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  1. 1 hour ago, TicTac said:



    Flexible when dry?  Haven't seen such a beast around here (I am well familiar with the 'pliable when wet variety')...though I will be at an Asian grocery store today so will keep my eyes peeled. 

    I had never seen it outside central Vietnam...

  2. 15 hours ago, TicTac said:

    Curious.  Does anyone use a wrapper that is gluten free?


    I wonder how rice paper wrappers react to frying....or baking even, for that matter...



    You can definitely fry rice paper wrappers.  During our trip to central Vietnam, all fried spring rolls were made from rice paper - but it was the super thin rice paper that is flexible when dry, not the thicker, stiff ones.

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  3. 9 hours ago, Dejah said:

    I haven't looked closely at the whole itinerary, but I'll keep you in mind! Apparently, there is an active volcano in the area, and its last eruption was in May, 2018!😮

    There are seemingly constant eruptions in the area - but the Indonesian authorities are probably the best in the world about predicting them, and evacuating danger areas.  Last year, we were in Bali when Mt. Agung was erupting - luckily, the winds were blowing away from the airport so there were no problems with flights, and it didn't interrupt our schedule at all.

  4. 7 hours ago, liuzhou said:





    @Dejah Will you be spending any time in Yogyakarta?  My wife and I will be spending about a week in that area in the summer so we'd love to see some specifics about there - but I'd love to see all of it!  Malaysia is high up on our list, and there is so much of Indonesia left to see....

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  5. I think trying to make a chocolate mold out of most normal items may be problematic because most things are not shaped in the way a mold needs to be.  For plastic molding, the design needs to be slightly tapered so that the molded item comes out easily... so trying to vaquform using a standard household item will create problems....  I wonder if you can modify the item (like the tools) with some modeling clay or something to fill in the holes, but also to fill in the area that needs to be tapered?

  6. 7 hours ago, Pan said:

    Thanks a lot for the report! So sad that I'm strictly low-carbing, so no curry puffs for a while!

    Yeah, that place is definitely not for the carb conscious!

  7. I'm one of these people who brings basically the same thing for lunch each day - but I think the concept that it represents ANYTHING is ridiculous.  I do it because it's convenient - I make my lunches for the week (usually a simiple pasta dish) all at once over the weekend and portion it into 4 portions.  I go out for lunch 1 day a week.  Usually, I'm so busy during the day that I don't have much time to eat or really enjoy what I'm eating anyway, so my lunches are designed to be eaten quickly and easily with no mess and such that I don't need to use my hands (which are commonly a little dirty)...

  8. 3 hours ago, Kerry Beal said:

    Exactly! And I'll have to learn CAD drawing so anyone who can help will be greatly appreciated.

    First you have to decide which CAD program to get.  FYI - many are ridiculously expensive.  I learned AutoCAD in college - but I think many 3D printing or CNC milling shops use SolidWorks...  Many years ago, I got AutoCAD R14 with an education discount.... then, years later, a friend of mine went to the Phillipines and brought me a CD with about 15 different cracked CAD packages, including AutoCAD2000 which I still use to this day.


    If you want to send me some designs, I can do the CAD work for you - but depending on how busy I am at work, my turnaround time may not be immediate but I'll do my best...

  9. Some laydown freezers don't defrost at all - mine is a good example - I need to manually defrost it once in a while.


    In the old days, all fridge/freezers defrosted by reversing the compressor sending warmth through the cooling coils... but that is very inefficient, so with the advent of energy star ratings, et al, as well as microprocessor controls (rather than timers), the industry moved to using heater wires - it's much more energy efficient than reversing the compressor.

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  10. @gfweb I don't know. I've had many talks with engineers at many different appliance companies (part of what I do for work) and they seemed to intimate that the heater wires were there (located on the other side of the freezer's walls) to periodically warm up the walls to keep any ice from building up.

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  11. Self defrosting freezers have heater wires embedded in the sides - they periodically turn on (while the compressor is off).  While it doesn't raise the temp of the freezer in general, anything located right next to the wall will definitely be affected more than it would be in a non-self defrosting freezer that has a much more stable (and usually lower) temperature.  Also, laydown freezers don't warm up nearly as much when the lid is opened than when an upright freezer has its door opened.

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  12. I don't know... I've heard people complain about freezer taste (I'm not sure I know what that tastes like, but I think it has to do with oxidation or maybe fats going rancid), or dryness...

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  13. I think that if your food is well wrapped so there is little to no air contact, and you have a very cold freezer that is non-defrosting, you can store meat much longer.  My parents had a huge laydown freezer that was kept at like -15F and we commonly had meats and roasts that were a couple years old with no issues, and no freezer burn.  Standard refrigerator/freezers don't get cold enough, and the constant defrost cycle degrades the quality of long-stored things inside.

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  14. 4 hours ago, JoNorvelleWalker said:

    I'm beginning to have second thoughts.  Somehow I was thinking this thing was about the same size as my Zojirushi.  A yardstick disabused me.  Now I have no place to put the Philips.  (Not that this has ever slowed me down before.)


    I also noticed Simple Living offers what looks like the same thing as the Philips for $149.99.


    Does anyone else remember an earlier thread about the Philips?  So far I haven't found it but I'm sure I saw it once upon a time.


    One of the Solaire products I linked to above is really small... Like 1 hamburger at a time small. It would be perfect for a small kitchen... I do worry about the smoke though....

  15. My wife and I will be spending a short holiday in South Island over Christmas this year.... we're planning on spending most of our time seeing the many natural wonders of Otago - we're not really into bungee jumping or anything like that - but we do like hiking with nice scenery, kayaking, and other non-energetic stuff!  We were thinking about staying in Queenstown as it seems to be central to a lot of the attractions of the region.  We'll have a car, and don't mind a bit of driving - I'm actually looking forward to driving on the left side of the road, and driving around beautiful scenery with very little traffic - it will be a nice change of pace from my daily commute here in New York City!


    Is this a good idea, or are there any suggestions on other places we should use as a base of operations instead?  Also, please chime in with any dining recommendations as well for good local fare...

  16. Just now, Shelby said:

    Noooooo, it's shipped.  A total splurge.  A guilty pleasure.  I sit for way too long perusing all the Murray's cheese online.  

    If you ever come to NYC, you HAVE to go to Murray's original store in the West Village... it will blow your mind...

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  17. 7 minutes ago, Shelby said:

    Tried a new cheese day before yesterday




    Good.  Runny.  Truffle-y.  











    Holy crap! Did Murray's open a store local to you or do they ship?  I love Murray's!

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