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  1. And don't forget to read Smithy's Princess camping thread. There are lots of great meal ideas for cooking over an open fire on there.
  2. Looks like you did a great job, and I applaud the gusto with which you went into this! I don't camp, nor do I grill, although I do ;prep items for our grilling. The only suggestions I have for you are: precook the bacon to a partially rendered state before going on the trip, no where near done, say still pliable, but not crispy and then finish on site.. This will eliminate some level of flair ups, and allow you to save the rendered fat if you chose . Also, picture perfect kabobs are a beautiful thing, but hard for some people to cook all the ingredients well at the same time. I usually do like things together according to cook time. I like to skewer just beef, just chicken, maybe combine onions w/ peppers, and mushrooms w/ grape tomatoes. That way skewers can be grilled, pretty much in this order according to doneness desired. (actually, do chicken before beef, if serving in the same meal.) And, precooked potatoes can be thick sliced or wedged, oiled and tossed on the grill, with or without foil or grill pan to heat and crisp up. All in all, i'd say you had a successful outing! I look forward to your future adventures.
  3. @pjm333...you're killin' me here! I want to make egg tarts just like you when I grow up!
  4. @liuzhou, your pate looks fantastic. Right up my alley!
  5. That'd be me.... over here!!!
  6. @Kim Shook, that's nearly mom's recipe, but add some kosher salt and omit the relish.
  7. caroled

    Bacon Fat

    Couple of months ago, I needed to cook some bacon to be used in a number of dishes over the course of a week or so. I took 2 lbs, cut in 1/2 " wide strips, into my wok along with app. 1C water and set it to cooking. It rendered out the fat beautifully and yielded a full pint of grease.
  8. how do you achieve that velvety texture on your mousse products? Stunning as always
  9. I'd be delighted just to stand by and wait for the trimmings. Gorgeous work as always.
  10. I can! I'm only surprised it doesn't happen to all of us more often.
  11. I totally omitted "pictures" and saw, "my friend sent me these...:" Carry on.
  12. @shain, those are a thing of beauty!
  13. You think I could keep her away from you? And remember, I didn't go with ya'll, I was here waiting for the tamale delivery that never came!
  14. Rice and gravy is good, but gravy bread is the best ever!
  15. I watch too much late night tv. Infomercial touting a Power AirFryer Oven is the greatest thing ever (according to them). Basket w/shelves(3) pull out the front. As with all commercial of this sort, it does everything... fries, bakes, rotisserie, dehydrator...blah blah blah. I could get behind that if it did actually do all those things.
  16. @Anna N, that perfectly answered my ? I wasn't sure if I was seeing melted cheese in the bottom or an under baked crust, and I know you are all about a beautifully baked crust , so the latter seemed unlikely. Glad you enjoyed the results and thanks for the inspiration.
  17. @Anna N, did you prebake the shell first? , how did it turn out?
  18. @Nancy in Pátzcuaro, Kitchen aid has some very stylish/modern looking ones in red, black, stainless/grey. Google and have a look...they may have exactly what you're looking for.
  19. I also have this in red with a corner utensil holder. In right side of sink, no mat (as there is no counter space), and there always seems to be something in it!
  20. Some very heavy duty one can be found in the bottom of shower curtain liners. After my step dad came home from the knife show with some, I realized where they came from. So now I cut out the ones when I recycle the used liners. (I do cut up the curtains before recycle as most places won't accept them or any long thing... garden hose, ropes, etc. .... that might jam up the equipment )
  21. @chefmd, will definitely be going back then . Thanks for the recommendation. There was also a vanilla caramel, and a mixed berry and one other...
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