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  1. Wedding cake. And the fondant that comes with wedding cake. Bleeeaah. Although there was this one time that the wedding cake tasted as good as it looked, but that was the first and probably the last such encounter. Chinese-style cheese cake. Gorgeous to look at. Tastes fluffy, bland, made with tons of gelatin and no cheese. Ick.
  2. Love 'em! We've been eating a lot of salmon kama (collars) lately, grilled on the bbq, seasoned with nothing more than salt + lemon. They are so delicious, oily and flavourful. When I was little, my grandma used to dig out the brains of a steamed fish head and told me that fish brains make you smart. She also told me that fish eyes will make you see better.
  3. The chocolate cake at Capers is a surprising find, and I've been particularly partial to it lately. It's not overly sweet, made with organic ingredients, and reasonably priced.
  4. Wow! These chili vodka suggestions sound great, keep 'em coming! Thanks!
  5. Anyone have suggestions for what to do with a Thai chili-infused vodka? Bloody Caesars & Marys come to mind, but any non-savoury drink ideas? I messed around with adding it to a Cosmopolitan, which was pretty decent though a bit boring. The chili vodka definately needs to be diluted -- we tasted it on its own and it was rather painful....
  6. Yummmm! I saw this thread at work an hour before closing, and all I could fixate on was getting home asap for a tomato sandwich. I'm eating one right this minute while typing this reply. It's the most delicious thing I've put in my mouth all week. Now I have to wipe the tomato juice dribbles off my keyboard....
  7. Beebs

    freezer pops

    When we were kids, Mum used to do sweet red bean soup and sweet mung bean soup freezer pops. It's a very popular Asian frozen treat.
  8. Beebs

    Too many pretzels

    Yum, those look good - send them to me! I guess you could freeze them and heat them up in the oven whenever anyone wants one. Or slice them up thinly into rounds and toast them till crispy, sort of like bagel crisps or crostini?
  9. Hell YEAH!!! I'm as excited as a kid on Christmas Eve! What a fun topic for HP fans!
  10. Beebs

    Loose tea

    You'd be hard-pressed to find US-grown tealeaves from tea gardens in the US (aside from what cdh mentioned). A number of factors in North America in general are simply not conducive to widespread tea cultivation here, such as climate and cost. Do you perhaps mean teas that are blended & packaged in the US by American tea companies? Harney, Republic of Tea, Mighty Leaf, etc. are all widely available, but the actual tealeaves would be imported from places like India, China, & Sri Lanka.
  11. Did you check out post this post of mine here? I browsed through some yakisoba sauce recipes, and found they were mostly combinations of any of Worcester sauce, chuunou (medium dense) sauce, tonkatsu sauce, and oyster sauce. Another type of yakisoba that has become increasinly popular these days is shio (= salt) yakisoba, which is usually simply seasoned with Chinese chicken broth and salt. Here is an example (sorry, Japanese only). I think tonkatsu sauces are generally spicy, while okonomiyaki and takoyaki sauces are rather sweet, and I think that yakisoba sauces are more like Worcester, chuu
  12. Szechuan green beans with lots of garlic, ginger, and chili always floats my boat!
  13. I'm making yakisoba for dinner today -- yum! I'm putting leftover steak and Chinese lapcheung in mine. Does anyone have a recipe for yakisoba sauce? I've been using the pre-made Otafuku brand sauce, but would love to try making it from scratch. Also, how different is yakisoba sauce from okonomiyaki and tonkatsu sauce? Could I use them interchangeably? Thanks, awesome eG'ers!
  14. Beebs


    My mum used to make congee that had a mix of rice and amaranth. She cooked the two grains together to make a soupy porridge.
  15. Haven't entertained any chefs myself, but my parents often have their restaurant-owner friends of a well-regarded fine dining spot over for meals. I happened to be over at the 'rents this weekend and we had a simple casual grill -- grilled whole prawns, fresh BC salmon, lamb, ribs, plenty of bread and a couple salads. Fruit, cookies, ice cream for dessert. All washed down with copious amounts of wine. Messy, delicious, and enjoyed outside on the deck. Sometimes my parents and their restaurant friends will cook a meal together. Other times, the friends will cook. But it's always simple f
  16. Beebs


    I like Minerva's on 41st & Larch, especially the sauce. It's run by a Greek family, I believe. They also deliver but I think it's only within a certain area.
  17. Beebs

    Deep Fried Pizza

    Yum! That looks like it would be delicious next to a side of drunken debauchery!
  18. Haha! I have Rachel Ray's "365: No Repeats" -- and I, too, use it! I hang my head in shame.....
  19. There's also an episode of Good Eats where Alton Brown uses avocado to make a frosting for cake.
  20. Carrot Cake! With cream cheese frosting.... Yum! Zucchini Bread (although more cake than bread, I think). Something with rhubarb - pie or crumble I think I want a slice of carrot cake now....
  21. In light of the private member's bill on relief for Cambie Street businesses being introduced today.... Don Don Noodle is closing down. Tomato Cafe is re-opening on June 1 in Kits (I went by today, there is still a lot of construction going on in there). This is very sad indeed.
  22. For mooncakes, you can check out the Taiwanese style ones. They tend to be smaller and with a thicker crust. I usually get mine from Ihua (41 & Dunbar), or Da Chia (Macdonald & 24th), but I'm sure they're available in Richmond also.
  23. Ugh I think I ate too much today! Finally made it to the Night Market and ate: -Takoyaki. I asked for 6 octopus & 6 shrimp, but ended up with all octopus. I hit the first takoyaki stall I saw and didn't see the stall that was selling scallop takoyaki until I'd finished what I had. -Duck wraps. They taste like spring rolls but chewier. Love 'em! -Vegetable pancake. Rice flour dough with veggies mixed in, shallow fried. Hot, gooey, and full of greasy goodness. -Cinnamon sugar rice pancakes. Like the previous posters mentioned, these are pretty good. My S.O. ate most of it. -Fish waf
  24. Roasted garlic Grilled veggies Salsa Tzatziki And hummus makes a great sandwich spread although I've never had it in a burger, but I imagine it might be good.
  25. Do donuts dusted with cinnamon sugar qualify?
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