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  1. Well, it looks like Safeway's jacked up the price of their Liberte yogurt. It's $5.49/500mL (or thereabouts). The one of Broadway & Macdonald was also out of stock of most of their flavours too. The Safeway execs must be reading this eG thread and cashing in on its popularity!
  2. Cheetos, the puffy kind, are fake cheese crack for me. Cheese flavoured Pringles are a very close second. I've been very good lately...haven't bought either in months.
  3. When it concerns food, I only listen to the good reports and ignore the negative ones - sometimes ignorance is bliss. Excuse me while I go eat a dozen eggs...
  4. I. Cannot. Look. Away. I'm sure the show's largely scripted, but I love watching Ramsay scream at the "chefs" - it's just too funny!!
  5. Anyone know where I can find root beer extract for making homemade root beer? I've heard Zatarain's is a good one. Thanks!
  6. Ooh, this is fun! Ok, I'm going with garlic as my spice. In my kitchen, running out of garlic is considered a national emergency - simply can't do without! My favourite herb is rosemary. So versatile on chicken, meat, potatoes. I like to rub it between my hands with a bit of olive oil for a nice skin conditioner. Mmmm... roast chicken with garlic AND rosemary!!
  7. Has anyone tried cooking pig ears in a slow-cooker? How long do you think they might need? Is 6 hours on high long enough?
  8. I will never again...... lick a wooden spoon coated in hot boiling caramel in order to check if it tastes ready.
  9. Oh hang on... whoops, this one has meat only, no pinenuts or onions.
  10. I've got some hummus in the fridge that can use a bit of pepping-up - this sounds intriguing! I googled "hummus with meat" and got this recipe. Is this what you're looking for?
  11. Chinese markets also carry wrappers for jiao-zi dumplings (the ones that are shaped like perogies). These tend to be thicker than wonton wrappers and have more "chew" to them. Not sure what exactly they're called, but they're round-shaped and white.
  12. This weekend, I was in a small independent coffee shop/cafe/roastery that served a full list of lattes, iced capps, etc. - and sitting at the table next to me was a guy blatantly consuming a Starbuck's beverage......
  13. Wow! That's one heck of a list! Thanks!!
  14. Hi! We're heading to the Okanagan for Easter weekend, and hoping to check out some good restaurants. We'll be staying at the Naramata Heritage Inn for 3 nights. We'd like to do 2 fine-dining dinners, and one "bargain" dinner. Lunch/breakfast will probably be on-the-fly, depending on our plans for the day. I've had a peek at the recommendations upthread -- Fresco and Bouchon look promising. It's been years since I've been to the area, I'm sure lots has changed. Anyone have any suggestions on what we should eat, see or do? Thanks!
  15. Grandma's Shanghainese steamed pork dumplings ("xia long bao") - as much as I can eat. Mom's braised pork belly with mustard greens and taro. A bowl of marrow from the beef shanks in mom's osso buco. Peking duck for dessert.
  16. Oooh! Lemon, with the big chunky bits of lemon! I used to only get mine from IGA, but recently Safeway started carrying them too. I haven't seen Dulce de Leche - where can I find this one?
  17. It isn't guanciale, but I found smoked pork jowl at the local IGA yesterday. Does anyone have tips on how to use smoked jowl? Can I just slice it up and eat it, or does it need further cooking?
  18. You might also find them packed in vacuum-sealed foil or plastic, pre-sliced. It's also available without the chili. I, too, am squeamish about wet food in buckets at Chinese markets, so I always buy these in the packages.
  19. Craving serious carbs & salt. Last night I had a huuuge bowl of spaghetti carbonara, with loads of bacon. Also slices of baguette smeared with gorgonzola cheese. Chased it all down with a sidecar cocktail.
  20. You can also try upscale Japanese restaurants, like Tojo's (avoid the average mom-and-pop sushi places, though!). I recently had some fabulous ones at Zest on W 16th, and have also had them at Shijo's on W 4th. Japanese restaurants may not offer fresh oysters every day, so it's a good idea to call ahead.
  21. My fiance used to hate steak (he's from Alberta, where they have great beef!), because his mum cooked it to shoe leather consistency - well well well done! The only way he could choke it down was to douse it in steak sauce, and for years that's how he thought steak was supposed to taste like. I introduced him to a properly cooked, juicy, medium-rare piece of striploin, no bottled sauce. Now it's one of his favourite meals!
  22. I tasted the rowanberry - hmmm...can't really tell, unfortunately! The bar has a layer of almond paste or marzipan, so the chocolate tasted mostly of almond. Although I could tell that there's a bit of a berry-fruity flavour in it, I wasn't able to distinguish that it was rowanberry.
  23. Not a chocoholic, but couldn't resist this deal! Went by after work and got: -Plum Brandy -Cinnamon Apple Honey -Saffron Rice -Tomato & Liquid Olives -Rowan Berry -Elderflower (it's got another name, but can't remember what) I also have a half-nibbled bar of Bacon Bits at home...mmmm, bacon!
  24. Yeah, I've found that with Caffe Artigiano too - great cappucinos, but the drip coffee is so incredibly bitter & acidic that I can't finish a cup. And I like my coffee strong! I haven't tried the coffee at 49th Parallel, their offshoot on W 4th Ave, but does anyone know how it compares to Artigiano?
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