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  1. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2019

    Update: dinner was mashed potatoes, Bell's chicken gravy is not half bad. Following my mai tai I was almost normal. Whole 'nother meaning to "feeling no pain". Made a mistake. I pushed it. In addition to the mashed potatoes I tried some little green peas. So delicious. Each pea a paroxysm of pain. Waiting for the pills to take effect before I head to bed.
  2. Hearing no dissent, I ordered from spicetrekkers.com. Free shipping to US and Canada with a $75 order. Largest selection of spices I remember seeing. Including odd Quebecois foraged herbs.
  3. I beg to help. The MockMill is less expensive than the KoMo, same man designs the milling mechanism. Plus, unlike the KoMo, the MockMill, grinds hard corn. Hard to beat the looks of KoMo though.
  4. The Breville looks a lot like my DeLonghi but without the waffle plates. (The DeLonghi came with two flat plates, two ribbed plates, and two waffle plates.) What are the dimensions of the Breville flat plates? From the pictures on amazon the Breville flat plates have a lip just like the DeLonghi flat plates, which is something I wanted to avoid for baking flatbreads. Like the Breville plates the DeLonghi plates go in the dishwasher.
  5. I have the Kindle 2nd edition of The Perfect Scoop with no page numbers, but the Philadelphia recipe is right next to the vanilla custard recipe. Two versions of Philadelphia: one full cream, one cream and milk. No points for guessing which I chose. I believe the added stabilizers and emulsifiers made all the difference. I accidentally spun longer than intended and got the overrun too high for my taste, but most importantly the ice cream was not icy at all, and I thought the scoopability was close to perfect (remember I reduced the sugar). If I make it again, which I probably will, I intend to try 100 g of sucrose and no trehalose. I agree with @paulraphael that Philadelphia style ice cream needs some help if you're not consuming it straight out of the machine. If you are happy with Lead Tongue Lebovitz's amount of sugar just make the recipe as written but with your added stabilizer. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's directions for hydrating the stabilizer.
  6. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2019

    How did you do the vegetables? I'm drooling but my teeth hurt to look at them.
  7. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2019

    Thanks! I spoke with the dentist this afternoon, hence the amoxicillin. She said she would see me tomorrow. I took a nap which exhausted me* but I'm actually a little hungry and hoping I can manage the mashed potatoes. *Sort of like certain kittens I could mention.
  8. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2019

    I am feeling poorly. Last night's can of soup was more than I could manage. This afternoon went out to the pharmacy for some amoxicillin horse pills and stopped at Shoprite to see if I could find something I would want to eat. I explored dark corners of the store that I seldom visit. Nothing in frozen dinners appealed, nor any of the in-store prepared foods. What I came home with was a jar of chicken gravy (I had never bought prepared gravy in my life), a jar of pasta sauce, and a bag of frozen ravioli that under the circumstance may be too ambitious. Dinner is planned to be mashed potatoes and chicken gravy. Don't expect a picture.
  9. Warming? Anyone want to send me a blast freezer? I make no excuse for my ancient, antique* apartment refrigerator. I don't get to choose. Remember I still achieve excellent ice cream results from the @Ruben Porto method. But I am lazy and it's only human to want something easier. Lebovitz's full cream Philadelphia with my aforementioned stabilizers and emulsifiers comes pretty close. *OK, another eleven years to go before antique -- but no, the compressor unit is not on top.
  10. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2019

    Terrible toothache here. My dinner is rum and canned soup. Get well soon.
  11. Better late than never @ElsieD -- I have a DeLonghi Livenza grill that has a griddle surface. I don't use the DeLonghi as much as I had hoped. Pancakes and waffles come out well, as does a Georgian weighted chicken preparation. Sadly flatbreads are not practical as the griddle surface is long and narrow. Plus the griddle surface has a lip around the edge. I've been wanting to try dosa and injera and such. Not to mention lefse. I looked into purchasing a mitad or a lefse maker, but these seemed impractical in my situation. I took an idea from Modernist Bread to try a crepe maker as an alternative. Commercial electric crepe makers are large and lovely, and reach high temperatures. But they require seasoning, amperage, and someone to transport them. I looked into home crepe makers. After about a week of research I chose the Krampouz. It is a 33cm round, flat griddle. The Krampouz came today. I have not yet cooked with it but I spent a couple hours profiling the surface temperatures. There are 8 temperature settings, although the control is continuously adjustable. I did not find any hotspots or cold spots, but the temperatures varied a bit as the thermostat cycled off and on. Average measured temperatures for the 8 marked settings: 1 152C/305F 2 170C/337F 3 174C/345F 4 180C/356F 5 198C/387F 6 205C/400F 7 224C/435F 8 232C/450F The peak maximum temperature I recorded was 239C/463F.
  12. Now that I've had a bowl I can report back: I agree, the stabilizer this time did not make much difference. But the ice cream was not hard to scoop, nor was it too soft. I measured -9.4C when it was in the bowl. I'm not complaining about this batch but I think I preferred the taste and texture of the Philadelphia style I made most recently. The Philadelphia style was creamier (not surprising as it was all cream and this batch was adulterated with milk). The vanilla flavor came through better in the Philadelphia version. And there was an ever so slight iciness in this batch that was not evident in the Philadelphia version. If the overrun of the Philadelphia version was too high, this overrun was too low (but here I'm being picky). I was afraid if I added as much stabilizer to the custard as I had to the Philadelphia version I would make a mess, so I thought to err on the side of too little. I don't have much experience with these modernist emulsifiers and stabilizers, and I don't yet know what does what. To my perception iciness in ice cream is the major defect. Something (or things) in the Philadelphia version killed the iciness, and I'd like to understand what that was. Oh, and by the way, the Philadelphia ice cream was easier to make.
  13. When bread baking one should not cut corners.
  14. Don't worry, I will report back. There are ways to deal with ice cream that is too hard. Remember when Haagen-Dazs used to give instructions to microwave the container before serving? Not much to be done for ice cream that is too soft.
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