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  1. The Reynolds product is amazing...nothing sticks to it! Let us know if it works for pizza!
  2. My red one arrived Tuesday, as I was picking up the phone to call Blendtec (ditto to no e-mail or tracking). Ditto to appearing to be new; date stamp of 3/11. I made the Gordon Ramsay broccoli soup first; it didn't even need a full cycle to make it ethereally smooth.
  3. Has anyone USED this product? Unless both layers are thinner than normal, it sounds clumsy and difficult to use. And, Oliver, I'm with you in the Martha NON-Fan Club. One would think civilization did not exist P.M. (pre-Martha)
  4. The unused oven is a fact. I know several appliance repairpersons who have told me that their busiest time of year begins with panic phone calls a few days before Thanksgiving -- when the owners realize their ovens do not work!
  5. Not to mention putting Spice Coast's food ON the lovely Indian bread....
  6. I found two 'floor model' appliances on clearance yesterday - a breadmaker (Oster 9050) and a dehydrator Nesco/American Harvest FD-75PR). After all discounting, they both joined my household for under $35 total. It's not the season here to be drying excess produce, so I thought my first project could be fruit leather/roll-ups. Do you have any favorite recipes and/or advice to share?
  7. Most yeast breads contain little (perhaps an ounce or so) amounts of fat per loaf, so I don't see them affecting the crust. Flavor is a different matter; I like walnut oil for the loaves I bake that include nuts. This WOULD be a good question for the Baking Hotline @ King Arthur Flour: call 802.649.3717
  8. Well, I am in pricey NYC. The duly licensed plumber did install a new flexhose. Good luck!
  9. I bought my Bosch range several years ago from a 'real' appliance store (best price and service, by far). Their reco'd plumber charged me about $70 plus a small amount for parts.
  10. That is precisely what I was going to suggest. And, IF the OP meant bakery bread - as opposed to supermarket/factory (with lots of chemical additives) bread, why would the bakery bread be less likely to get moldy than home-baked bread?
  11. I chose the red, to harmonize with my various Empire Red Kitchen Aid toys.
  12. And, if the Gem counts, there's the Bada Bing of The Sopranos' realm.
  13. Sigh. eGullet has taught me about several kitchen tools, which I may not truly need but desire nonetheless. THEN, someone finds a great price on these items -- first Thermapens, now this. Thanks -- I guess!
  14. A few comments on your Ranch 99 pix: Banana buds (blossoms) are used in Vietnamese salads. I haven't tried one yet, but understand they are quite tart. In the snack area, look for the "Ding Dong" snack mixes from the Philippines -- even my very particular CAT loves them! "Want Want" crackers are quite tasty; as with most Asian sweets, they are lightly sweet. Black vinegar is very tasty, and I like Shaohsing rather than sherry for most uses. We have a variety of Asian markets here, some small and some quite mega. I just visited the brand-new H Mart in Edison (NJ) -- huge and quite elegant, with granite and other stonework. Unfortunately, there was also a large sign at the front door prohibiting photos.
  15. Great minds DO think alike; here on the opposite coast, I made chicken-parsley-cheese sausages with red grapes this week. I opted for olive oil, though. I'm really enjoying your slice of California and all the photos!
  16. Looking at the proposed menu from the vegetarian viewpoint, the "eggy/cheesy vegetarian thing" and/or quiche would NOT go well with the creme brulée dessert -- too similar in taste/texture/ingredients. As suggested above, a tofu dish, or tempeh, or rice with beans or lentils would be welcome.
  17. Darienne, your link is not working.
  18. Mujadarrah - that heavenly trio of rice, lentils, and caramelized onions Here's one recipe!
  19. Dorie's "Around My French Table: More Than 300 Recipes From My Home To Yours" is ALSO a finalist in the General category!
  20. There is a fairly extensive bus system; also some light rail. Here's their transit website: Click Me!
  21. A Cadco might fit your requirements.
  22. I *was* a little surprised NOT to see these spoons in your collection photos. It's a great concept (double-ended spoons that stay nested due to magnets) and they are a joy to use.
  23. Here's a quote from an article on reusable bottles: ARTICLE HERE. "Reusable water bottles are better ecologically, but when the water sits overly long, it becomes the perfect environment for bacteria, mold, or algae." Bottles do need to be emptied completely and cleaned regularly. The article gives cleaning options including hydrogen peroxide, bleach, baking soda, and white vinegar.
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