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  1. The fortunes are added when the shaping is done. However, the idea of a bit more baking AFTER shaping might be worth exploring; it might crisp the cookies.
  2. The Carol Field books and Sweet Maria (Maria Bruscino Sanchez) books are the ones I use the most. Notice that I wrote books - both of them have several great titles.
  3. I wouldn't want to choose, either - but food comes into direct contact with cutting boards (not counters).
  4. If anyone is still looking for Volume 1, it is $6.80 from ecookbooks.com
  5. Give them away. As a fellow eggplant non-enthusiast I absolve you from spending time, labor, and ingredients on a vegetable that you do not have enthusiasm for!
  6. The title of the thread reminded me of college days' THB - toasted honey bun. Diners near campus would split puffy, commercial bakery (yeast) raised cinnamon rolls and put the cut sides on the griddle.
  7. Be aware that as more choices are offered, the average guest will eat more items (wanting to sample everything). I would suggest 3 or 4 items.
  8. There's always the wonderful New York Public Library; it's a great resource!
  9. I think sugar snaps are better for being briefly blanched (until they turn jade green from their raw 'dusty' green) and shocked. When they are dry, toss them with a sesame vinaigrette. A few lightly cooked carrot matchsticks are good with this as well.
  10. IKEA has a number of tiny home layouts on display; it is amazing what careful planning and ruthless editing can produce.
  11. It's generally one tablespoon (0.5 ounce) of lemon juice or vinegar to 8 ounces milk.
  12. Yes I love fiesta! I have a set in the blue and yellow and a number of dishes and bowls in other colors. I finally surrended to a long-held love last year and now have 10 place settings, each in a different color, plus quite a few pieces in Black. SIGH. Now they have introduced Marigold for their 75th anniversary - and I am trying to figure out what I could possibly "need" in that color....
  13. I'm not Andie, but I bought the ultra slim spatulas HERE!
  14. I can't help noticing your breakfast plates - are they Fiestaware?
  15. You could brush the bread lightly with olive oil before toasting; it might fit better than butter with your other ingredients.
  16. I have a collection of glass sticks; will try to remember to photograph them.
  17. "Who's on First" meringues are a tribute to the legendary comedy team of Abbott and Costello, and their most famous routine. I incorporated ballpark flavors - pretzels, peanuts, caramel (no, no hot dogs or mustard ). The cookies have received rave reviews, so when the weather dries out a bit I will be tinkering with the recipe.
  18. Here's a quick post-sale report: there was lots of everything in the chocolate line that I had predicted, plus dark chocolate covered pretzels, caramel brownies, and brownie-like cookies topped with caramel and almonds. Quick breads and muffins, oatmeal cookies, lemon and 'Jewish' apple cakes were there as well. One of the organizers brought a variety of decorative melamine trays and rolls of cellophane to make pre-wrapped assortments. My Lemon Coolers (recipe here) and Cheese Straws (used a recipe with 1 pound of cheese to 4 ounces butter - yum!) were sold out in a trice. The Black Pepper Biscuits and my experimental "Who's on First" Meringues did well, too. The more classic meringues (cocoa-almond and vanilla-mint) were the least popular of my items. I look forward to hearing the final amount raised for Alabama tornado relief. Thanks to everyone here for their ideas!
  19. OOOoooh, cheese straws! Yet another fabulous idea - and by making them instead of scones, I can finish packaging on Saturday. I'm off for a bit to make meringues while the sun shines.
  20. What great ideas! I checked the forecast for Sunday; high of 88F so I would fear for the lemon bars/keylime pie bars' & sausage rolls' food safety (rats!). Muffins and quick breads are being covered by other bakers this time. I do make great banana-oatmeal cookies; hmmm. Traditional shortbread would be tromping on another baker's toes. Biscotti - maybe! Though we are likely to have mostly nut-averse buyers, and I like nuts in my biscotti. Meringues are a definite; will do some with coconut. Djyee - The lemon sugar cookies sound promising - but the linked recipe calls for 1/3 lemon zest. One-third of a lemon's worth? (I did request the book from the library, but that will take awhile.) ETA - I found the recipe on google books; it is 1/3 CUP of zest. I do have, and love, Dorie's book -- it's high time to explore it more. I've been in a delicious rut with her Coconut Tea Cake. Following your Dorie link eventually led me to her Cornmeal Shortbread Cookies (with lemon) - another possibility. Her Molasses-Spice cookies sound a lot like my lone recipe from my Grandmother Irene, which are wonderful. A local Filipino shop sells egg whites by the quart, so any ideas for using them besides meringues and coconut macaroons are welcome. Thanks!
  21. Thanks! Those sound delicious; I wouldn't have thought about cheddar with raisins (or dried cranberries would be good, too). I might also be wise to avoid NUTS; forgot to mention that above.
  22. I will be participating in an informal benefit bake sale on Sunday. It's a sure bet that chocolate (brownies, chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes and cakes) will be well covered by others. My baking should be completed by Saturday night - though I might be able to bake a quick batch of scones Sunday morning. Does anyone have particularly good recipes for: 1. Crisp meringue cookies in a variety of flavors (gluten-free and almost fat-free) - perhaps lemon, mint, cherry, coconut 2. Savory scones - sharp cheddar with herbs or bacon OR other non-chocolate ideas that fit my time constraints?
  23. Black walnuts are quite assertive on their own, unlike their "English" cousins. A caramel (perhaps salted) or brown sugar note would work well.
  24. There was a tasting of iced tea candidates last year; if you haven't seen this thread, click here!
  25. Product Dimensions: 8 x 4.5 x 2 inches
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