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  1. @suzilightningwas like us too! Pork roast really gets me not hungry--it does smell good while it's cooking but after 8-9 hours. No. Especially if it's hot outside.
  2. Yeah......I think they were attempting antlers 🙄. Artists they are not 🤣
  3. We may break heat records today. I'm so ready for cooler weather! Will it ever get here? The guys were able to get about 10 doves yesterday morning so we will have them for dinner tomorrow night--hopefully they will get more this morning. A few pictures from yesterday. They took the 4 wheelers out and planted the food plot with rye--we have a seeding attachment that can be pulled behind them. Scout was absolute heaven. She retrieved every bird. That's her swimming in the pond. They were going to go fishing today but over the summer some significant damage happened at the shooting house So they have to go back out to work on it. Garden pick yesterday: Sandwich bread done--now if they come home for lunch I have something to feed them lol. I did a charcuterie board using my favorite board from @Ann_T My pickled okra--I didn't do anything different but it is the best I've ever made. Maybe because of the okra itself?, habanero cheese, sharp cheddar, spiced pecans, herbed roasted cashews, salamis, blue cheese stuffed olives, crackers and an herby brie. Breakfasts for this morning: I made my spaghetti sauce mid-morning and kept it simmering all day. Sometimes I'm weird about smelling certain foods all day long cooking and I don't want to eat them for dinner but not spaghetti sauce! I did an Italian sausage meatball and just some regular ones. Salad and French bread to go with. Raspberry and blueberry galette for dessert
  4. Good morning! I didn't get as much done yesterday as I had planned. Not unusual for me lol. Garden is still producing a bit--I don't think the okra is ever going to die. Some plants are over 12' tall now. One can get smacked in the face while pulling them over to pick if you're not careful. Got 2 loaves of bread done. Need to make sandwich bread today. I'm more forgetful than I was last time. I made breakfast sandwiches--just sausage patties, sunny side up eggs and cheese on English muffins. Then I stuffed some mushrooms with a mix of cream cheese and shredded cheddar seasoned with Tony's Cajun seasoning. Topped those with bread crumbs and baked. Along side that the usual cream cheese/roast beef/pickle roll ups. Totally forgot to take pictures. sigh. Dinner was tomatoes (of course lol) Bagged Asian salad that is surprisingly good Hot wings and fries Sour cherries sorbet for dessert It's hot already outside. You can almost tell from this sunrise picture they sent: I do love seeing our windmill
  5. Shelby

    Dinner 2023

    I'm so happy you liked it! I will be doing the same thing (making sauce) here in a bit
  6. Stock up if she has them......very worth it IMO.
  7. They've known that something is up.....mom never cleans this much unless a stranger is going to invade our domain. Too much of that vacuum machine monster.
  8. Same here--company coming is my ONLY motivator. My cleaning angel has Lyme's Disease and hasn't been able to come since last December soooooooo.....it was super dusty. Hopefully I can be a grown up and remember that if I just do a quick dust using my Swiffer every day it doesn't have to turn into the Sahara Desert. I don't measure this, I just dump and eyeball. Peel tomatoes and roughly chop. Add what veggies you like--also chopped. My go-to is onion, carrots (if need to be used), bell pepper, zucchini and/or yellow squash. I like to roast and eggplant and peel and add if I have it. Garlic of course. Saute all the veggies besides the tomatoes in olive oil--sometimes I add a pat or two of butter--until a bit softened. Deglaze with a few glugs of red wine. Add tomatoes and spices--basil and oregano...salt and pepper. I like some Lawry's salt. A few pinches of red pepper flakes. Simmer on low for several hours until it thickens up. If you're in a hurry or it doesn't get as thick as you want it (look away chefs) I sometimes add a bit of store bought sauce.
  9. It's me again 😊 Our friend arrives this morning. I don't know how the hunting is going to be, but I suspect not very good.....it's hot. Highs in the 90's every day. We're 5 out of 8 on the fire danger level for today. We really need some rain. The only season open is dove right now...duck closed for a bit and will reopen later. I think they may go to a lake and fish sometime. Anyway, you might just be stuck seeing food pictures and hearing me complain about being tired 🤣. I did my usual fall decorating--I wasn't really in the mood since it feels like July, but I took some pictures : The corn is from our field corn--Ronnie picked some for me and strung them together so I could hang them And look at those two massive pumpkins! They are on either side of the ladder. It's hard to tell in this picture but they are HUGE--to us anyway. We just planted regular pumpkin seeds. These two weigh at least 60 lbs each. For the first time at our place the farmers planted Milo which is a type of sorghum. Kind of fun to have something different. I enjoyed watching it grow. They just harvested it on Monday. Not sure if they are going to keep it for themselves to feed their cattle with or if they took it to the Co-op. When it's about ready to harvest it turns this lovely reddish color I've been scrubbing the house for days now, all the while thinking that @Anna Nwould be telling me that cleaning is way overrated--and she's right lol. I need to make two different kinds of bread today, spaghetti sauce (some tomatoes from the garden need to be used before they go bad), I have tomatillos to do something with....and so on. I picked up a package of roast beef at Sam's yesterday to make pickle roll ups with so, needing a quick easy dinner last night, I used some of that and made a sort of French dip sandwich with tater tots (made extra of those for breakfast burritos) and shishito peppers. I'm off to have morning meeting with the outside cats. Be back later
  10. I know the smell you're talking about. Ground pork--and pork chops, now that I think about it, always smell "off" to me. I make Ronnie smell it and he always says it's fine. I also don't notice it with other meats.
  11. Ok. So. Apparently we are going to have to restrict Ken from cooking.
  12. Shelby

    Dinner 2023

    Summer has flown by fast Ronnie smoked a ton of ribs to put in the freezer--will probably do some when our hunter friend is here. Kept a few out for our dinner Strawberry/blueberry galette for dessert First Teal of the season Shishito peppers and smoked turkey paninni Chicken tenders, fries, stuffed mushrooms, salad Needed to use some tomatoes before they went bad so made sauce and meatballs
  13. I would have!! Ronnie got 4 a few days ago...but we already ate them. Hopefully more will show up next week when our hunter friend is here
  14. Shelby

    Dinner 2023

    Doing this tomorrow. Thank you!
  15. Shelby

    Dinner 2023

    Spicy peppers or red bell?
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