything but my meal and my wine. LG did not (on this occasion) meet any of these requirements whatsoever. So to give LG 2.7 stars is (IMHO) hilarious, but as you say, different strokes an all that.
  20. Le Gavroche is a restaurant that I just can't get excited about. I had one of the most expensive, uncomfortable and bland dinners here last year. 2 stars? IMHO it's hugely overated. And I hated the way that they pimp their wares at every opportunity. Has anyone really got all of the LG crap that you can buy from the brochures?
  21. Margots - Padstow? By morning a deli come tea shop, by night a (very) serious restaurant.
  22. Trust me, They party-ed good and hard at the awards party in London on Thursday night. ← The interview they showed on GreatFood Live yesterday must have been before he partyed.
  23. I think we'd all like to see scott's piccies. I am American so I am hoping to God that means pictures!?!?! ← Sorry Ducphat, But we can't post them here. If you go to the Anthonys website, you will see lots of yummy food pics.
  24. it's all about the details isn't it? bet you didn't go thirsty either 2 out of the 3 serving staff are ex-el bulli, A 3 star michelin - and it shows. denis at no3 has experience at various 1-2 stars in europe and again you can tell. cheers gary ← It's for reasons such as this that I think that Suzi must have been at at different restaurant from the comments that she posted.
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