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  1. I currently have a solution to the forgotten item in the microwave problem which usually happens at my mum's house. As babies do, mine always seems to want a bottle just as we're sitting down to eat. I go to warm it in the microwave and find some mystery item in there, just in time to go on the table. Once or twice however I've warmed up a mid morning bottle when visiting and found something from the night before .
  2. I'm so looking forward to this. I might need a drool-proof cover for my keyboard .
  3. I've been making puff pastry quiches for a few years and I don't bother precooking. However, I quite like the softness of the pastry on the bottom, you may not.
  4. It's not lounging, it's keeping out of the way and therefore out of trouble!
  5. Thankfully another Western Australian company has started making this product, no thanks to the multinational that originally discontinued it.
  6. I have to play this one... I drove 400km from home to work during the university summer holidays as a housekeeper / cook for a farmer during harvest. I met one of the neighbours while helping move machinery between paddocks. The farmer then said I should invite said neighbour (actually a relation) over for dinner. We had my famous meatballs with mashed potato, green beans, cabbage and carrots. Numerous beers were drunk, cards played and when the rain started in the morning he thought he'd better go out and put the windows up in his mother's car . Oh, and I did actually go home and finish my degree. It took some determination, I can tell you.
  7. Okay, I live in a VERY small town - pop. 200 (yes only 2 zeros) in the eastern wheatbelt area of Western Australia. Actually, I live 50 km further east. The town has a primary school, 2 banks (part time), a hotel "resort" / pub / eatery, bakery, post office, beautician, hairdresser, chemist, a butcher and two stores (and a lot more besides). Our butcher has his own abattoir, we get fresh poultry, pork, lamb, beef. Frozen fish is also available. There is also a refrigerated vehicle that visits the town (and outlying farms) offering frozen fish, shellfish, lasagne, pizza etc. The two stores in town offer a reasonable range of foods. One sells cooked chicken and then uses the oven to cook a small range of artisanal type breads. The range of vegetables is adequate but not huge. Salad veges actually last quite well in the fridge (especially if you have a car fridge to get them home). I shop every 7-9 days depending on what other reason I have to go to town. I have a pigeon pair fridge / freezer. We have a decent sized car fridge and use that to fully stock the freezer. I buy milk in 3 litre bottles and store it in the freezer. We have frozen vegetables on standby, frozen bread, meat etc. Water is in short supply out here, so no vege garden (actually no garden or lawn except for some chives and rosemary). If there is a particular item I want to buy, often I can ask and the store will get it in. They constantly look for new items and get them in for a trial. However, if I want a more expensive item on a regular basis eg. a special baby formula, bulk nappies, specialty asian foods etc, then that must wait until I either go to the next biggest town (200km from our town) or to Perth (400km). This has turned into quite a lengthy post but I hope it gives some idea of how we cope.
  8. I've had this problem with other shortbread type recipes, and I have discovered that it happens when the soft butter required is too soft. A warm kitchen can make it worse. HTH
  9. It is in the recipe archive under the name of Chocolate Alcohol Cake (the alcohol is at least as important as the chocolate) http://recipes.egullet.org/recipes/r1894.html Have fun Janet ← There is also some discussion about Janet's cake in the Fruit Cake topic mentioned upthread by Kerry Beal. Janet, I have to add that I enjoyed not have to put my thinking cap on to decipher US cups and tablespoons.
  10. I have a very similar recipe from a 1960's cookbook designed for those in a bedsit or other living arrangement with no oven. Great pizza.
  11. My fruit has been soaking in creme de cacao for Janet (The Old Foodie)'s Chocolate Fruit Cake. It's smelling really good and in danger of disappearing before it becomes fruitcake.
  12. I had nikujaga last night too, left over from the night before. Nicely matured. Mine was with beef, as I've finally educated my butcher to cut in thinly enough for Japanese dishes. Beats cutting frozen meat with my hand powered meat slicer.
  13. I had these in Japan, but your version is far more ornate. I'm enjoying the armchair holiday immensely.
  14. Those meals look fabulous, Hiroyuki. The prices seem very reasonable too.
  15. Cocoa is available here in 125g boxes. I think that's about 4 oz. I usually buy the 250g box.
  16. Helen, I had the same reaction, in fact had to google to find what all the fuss was about.
  17. That looks GOOOOOOOOOOOD! This thread has been such an interesting read. Wishing you the best with your project.
  18. I can remember being home with Dad at age 3 1/2 or 4 while Mum was shopping in a town about an hour away. I decided to get the veges for dinner ready. I cut up and cooked a mix of carrots and onions. I seem to recall that it turned out fine but of course was ready quite a few hours before dinner time . I have no idea where Dad was, nor can I remember what Mum said when she got home .
  19. I made a Dutch Apple Pie for my Dad's birthday. We're now enjoying the leftovers .
  20. A thread on apple pies isn't complete without mention of Chufi's Apple Pie which I made again this weekend. It was made and consumed before I saw this bake-off, but since I wasn't happy with the results for once, I'll just have to make another. This time I might use Granny Smith and Pink Lady apples.
  21. Here's a link to the Titanic potatoes thread. I can't help you with the biscuit name though, sounds interesting.
  22. My husband learnt this the hard way - we live on a farm 150m from his parents. Enjoying your blog.
  23. Yay, it's Peter! Another good excuse to neglect the family and spend hours on eGullet. If you haven't already, I can thoroughly recommend reading Peter's entertaining recount of his family holiday in China, found here. Blog on!
  24. I had a friend in highschool whose mum used to bake/cook on a casual basis for others. It was done in the person's home. Sometimes she made meals which could be frozen (lasagne, stews etc), for other people she would bake cakes, cookies etc, some of which were to be eaten straight away, some were to be frozen. I think she only left things which were to be reheated or eaten as is, not actually cooked by the client. She did it on a per hour basis just as you would if you were cleaning or babysitting.
  25. Cadbury


    Making kombucha was a fad here about 7 years ago - everyone had some on the go. I didn't realise it could be purchased.
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