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  1. After reading zen kimchi's blog entry on misutgaru here I was wondering if I could make it myself with my boyfriend's blendtec blender. Does anyone know if a blendtec is capable of blending things without added liquid? also what do you need to add? I know I need to roast and dry different kinds of rice and grains, but what kinds? what ratios? I need to know cause my mom pays an arm and a leg for the stuff. It's terribly expensive here in the states.
  2. how about korean style, grilled over charcoals and brushed with gochujang. yum yum...eels = summer
  3. Hey, have you ever tried sticky brown rice? My mother and I prefer this to regular brown rice cause it's similar to korean white rice. We eat it when we want to eat "healthy." It's stickier and not as crunchy and is KIND of similar to white rice. However you don't cook only sweet brown rice, you mix it with the sticky rice like you do with black rice (to make purple rice), barley, and other mixed grains.
  4. hey Peter! Yep, you can watch it on www.mysoju.com (great source for korean and japanese dramas). It's under "gourmet" under the Korean dramas. So far some of the episodes aren't working so just a heads up. The story line isnt that great...I only watch it for the food (of course). eta: seems as though the website is down. Guess we'll both have to wait for it to come back up again. ): for now I'll watch cooking master boy or dottchi cooking show
  5. Yep one of the methods was to just fill it up with water and then let it soak for 2 days. Did it, and it worked just fine Never heard of adding cooked rice and simmering....sounds like it would leak that way? I just left it in the sink as it was soaking in case of leakage
  6. I remember watching something before (maybe globetrekker?) where the tv host went to some scandinavian country for an authentic viking feast. The highlight of the meal (and the only thing I remember) was a whole sheep's head. try that out for size
  7. This is a HUGE thing here in Maryland. I've been eating it since I was a wee lass and my favorite has to be egg custard with a layer of marshmallow creme in the middle and on top. Recently my grandparents introduced me to something called a "lollipop" in Hagerstown, MD. It's a snowball that's topped with soft serve ice cream. I had banana with the vanilla soft serve on top and holy crap was it tasty.
  8. Anyone else watching this drama? I watched the movie that it was based off of and boy was that terrible. What do you think about it? btw: didn't really know if this thread should be here or anywhere else, but since it's Korean I thought I'd just add it here. I just watched the episode with the fatty snowcrabs and boy did that bring back some memories. Luckily my mother's friend just made me some soy sauce crabs so that tied me over for a bit eta: I know I haven't been here in a while....hi doddie and peter!
  9. don't know if you have to do this in Japan or not, but my sister just recently purchased a iga "style" donabe for her new apartment. The instructions say that you have to soak the pot in water for 2 days or it'll start leaking during cooking. Maybe the pot she bought was cheap, but just a heads up. wouldn't want you cooking something tasty and time consuming to have to leak all over your table ):
  10. They just opened up a location in glen burnie as well. My mom (korean) went there for the first time the other day and said that the prices were really good and everything looked really fresh.
  11. omg that tonkatsu sandwich looks divine. Love the fingerprints in the bread (:
  12. I knew this was going to happen...I just didnt know when and now I know (: hooray!
  13. my wonderful boyfriend made me the best dip ever last month. he took a block of velveeta, threw it in a crock pot with 2 cans of ro tel, added crumbled and cooked jimmy dean sausage, a can of hormel chili (no beans), and then we both topped it off with crumbled bacon I dipped some fritos scoops into it and oh my god was it good.
  14. yeah the overacting is kinda lame...but the lead girl in the jdrama is awfully cute (:
  15. yep, you can also watch on veoh.com as well (without subs). btw you missed a great episode hiroyuki. They made homemade miso in the 2nd episode (:
  16. you can watch 2 of the episodes online: http://www.mysoju.com/osen/ I've already seen these 2 and am still waiting for the other ones...so far it's been really really good
  17. since its summer I like eating a lot of dressed korean style salads with grilled meats. Lots of homegrown chives, chinese watercress, korean lettuce, etc with a spicy tangy dressing. yum yum
  18. oh jeez I love dried squid. You can lightly toast it over an open flame (if you have a gas stove) or just toast it on the burner in an electric stove. I also like it boiled in water for a few minutes cause it gets chewier and slightly plump. I only dip it in good ol mayo and it's tasty with peanuts. It's a nice drinking snack whoops didn't notice that your squid is "flavored"....hmm I would just eat it as is as a nice snack. However if you get your hands on some plain ol dried squid with nothing added than I would try out my reccomendations. btw what do you think of your new found treats? oh and the nori, how is it seasoned? is it seasoned with salt and sesame oil? if it is, it sounds like Korean seaweed. I like to eat it wrapped in rice or added in kimbap.
  19. great for adding to soup. nice of your friend to give it to you as a gift cause dried whole fish is expensive. My mom makes a nice korean soup with dried fish pieces and lots of daikon. delish
  20. all the food looks great (and its nice to finally see what rona looks like (: ) but you need to eat more greasy food!!!!!
  21. LIKE I SAID, HURRY UP. Tell the pilot you have lots of hungry people waiting for you here on the internet (: I kid I kid...hope you and Scud have a great time and stuff your faces with lots and lots of food. Why is Serena not going? school?
  22. hiroyuki, your salting technique sounds very similar to brining (except for the elimination of water). I often use brining when cooking chicken and pork...especially when making tonkatsu as it makes for an extremely juicy dish. was your fish juicier or did it just taste better overall? I'd like to try your method the next time I eat fish
  23. well other people dont really eat it like the Chinese do, but many Jews (and other people) know of it's great broth making abilities. Chicken feet make an extremely delicious chicken soup.
  24. glad I check this thing once in a while.... HURRY UP (:
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