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  1. Well I followed Hiroyuki's suggestion and managed to come up with the best kara age yet! However, I still didn't acheive that uber crispy crust. I guess for it to get crispy, I need a thicker batter for the katakuriko and flour to adhere to. The marinade isn't thick enough. I know that you somewhere upthread someone said that nowadays katakuriko is made from potatoes. Well it turns out that I bought a package of the stuff at my local Korean store and it did say dogtooth violet starch in the ingredients. Surprised that I found the real thing in the US. The brand I bought looks very similar to this: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2401/2192773277_3730e40e05.jpg but it wasn't that.
  2. Yeah I deep fried in the fry daddy, which was placed in the sun room (there is a drain in there in case anything goes awry). The skin was dry! I placed it in the fridge for a few hours uncovered. I have no idea why the skin wasn't getting crispy. I must've had that thing in there for over 5 mins. Oh well. I want to attempt to make sisig next
  3. Kent, I agree. After the 3-4 hours they tasted like apples in a salad - not pickled. Yep, I think I'm going to try the asian pear method next.
  4. Just made pickled fuji apples from the book. Hopefully they come out alright. I'm also excited about making that cereal milk panna cotta and I HATE baking.
  5. I was very busy this weekend. It's restaurant week here in Baltimore so I took advantage of the food - and the booze. So yeah I am going to try this out this week. I swear I have ADD when it comes to cooking. I just got the new momofuku cookbook in the mail so I am having a lot of fun with that.
  6. I like taking whole button mushrooms and then searing them in a stainless steel pan so they get nice and browned. If I have more time and am feeling indulgent, I like to do fondant potatoes
  7. I forgot to add that I do not know how to make coffee. I can grind my own beans, throw them in the french press and make decent coffee but that was all for my ex. Now that we aren't together I have no desire to make fancy pants coffee. Now I just stick to drinking instant coffee with splenda and lots of non dairy creamer (the powdered kind). Tastes like candy for breakfast!
  8. Thanks, yeah I have that bookmarked from an earlier search and will definitely try it out. I'm guessing I should use good ol' hellman's as opposed to miracle whip. I tried it with MW earlier and the taste was way way off. Awful stuff, really ): I'll try this tomorrow and let you all know how it goes. I definitely don't have manzana chiles but will use my aji amarillo paste instead.
  9. wow, blue dolphin...that recipes sounds really easy and very doable. Although I am still torn between that and the cherries and port rendition.
  10. Yeah I was used to my heavy victorinox knife and it was a real difference switching to the much lighter japanese knife. I do prefer the new knife though (:
  11. It's more of a pale yellow...very sunny looking if that can be a way to describe something? It'll have to do for now. yeah I found a ton of recipes for a peruvian sauce that had feta cheese in it but I didn't taste any cheese in the sauce. I think if there was cheese I could "feel" it in my mouth. The sauce was really smooth and creamy like a mayonaise so I'm pretty sure that it's mayo based.
  12. I guess what I meant to say is that I found countless recipes online for the green stuff. I haven't tried to make it, because I am more into the yellow sauce. I made a quick version of it earlier with miracle whip and aji amarillo paste and it tasted nothing like the stuff at el pollo rico.
  13. Well I tried deep frying it and it took FOREVER so I said eff it and threw it in the oven to broil it instead. It came out a little darker, but still pretty damn tasty if I do say so myself.
  14. I have some skin on duck legs/thighs and wings in the freezer. I was going to confit them but I have used almost all of the duck fat for non related cooking purposes. I think I might go with Molly Steven's braised duck legs recipe with cherries and port. Anyone try this out yet? Thoughts?
  15. I don't know about you guys but this thread is making me hungry
  16. I stopped making my own salad dressings after trying Girard's Champagne vinaigrette. It's AMAZING because it's loaded with msg. I also use canned beans (hate the chewiness of dried beans) and canned chicken and beef stock. However if I do have the homemade stuff on hand I will probably use it.
  17. I dont think the pork needs a coating of flour. I crisped up some pork skin last week without any sort of batter and it worked out well. I made a dipping sauce with vinegar, soy sauce (all i had was the korean stuff), chopped chiles, crushed garlic, and fish sauce.
  18. Here's a really really blurry pic of the yellow, green, and mysterious white sauce that comes with the chicken. I really need to not use my iPhone as my main camera.
  19. I live in the Baltimore/DC area which means that I have access to some great Peruvian chicken places. Whenever I get the chicken I am usually served a green and yellow sauce. I know how to make the green one (easy enough), but it is the yellow one that I am more concerned about. I searched high and low (even on chowhound, google, etc.) and didn't even find anything remotely close. I know it has mayo in it, maybe mustard, and maybe aji amarillo sauce. I found a bunch of recipes for something similar that involves feta cheese but I don't think that is even in the sauce. I recently started going to this new place in College Park, MD called Sardi's Pollo a la Brasa. This place is different from all the rest, because it serves an additional white sauce on the side. Wish I knew what that was too, but the yellow sauce is more important. Figured I'd post this on this board instead of the South American one because this one gets the most action (:
  20. My global 8" chef's knife was way too sharp when I got it. It kept getting stuck in my wooden cutting board when I first used it. However after a while it stopped and still manages to retain it's sharpness without being TOO sharp.
  21. Hey doddie! Do you suggest rubbing the pork with patis and flour after they have been drying in the refrigerator? I notice a lot of recipes call for this, but I figured I'd just throw the pork into the oil sans flour. Skin should get crispy enough without a batter coating. Right now I am currently brining the pork in a salt water/peppercorn solution. Either tonight or tomorrow I will start the boiling process. Can't wait to try this again!!! Oh and I think for a korean touch, I will add crushed ginger to the water when cooking the pork. Ginger tends to get rid of the "porky" smell and adds a lovely flavor.
  22. I don't own it, but I always found Rachael Ray's garbage bowl to be a complete waste of money. Why not use an old produce bag to throw trash in or even use a bowl that you already have in your house? I tend to use empty containers of sour cream or large empty containers of yogurt or better yet, plastic bags from the grocery store. Such a waste of money!
  23. SheenaGreena


    I ended up cooking it at 320 for 7 hours and then blasting the heat at the end. Came out really nice, of course I could've marinated it longer or even brined it. Oh well, I was hungry and wanted it asap.
  24. SheenaGreena


    About to do some pernil tomorrow. Was wondering, do I crisp up the skin at the beginning of the cooking or at the end? I'm getting both answers and wanted to know what was the best suggestion?
  25. does she really suggest cooking feet? I made the awful decision of deep frying some pigs feet last weekend. My mother had made some jokbal (korean pigs feet) and we had some leftover in the fridge. I figured I'd make a bastardized/lazy version of crispy pata and threw it in the deep fryer. Ugh, the collagen and gelatin from the feet was awful when heated up. I think shanks are better because they contain more meat than feet.
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