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  1. Thanks, Cadbury! Any idea of what they make it with, then? ← They're a wheat noodle, wikipedia reference here.
  2. Yakisoba (although not actually made with soba noodles).
  3. Thoroughly enjoying this. I used to pass through Takarazuka every day on my way to school.
  4. So what's wrong with that ? ← Flan always contains caramel. No caramel, no flan. ← Over here, before real men began to eat quiche, they would at least eat an egg and bacon flan. Culture plays a major part in our interpretation of menus and food items. I would have no idea whether a flan was sweet or savoury without the "caramel" in front.
  5. Amy, I've thoroughly enjoyed your foodblog. It brought back some very pleasant memories.
  6. UNFAIR!! Here I am living in the middle of nowhere and you show the most delicious looking dim sum. I have a serious craving now. I don't think I can get my husband to make the 800km round trip for some (although he did give in to me when a craving hit when pregnant with my first!! ).
  7. Kind of an interesting fact but ice chewing is a sign of severe anemia. I chewed on ice addictively for years and then within a day of starting iron pills stopped completely. Haven't chewed since. ← I was about to post the same comment. I chewed ice when pregnant with my first, until I increased my iron intake.
  8. There have been studies which show that what you eat can affect the amniotic fluid. Large amounts of fenugreek for example can make a maple syrup type smell and flavour. It's possible I guess that baby can taste these variations and perhaps these tastes then are familiar as baby grows.
  9. my liquid measures do both metric and standard. So does my scale. So does one of my thermometers. Sure, my dry measuring cups are only standard, but a recipe written in metric will simple state grams for something that would be measured with a "cup". And I can handle that with a scale. Really, I think I can get by just fine if presented with a metric recipe with the equipment I have.. The only time I would have to do extra math would be for oven temps. ← Some metric recipes do not refer to grams for flour, sugar etc but use a metric cup and need to be portioned into 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 etc. It may be worth acquiring a metric measuring set (as I have a set of "US" cups). Also, 1ml is equal to 1cc (cubic centimetre), found in Japanese and other recipes, and in liquid measures also equals 1 gram. Therefore the 300ml of water required in my breadmaker is weighed as 300g prior to adding the 500g flour.
  10. I finally got round to taking photos of the Chocolate Alcohol Fruitcakes. One mini has already gone (we'll call it quality control). I used some flaked almonds as most people will eat them if they don't like the more traditional nuts.
  11. Simply delightful, especially the last picture of Beppo sharing the
  12. I have 3 cakes in the oven from Janet's Chocolate Alcohol Christmas Cake recipe. I made 1 large (25cm) cake and two mini loaves. The scrapings from the bowl made a good breakfast . Picture of finished cakes to follow.
  13. Well done, your bread looks great. Congratulations on working out how to post pictures in your very first post.
  14. Lovely. An indication of the quality of this blog is the huge number of people currently reading it. I hope you're all sleeping well after all that food.
  15. I'm loving this. Perhaps Mr B fancies a trip to warmer climes "down under"?
  16. Not a disaster but... A few years ago I decorated a fruitcake for a friend's engagement party. I wanted the fondant to harden a little overnight before adding the flowers so I left it on the bench with a cloth over the top. In the morning there were paw prints across the top. When I told the bride-to-be she was delighted - a cat themed cake!!! Not quite the reaction I had expected.
  17. I'm enjoying this tremendously. A McD soft serve is 30c here btw.
  18. Just a general comment regarding legume allergies and plane flights. I recall that Singapore Airlines actually provides a nut free flight (for all passengers) should they be advised of a passenger with severe allergies. Perhaps other airlines do the same?
  19. We have the opposite problem here. It's nearly Summer and despite having a number of referendum over the years, the government decided we needed ANOTHER trial of daylight saving. Getting a farmer to come inside during daylight hours is bad enough but now made worse by shifting the clock. Comments are made about getting sunburnt at the dinner table!! It gets dark after 8pm but I need to have the children fed, bathed and ready for bed by 7.30pm otherwise getting ready for school in the morning is a nightmare. As its harvest time, the kids and I often eat on our own and my husband has his whenever he knocks off (anytime between 8.30 and midnight).
  20. I was too chicken to say moon cakes. "Moon" was one of the few characters I could read.
  21. I think you're right about variations in ingredients. I've not had any problems with making Klary's apple pie, except that very soft butter can actually be too soft in an Australian kitchen and can result in a slightly oily pie. The next pie with slightly cooler butter was much better.
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