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  1. Shelby

    Dinner 2021

    @kaybmakes a mean Brunswick stew.
  2. That right there is grounds for losing a finger.
  3. I love all of the fresh herbs that are growing everywhere. What a great idea instead of flowers etc.
  4. Exactly what I was thinking. Tacos.
  5. Shelby

    Dinner 2021

    Venison meatloaf and canned beans from last summer. I did not plant beans this year due to how many I have left from last year......I blame Covid for my bean hoarding lol. Salad and hot wings Last night I sous vide a pork roast and made a mustard dill sauce Lemon tart for dessert --bought from Imperfect Foods and it's pretty good.
  6. Shelby

    Ice Cream!

    😳 You threw away homemade ice cream. I'm going to have to take a valium.
  7. I'm shocked that Imperfect doesn't deliver to you. I bet they will in the near future.
  8. I was going to suggest Misfits and Imperfect until I thought about it a second and realized you're on the east side of the US like Gfweb is. It would likely be the same hub that yours would ship out of and his hub is TERRIBLE. I've had great success with both companies produce but mine ships from completely different places than his does. I suppose it wouldn't hurt for you to try, though. You can always cancel your account if you're not happy. I would feel the same way as you if I was used to such delicious and good-priced items like you've had access to in the past.
  9. I never thought of this scenario! Now I feel bad. That's not Imperfect's fault.
  10. I got two really really nice emails from Imperfect apologizing all over the place about what happened. They certainly do have excellent customer service. Like us, they are very curious as to how those items got into my box but also assured me it would never happen again. I got credited for the damaged items and for the item that didn't ship plus a little credit toward my next box.
  11. Shelby

    Ice Cream!

    Congratulations!!!! Yes, I think a lot of ice cream is needed to celebrate!
  12. The ocean looks so peaceful. I could stare at that picture for hours.
  13. Decided to sous vide the drives....I'm going with 2 years ...what temp should I do
  14. Beautiful!!! I know you guys are loving it. The floor is awesome.
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