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  1. For Sicilian food and Italian pop music in 1904 decor, have lunch at Ferdinando's Focacceria, 151 Union Street in Brooklyn. I'm partial to the panelle special. There is great homestyle Italian food (some ingredients still grown on the premises, I think) at the Basilio Inn, 6 Galesville Court in the shadow of the Verrazano Bridge in Staten Island. If you want some non-traditional but award-winning pizza, go to Goodfella's at 1718 Hylan Blvd, also on Staten Island.
  2. Kalustyans is even better in person! Penzeys is good, in person or on the 'net.
  3. Try a good oolong. I like tea and chocolate even better with the addition of fruit (mango, raspberries, dried apricots, etc.) and/or simple cookies (biscotti, pizzelle, shortbread).
  4. YES!!! Please don't make me choose. It will hurt the other's feelings.
  5. I *am* wire cutter competent, but the wires are inaccessible (I even read the schematic!) Oh well, the weather is nice to be out of the house......
  6. Thanks for the link, Mark; unfortunately there are no 30" ranges at BigTray. This is an unplanned purchase, but the buzzing in the kitchen has got to stop. I hadn't even considered Premier (as my only experience with them had been as small, cheap apartment stoves) until I happened on the "Pro" one at the Lowe's site. The feedback I have found is very mixed.
  7. I'm suddenly in the market for a 30" gas range (black or stainless steel), either slide-in or freestanding. The timer buzzer on my present range will not shut off , so this needs to be done soon as possible. . . The oven quality is more important to me than the cooktop. I was looking at the higher-end Whirlpools (such as GS773LXSB) when I saw some Premier ranges (P30S340BP/P30S310BP) on the Lowe's website. I would be losing the oven window, split oven racks, self-cleaning, and the warming drawer if I go for the 'professional look' of the Premier. I haven't been able to find much feedback on the Premier brand. My budget for this purchase is about $1,000. Thanks for any help!
  8. baroness

    Anatomy of Shrimp

    Thanks! I thought that the suspect item might be part of the nervous system.
  9. What is the dark 'vein' on the LEGS side of shrimp? I never noticed it before I started to clean 2 pounds worth today. It looks a lot like the digestive tract that runs on the other side. Please don't tell this needs to be removed as well.
  10. baroness

    Tea Shopping

    TeaSource in the Twin Cities is phenomenal; also available at www.teasource.com Their Prairie Passion blend of black and green teas with passion fruit and other goodies is wonderful They also stock collectible teapots, organic & biodynamic teas, and 'serious' estate teas......
  11. baroness

    Pineapple Vinegar

    Make Philippino-style chicken adobo--it requires quite a lot of vinegar and is often garnished with pineapple.
  12. Would this be a congee mix? The Ingredients list: rice, millet, grain sorghum, black rice, crushed corn, red bean, red kidney bean, white kidney bean, Job's tears, glutinous rice (though I see no kidney beans and there are mung beans.) I bought it to make in my electronic rice cooker, but haven't figured out whether I should use the porridge, brown rice, or mixed rice setting. http://forums.egullet.org/uploads/11765087..._4517_50765.jpg
  13. The KA outlet sometimes has 'refurbished' bowls for a great price; I ordered 2 and they look pristine.
  14. No pressure cooker here; I try (ha ha ha) to limit my spending on cooking tools. I haven't been able to puzzle this rice cooker yet--BUT the setting choices include mixed, brown, and porridge--so I am the puzzled one! I suspect the ingredient list may not be 'spot on' due to translation; I can see mung beans in there, too.
  15. I picked up a packet of Youjia brand 'coarse cereal porridge' to try in my electronic rice cooker. The ingredients read: rice, millet, grain sorghum, black rice, crushed corn, red bean, red kidney bean, white kidney bean, Job's tears, glutinous rice. All other information is in Chinese; I tried to post a pic but didn't figure out how, obviously. Should I soak this before cooking, due to the beans? The mix is vacuum packed, and I don't see the kidney beans... Thanks!
  16. What about rice krispie treats decorated with mini eggs, jelly beans, and/or seasonal sprinkles? They are popular, fairly non-food-allergy-provoking, inexpensive, and easy to transport.
  17. I've never heard of using sweetened condensed milk for this, let alone boiling it... Here's a basic filling recipe (for 2 layers or a 9 x 13 pan): Slightly beat 1 egg in a medium saucepan. Stir in 5 oz. (2/3 c) evaporated milk, 2/3 c sugar, and 1/4 c butter. Stir over med heat 12 minutes or til thickened and bubbly. Remove from heat and stir in 1 1/3 c coconut and 1/2 c chopped pecans; cool before using.
  18. Perhaps he wants Nanaimo Bars? I've never tried them, but here is a recipe for them and an article on their history: http://www.nanaimo.ca/visitors/index_inside.asp?id=189
  19. I've seen Rice Krispie treats made to look like sushi rolls -- fillings of gummy worm or fish candies, and fruit leather used for nori. They might be fun! You might want to include a 'healthy' cookie such as oatmeal-raisin or a fruit-filled bar cookie as well.
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