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  1. Or, pipe the filling into the pre-rolled, cooled lace cookie - when the cookies are hot enough to shape, they might melt the chocolate! If you REALLY want pudding, what about a stove-top cookie such as Rice Krispie Treats for the shell? They are both sturdy and malleable.
  2. GR, have you TRIED any of the "new stuff"? The organic loose teas and the gooseberry jam are fine.
  3. in my head, where everything works perfectly, i bake the cookies put some pudding on them then mold that cookie around the pudding into a ball. The high moisture content of pudding would likely cause the cookie to fail/leak quite quickly
  4. The house smelled fabulous yesterday, due to THIS recipe for Butter Chicken made in a slow cooker. I made a few substitutions (ground chiles in place of chili powder; thick yogurt for sour cream) and used only about 40% of the chicken. The extra sauce will be frozen to use with potatoes/peas/cauliflower, shrimp, perhaps tofu.
  5. I have used granular lecithin in bread recipes. A quick search of the King Arthur Flour site yields 17 recipes with lecithin.
  6. Would you please share details on the chicken? The cherry one in particular!
  7. The potato starch and thorough kneading will yield a fine crumb/texture.
  8. I leave my SAF yeast in the packaging, roll down the top and secure it with a binder clip. I keep a petite former jelly jar of yeast in the refrigerator, and restock from the freezer as needed.
  9. Ditto, other than I have legibility issues with the M and L.
  10. Have you tried Kerekes? 800-525-5556 They are in Brooklyn.
  11. That typeface is eye-catching, but difficult to read in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS!
  12. Pecan: peh-KAHN I'll take mine roasted with a touch of salt!
  13. baroness

    Food Gifts 2011

    Breadsticks Seasoned nuts Flatbreads
  14. Meringue cookies with crushed candy canes and/or mini chocolate chips. Traditional white cake (perhaps with a lemon curd or raspberry filling) with 7-minute frosting and coconut.
  15. I had this exact problem with a plastic-bowled Krups mixer. No matter what I tried, I couldn't make meringues!
  16. The kitchn blog had a recent round-up of gift-worthy recipes - Click HERE! - including Ina Garten's Chipotle & Rosemary Spiced Nuts.
  17. If you can, look at the tankless water heaters - for people on propane tanks, they save a tremendous amount of money, not reheating the same water over and over. Three friends who live up at Mammoth Mtn, where the propane costs are significantly higher than here, put in the tankless heaters not long after I did mine (and raved about) and noted impressive savings. One is a caterer so uses a lot of hot water all year long and estimates she cut her propane use by 1/3, which is a fair amount of money. I haven't had my tankless (natural gas here) water heater long enough to see how much I may be saving. However, there is great joy in NEVER running out of hot water!
  18. The King Arthur Flour blog had a recent feature on using a microwave oven to preserve the green color when drying herbs. Click here to read it.
  19. HERE is some info on Chicken Dinner candy bars. Those Chicken Trucks may have inspired the Weinermobile!
  20. The broccoli soup is MUCH better when made fresh - don't reheat it! Overall, the menu seems very rich and dairy-heavy. What about adding a salad with assertive greens and a touch of citrus?
  21. I find candy corn too sweet and one-dimensional. But, mixed with lots of salty roasted peanuts, candy corn is dangerous!
  22. HERE is a list of festivals celebrating corn, rhubarb, sauerkraut, kolachy, wild rice, and countless others.
  23. THIS New Yorker gets mangoes similar to the ones Prawncrackers describes; "Champagne" or other brands of ataulfo mangoes appear in the spring for a few months and are fabulous. As stated, they wouldn't work with the splitter or corkscrew - they are far too delicate of flesh and the pit too small and thin. The next time I get a Tommy Atkins mango, I'll try the corkscrew trick...but ataulfos have somewhat spoiled me on other types!
  24. Though Oikos is decent (for store-bought), I like Fage better. I did NOT like the Yoplait 'Greek" style at all.
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