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  1. Anyone have recommendations on fun new lounges/late night eats & drinks worth checking out? Spots with interesting cocktail lists, and I'm not too keen on "clubby" atmospheres. Chill Winston is currently on my list of places to go. Thanks!
  2. Beebs

    Tea & Chocolate

    Darjeeling + chocolate, and Lapsang Souchong + chocolate are great. Especially the Lapsang...actually, any kind of smoky tea goes wonderfully, IMO -- yummm! You can also try Keemun. I find Earl Grey goes better with milk chocolate rather than bittersweet, but it's got to be a really good looseleaf Earl Grey with a natural bergamot scent. I've also been told that Sencha & Genmai Cha green teas are good paired with dark chocolate, but I've not gotten around to trying it. Edited to add: A number of chocolatiers are infusing chocolates with tealeaves. So far I've seen chocolates with chai,
  3. Beebs

    Tea Shopping

    I mentioned this company, T Tea Company, on another thread -- I get my tea exclusively from them. It helps that they're a local Vancouver company, but they've got online ordering too. I like how they do all their tea blending in-house (as opposed to relabelling blends from a large distributer). They do killer Earl Greys (at least 8 kinds!), and a phenomenal Vanilla Rooibos (herbal). I also like how they supply to up-scale hotels to places as far as Dubai, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. Prices are a little higher than some companies (eg, Harney, Upton), but well worth the price; the quality is imp
  4. My S.O. always salts the water, he says it makes the white pull away from the shell better so it's easier to peel....
  5. I drove by last week and it looked like they were opened. Does anyone have any other details on Chow? Website, menu? Google didn't pull up much. I'm eager to give it a go once things have settled a bit. ← So I made it to Chow yesterday with a few others. I had grilled sablefish with crisp pork terrine, lemon tart, and their earl grey marTEAni (we decided to order our own meals as we were all at varying levels of hunger rather than share a bunch of dishes). Meal was good -- sablefish nicely cooked and although I thought that a deepfried pork terrine is an odd pairing with the sablefis
  6. I drove by last week and it looked like they were opened. Does anyone have any other details on Chow? Website, menu? Google didn't pull up much. I'm eager to give it a go once things have settled a bit.
  7. I've never spent much time on Cambie, but I've been meaning to try Figmint ever since they opened. But driving/parking conditions are generally so crummy that it's a bit of a deterrent....
  8. Oooh! Had the most intense craving for brownies earlier this week. Couldn't find a recipe I liked (not having eggs didn't help either) so had to forego the brownies. The next night, found this thread! Must be fate by brownies. Yesterday, I used Shaloop's recipe too (inspired by Domestic Goddess's picture). Turned out pretty good, I threw in a handful of walnuts, but next time will take it out of the oven earlier. I just finished having one, and now must go and have another and wipe brownie crumbs off the keyboard before the S.O. sees the mess!
  9. Mmmm! Big, soft, chewy oatmeal cookies -- with raisins, please! I use an old recipe from the 1987 edition of Canadian Living Cookbook (published by Telemedia Inc). For a non-serious occasional baker, this recipe has yet to fail me. It's all butter, no shortening, brown sugar plus the usual cookie suspects. I couldn't find this exact recipe on their website (canadianliving.com), but if interested, I'll check the eG posting guidelines to post it. Oh, and I never use a mixer for these oatmeal cookies -- elbow grease all the way! Comes out chewier and tenderer.
  10. This might be going off on a bit of a tangent...but...ammonia?!? What kind of ammonia would this be? Is this safe to consume? What kinds of food would typically contain ammonia? Please excuse my ignorance, but I've only been familiar with ammonia as Windex and cleaning solution!
  11. Beebs


    Best places to find matcha are tea retail shops; most shops will either carry some version of matcha, and if they don't, they'll likely know where you might find it in your area. Asian & some gourmet markets may also have it available. I get mine from Tealeaves.com (they have a shop in my area, but mailorder is available too), and they grind matcha in-house so it's nice & fresh. Suggest calling them as I don't think matcha is listed on their website (tel 1-888-291-TEAS). Some types of matcha that you might find at Asian food stores may be improperly labelled as "matcha", but should
  12. Don't know what restaurants are doing, but when I am in NYC, I happily order tap water (I'll even drink it straight out of the tap!) as it's the best-tasting tap water I've had, barring Vancouver's. At home in Vancouver, I almost never buy or order bottled still water -- and drink it out of the tap, unfiltered.
  13. Oooh! Bread stuffing sandwich with a drizzle of gravy! Yum, carbs between two slabs of carbs! When I was little, I used to eat Ovaltine sandwiches -- white bread, butter, a couple tablespoons of Ovaltine mix sprinkled in between.
  14. I've heard that the Vietnamese fare is pretty good, pho & banh mi....
  15. Oh wow, these ARE good! I'm having a plate of toaster-warmed chips right now, Kettle Brand Honey Dijon flavour -- oh-so-delicious! I usually warm up plain corn chips for a few mins but never thought to do it for potato chips.
  16. I'm so envious of all the liquor selections you have down there in the US! I'm looking through our provincial liquor distribution product list and couldn't find most of the brandies various posters mentioned. Boooo! The stuff we have up in British Columbia costs an arm and a leg -- Courvoisier/Hennessy/Remy Martin VS's are $50-55 CAD per 750 mL ($42-48 USD), retail price. Eeep! Anyways, I've just recently gotten interested in spirits & cocktails. But what are all your thoughts on grappa & metaxa, and using one or the other in brandy-based cocktails, like in a Sidecar? The onl
  17. Ah HAHAHAHA! This thread is just too funny! Well, I will never again stand too close to someone pouring liquid fondue fuel directly into a still-lit burner: "Mom, I don't think it's a good idea to add fuel when the burner still has a flame!" "Oh, it's ok, it's just a little bit of fuel." Needless to say, Mom managed to douse my sleeve with liquid fuel and set my arm on fire....
  18. Dad used to buy for my bday when younger this German chocolate cake from a bakery called "A Piece of Cake" near UBC. But they've since closed down (about 12 yrs ago). Then I found that Miriam's on Denman carried the same cake -- mmmmm! But Miriam's is now gone and Starbucks is in its place. Anyone know of a place that carries notable German choc cake? The ones from A Piece of Cake and Miriam's were to die for -- not too sweet, rich dense cake (but not the fluffy sponge kind), layered with walnuts.
  19. Oooh! I went a little overboard at T&T yesterday, only meant to pick up a couple lunch/dinner items, but ended up with (among others): -bag of sweet glutinous rice -can coconut cream -cake cane sugar (those ones that come in the bars) -instant noodles, Nissin brand -packet of sa ji ma -smoked pork hocks (mmmm...fatty pork!) -egg bread -1/2 doz buns & things from the bakery (15% off!) -Japanese seaweed salad -marinated eggs -cheun fun (rice roll) -lap cheun (chinese sausage) And one packet of these dried smelt fish marinated with chiles that I found in the snacks aisle. There's about
  20. Chen's Shanghai Restaurant 8095 Park Road (604) 304-8288 11:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. Heads up that they're closed on Wednesdays. Happy dining! ← Sweet! I thought they were still on Leslie Road, so yesterday we were driving up and down (and up and down) looking for them to get our fix of xiao long bao. We even drove up and down (and up and down) Alexandra thinking we got the address wrong. Going later this week yippee!
  21. Beebs

    Wooden Spoons

    Had a much-beloved wooden spoon once.... My Sig. Other stirred cookie batter too hard and snapped it. Was very sad. So Sig Other bought me a Joyce Chen bamboo spoon to replace it, and I love it!
  22. Gong Xi Fa Cai, Ah Leung! I'm still fairly new to eGullet, but wow -- I am totally hooked on to your blog and am going to browse your other contributions now! Your beautiful pictures certainly bring back lots of memories of when our family use to do the full-on New Year celebration (we've since scaled back as my family is scattered all over the place now). My mom's side of the family is Northern Chinese, so we did the dumpling thing for CNY. Grandma, aunties, and mom would make loads of jiao zi, and would put a spoonful of sugar in just one of the dumplings. Whoever got the sweet jiao zi w
  23. Thanks for the update, Sylphid! Methinks it's time for another trip there!
  24. Whoops! Just saw the link above for the other vegetarian thread which mentions Naam & Foundation!
  25. The Naam on West 4th & Macdonald is a pretty popular vegetarian restaurant. They use cheese & the like, but have vegan options as well. The last time I was there was maybe 3 yrs ago, but I remember the veggie burger & sesame fries were pretty good. Service is next to non-existent. The Foundation on Main & E. Broadway is another hotspot for vegetarian/vegans. I think the restaurant is vegan. Have only been there once, and was thoroughly not impressed despite the popularity. Everything tasted the same -- tahini-peanutty flavoured gloopy mush. I had some kind of overcooked
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