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    Fish Skins

    We sometimes slice salmon skin into strips, brush them with a sweet soy-based marinade, and grill them on the BBQ till crispy. Tasty!
  2. Beebs

    Shrimp heads

    My family has always cooked shrimp & prawns with the head on, and then sucked on the heads for the roe (or is that tomale?). Sounds yucky, but tastes damn good!
  3. Oh my! There was this one episode of Star Trek DS9 where the characters are at a Klingon restaurant, and the Klingon chef slops a plate of black, squirmy, slimy worm-things which the customers proceeded to eat with relish....
  4. Oooh! I've got some in the fridge too! They're pretty common in Vancouver, although I haven't seen them with the flower buds. I usually stir-fry them with shredded pork, mushrooms, tofu, ginger & soy, or cook them with scrambled eggs. Yum! The batch I recently bought were a little tough at the bottom 3 inches, so might need to peel them a bit.
  5. Beebs - The best time to go to avoid a lineup is probably when it first opens (for the dinner menu) at 5pm, which it does on a daily basis. Have fun! ← or after 10. frankly, though, as part of a group of 2 or less, I've never had to wait longer than 20-25 minutes. ← Thanks, guys! I can't wait!
  6. I'm headed out to NYC next week for vacation and this restaurant is on my list of places to go. What would be the best day(s) & time to go, so to avoid major lineups? And they don't take reservations, right? I've got a flexible schedule and am willing to plan an evening around dinner there. I'd prefer to go for dinner rather than lunch though. Thanks, folks!
  7. Thought today would be an opportune time to bump up this thread, being that it's opening weekend for the Richmond Night Market. I'm anticipating going tonight (weather willing), can't wait to have me some street food! So! The good, the bad, the ugly -- what's not to miss, what's new this year? Let's have at it!
  8. Beebs

    Cooking With Tea

    Tea Eggs! Mum used to make these. She took hard boiled eggs, cracked the shell lightly all over, then soaked them in a marinade of soy sauce, spices, and black tea. The tea soaks through the cracks in the shell so when you peel it off, it leaves a pretty spiderweb pattern on the egg.
  9. How bout something like a Thai noodle salad? Not as predictable as "traditional" pasta salad but easy enough. Or Vietnamese salad rolls? Gazpacho or some other cold soup?
  10. She's completely whacked, way out of line. Sounds like she's totally pulling a scam on you. Agree with Tonyy13 about the receipt -- she should absolutely show a receipt, especially for a check from the accountant. Gosh forbid if your cafe gets audited and you are missing this paper trail for an unaccounted check. Bet crazy customer won't bother to show up. Assuming that she's for real, I'd offer store credit only, not cash. Still pissed? "We thank you for your past business, we're sorry we are unable to meet your needs. However, I'd be happy to recommend a few other bakeries/cafes/wha
  11. Of course the joke is that at least one good study I've seen concluded that you don't derive any greater health benefits from green tea than from black. Just because green tea contains more antioxidants doesn't mean that the human physiology will absorb them. ← And it's a pity that much of the industry are taking advantage of the white tea hype and marketing its supposed cure-all wonder tonic to the general public. Of course, that's not to say there aren't any good white teas, just that the good stuff doesn't come in a bottle, or powder, or teabag. Ok, I'm getting off my soapbox now....
  12. After I posted my reply, I realized it didn't mention what white tea is. This link might help http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_tea. It's essentially a type of green tea, but consists of only the youngest unopened buds of the tea bush. They are "white" because the buds are covered in whitish hairs. White tea is trendy right now because it's said to contain more antioxidants & other health benefits than even green tea.
  13. It's really a marketing gimmick. White tea in its purest form already doesn't taste a whole lot of anything. Once you add all that sugar and artificial flavour, you're really only tasting sugary flavoured water. Nevermind processing white tea to death in a bottle -- it's certainly not conducive to retaining the natural health benefits of antioxidants and vitamins of tea. The Lipton/Snapple/Nestea "white tea" beverages are really meant to be drunk as any other soft drink, IMO, not as any type of health tonic.
  14. Today I had a pureed green pea soup with minted foam at a local restaurant -- it was the epitome of springtime! A similar kind of soup with plenty of cream would certainly use up all those frozen peas.
  15. Assuming you can get Apricot Brandy! Beebs, I see the BC Liquor Stores carry some Luxardo products. Can you special order from them? ← Yes, some Luxardo is available, but unfortunately maraschino isn't one of them. I checked out BC Liquor Store's special order service too, but you must order a minimum case size which is way too much for personal use. I've just recruited my sister who lives in the US to hunt some down for me, though, so all is not lost!
  16. Thanks for the tips, folks! Too bad BC gets such a bum deal with spirits variety. Guess I'll have to be patient till my next visit to the US!
  17. I've also had no success tracking down maraschino liqueur here in Vancouver, like jlo mein mentioned above (I've actually posted in another thread hoping someone would have a local lead on it). Anyway, short of making a cross-border run, how close is kirsch to maraschino liqueur? What is the taste profile (sweetness, etc.)? Thanks!
  18. I've seen fresh ones from time to time at the Metrotown and Richmond T&T's. Maybe it is a matter of hit and miss? Or try Crystal Mall in Burnaby, they've got a few butcher shops there. Or Chinatown, but having spent much time there I don't know of a particular shop.
  19. Oh and definately visit Wayne Ngan's pottery/art studio on Hornby while you're there (if you're into art), he is a highly reputed ceramics artist. Gorgeous artwork bowls, cups, plates and the like. I don't recall exactly where it is, but I'm sure Google will pull something up. Can't be far from the clothing optional beach, though!
  20. I've purchased the Luxardo Brand at Qzina in Toronto. There is a Qzina in Vancouver, so I suspect you could purchase it there too. ← well.. a wee google search turns up this: http://www.bcliquorstores.com/en/products/397950 but if you truly can't find what you are looking for give me a call.. I have the fancy pants stuff and I’ll never use it all no matter how many black forest cakes I bake (not many) ← Thanks for the hints, everyone! From what I understand, maraschino liqueur is not quite the same as kirsch or any of the other cherry liqueurs. It's made from marasca cherrys and the
  21. The Island isn't much of a dining mecca north of Nanaimo. There are lots of B&B's on the Island, if you want to consider staying in them. Check out the wineries though, VI has a number of underrated wineries, and the wines are not usually available in lliquor stores (I am a big fan of Blue Grouse!). www.wineislands.ca For dining, Eat Magazine (www.eatmagazine.ca) is a good source. Mahle House (mahlehouse.ca) is always a favourite, their sommelier/owner is incredibly knowledgeable on VI wines, very welcoming & warm establishment. Restaurant is located a bit south of Duke Point/Na
  22. If it's booze, it should have to be sold in a government or private liquor store. Try contacting the company, and finding out if they've shipped any to canada. Then find out how to get some. ← Thanks!!
  23. Hello! Does anyone know where I can find maraschino liqueur in Vancouver/Burnaby/Richmond? It's not available in the BC liquor stores. I believe Luxardo brand makes this. Thanks!
  24. I'm glad someone posted this topic, I've wondered about the difference myself! Is there a good recipe for almond paste that anyone can recommend? I haven't been able to find it in the stores here, although marzipan is pretty prevalent.
  25. Beebs

    Tea & Chocolate

    Hmmmm.... I'm not a tea aficionado but based on my very limited experience I would have picked Earl Grey as a good match. I do recall trying a Christiian Constant chocolate a couple years back that had either an Earl Gray infused filling or an Earl Grey infused ganache. Can't recall which it was but in either case it didn't make much of an impression on me. ← I tried an Earl Grey chocolate from Jean-Phillippe Patisserie in Las Vegas a while back, and another one from somewhere else can't remember where. The tea wasn't particularly pronounced in either chocolate, just a suggestion of be
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