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    So the sugar content from the shredded apple should make the cabbage ferment faster?
  2. docdix, my friend said that her family makes the same exact thing except with the addition of kalamansi juice and a little bit of fish sauce. I like this combination very much actually because the brown sauce was so gloopy and cloying.
  3. I bought some pork hocks today ($1.20 for 2 so I bought 6) because I wanted to make some crispy pata. Ive been craving it ever since I had them at the Filipino food festival over the summer. I'm looking for a great tried and true recipe and perhaps a recipe for a condiment to serve it with? I had some kind of brownish gloopy sauce with it this summer that I didn't really like. I think it was a bit too sweet so I am looking for something a little more savory. Any ideas would be more than helpful. Thanks
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    thanks so much (: How do you feel about adding other items to your kraut? I heard of adding such things as onions, apples, garlic, and carrots. I was going to add shredded apple but decided to go against it as I just wanted the non adulterated taste of cabbage.
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    I decided to say the hell with it and make sauerkraut with a leftover half head of cabbage. That way if I seriously screw up, I only wasted a mere half a head. So I chopped, salted, pounded, and layered and unfortunately not a lot of water has been coming out of the cabbage and it's been sitting for over 12 hours. To compensated, I added a bit of water (more salt to make a less watery brine) and wondered if this was okay? I know that if the cabbage isn't completely submerged in the water it would make it quick to spoil? Is that correct?
  6. We eat the same thing at my house, but my mother slices the pickles really thin and then squeezes them. I think this makes them crunchier and they taste really good with fresh rice with some hot or cold boricha poured over the rice.
  7. Yep, it definitely lacked some sweetness. I just added lime juice and fish sauce and it definitely didn't taste right. I'm sure I needed to add sugar, but Ms. Nguyen said to just add lime and fish sauce.
  8. The cooks on this show make me cringe. The knife skills.....ugh MY GOD, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!! So Yeah, after watching this I realized that Zoe Feigenbaum looks an awful lot like one of the emotionless robots on Everyday Food on PBS. Well it turns out they have the same last names. So either they are siblings or she had a name change. What do you think?
  9. I recently made an awesome Malaysian style curry from some Southeast Asian cookbook I have laying around the kitchen. It's amazing how different fresh homemade curry tastes from the store bought stuff. I chopped up chiles, lemongrass, fresh galangal and turmeric, ginger, garlic, shallots, and added tomato paste. Then I added a touch of fish sauce for saltiness since I didn't have any shrimp paste. I also added some lime zest and juice for flavoring. I then pounded them in a mortar and pestle in the backyard (didn't want to make a mess in the kitchen!) and finished it off in the food processor. Then I schmeared it on some chicken thighs and grilled them up. I also made a lovely cucumber/coconut milk side salad that went really well with the spicy flavors. I can't wait to try this recipe again (:
  10. Hi everyone! I'm still alive and kicking and yes still eating Korean food. Here's a lovely picture of some hwe du bap and yes I am eating it in November. It's very easy to make, healthy, and cheap, especially if you use frozen tilapia filets from the Korean grocery store. Unfortunately it's "bap" less as I have no rice in the dish - wanted to be more healthy. Instead it just has lettuce, gim, fish, flying fish roe, and some chojang.
  11. I recently made this recipe http://www.vietworldkitchen.com/blog/2009/04/vietnamese-restaurantstyle-grilled-lemongrass-pork-thit-heo-nuong-xa.html and it came out pretty damn well. Unfortunately I didn't marinate the chicken very long (maybe 20 mins) and I feel that it would've been a lot better if I let the meat sit int he marinade for a longer amount of time. Hence the peanut sauce on the side.....it needed more flavor! I made a nuoc cham dipping sauce on the side as well, but I felt that it didn't taste anything like the nuoc cham you get at restaurants. For one thing, at restaurants its always more of an orangeish color. Is that from the carrot threads? When I make it at home, the fish sauce makes the color more brown.
  12. I found a bunch of frozen lavender in there yesterday. I got it as a gift and didn't know what to do with it, so I threw it in there. Unfortunately I don't bake and have no idea how to use it in savory applications other than making my own herbes de provence. I heard that it's good thrown into the spice grinder along with some salt and/or sugar. Any other suggestions?
  13. I find that when I pick them that way, the stems break off in half and yes I pull down GENTLY (:
  14. Don't even worry about it, because Food Network now has their own video game now... http://www.amazon.com/Food-Network-Cook-Cooked-Nintendo-Wii/dp/B0028A6VKI
  15. Yup! I love squeezing the crab guts on my rice. Very very tasty
  16. HI!!! I'm here lurking...I love soy sauce pickled crabs but I have no idea how to make them. I just know how to eat them ): Squeeze out all the guts on the rice and eat with a spoon. Or better yet add rice to the inside of the shell, stir, and then insert into mouth. The ONLY thing I know about making these crabs is that you need to cook the soy sauce and ginger before you add it to the crabs. Apparently if you don't "it tastes like crap"
  17. My mother uses karo syrup as a substitute for the malt syrup and I never notice a taste difference (:
  18. Nurungji is like oatmeal, very very soothing, comforting, and warm. I haven't had it in a long time ): For a terrible substitute I will sometimes eat nurungji candy - not the same but close enough.
  19. I see that at all korean stores here in the states, so they should have the same in canada!
  20. I think the black powder is just ground up sesame seeds and I too have never seen rice cake made with black glutinous rice
  21. kimchi + bacon + cream + pasta sounds utterly magical!
  22. its just called cheonggukjang in korean (: and the stew that it's usually made into is called cheonggukjang chigae
  23. the one plant's leaves are too fat to be ride paddy herb, but the first option might work (Suaeda glauca). It doesn't grow as tall as the Suaeda glauca you mentioned, but it looks strikingly close. Yep I heard oil is made from ggaenip plants and the seeds are also used in applications like soondae guk or as a garnish in some namul dishes like fern bracken or that tiny sprouting of angelica tree I posted up above. My family also eats the flowers of ggaenip as well. They are excellent sprinkled with rice flour and deep fried
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