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  1. Xiaoling, I salute you. I believe hotpot is reserved for air-conditioned to below freezing temperatures. Especially mala hotpot.
  2. I am very horrified by this. Why would you want to eat less glutinous rice?
  3. Yes. But I think it's less common now...mostly it's eaten as a fruit these days. It is very heaty, and very rich if you've got good ones. Pretty calorific too. My recommendation is eat mangosteens and skip the durian. Mangoes are considered heaty too, I think. You're not supposed to eat them if you have coughs and such.
  4. I feel better already. I eat it like that too.
  5. Have a question: Anybody heard of DeRoche? I have been using Valrhona for the past year, but my regular shop is currently out of stock and I really really really really want World Peace Cookies.
  6. Has anybody made Amanda Hesser's Flat and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies? I know, I read the blogger's comments, but I made the Unbelievably Good Chocolate Chip Cookie and I felt it was a waste of my Valrhona chocolate. I would make Tejon's, but I don't like oatmeal in my cookies unless they are oatmeal raisin.
  7. Another option is, after the first few eggs (ie once you're out of the safe zone) to use pour in the yolk first, then use the white as necessary. I haven't used the PH recipe, but in theory, it should have the same piping consistency if you have used the right amount of eggs. I think.
  8. Yes! Savory Sandwich = Meat + Bread + 0 Veggies
  9. So nobody eats their corn one kernel at a time?
  10. My suggestions: Bread: Freeze it Buttermilk: Don't buy it. Use the Vinegar or cream of tartar or lemon juice and milk trick. I do this, so I don't understand the madness that makes me buy yogurt for this purpose. Green onions: Rinse, wrap in damp paper towels, tupperware it and don't put in crisper.
  11. I thought that was how you were SUPPOSED to peel a banana ← And .... because there's sometimes a small, black hard spot on the flesh at the tip end, you can just squeeze the banana off through the peel at that point when you get to the last bite. SB (does not necessarily believe that emulating monkeys is such a great idea )(matter of fact; wouldn't it be reverse-evolution? ← Isn't that how you peel a banana? I think that is delicious, though I will only dip the crust (not the toppings part). My wife will dip any part of the pizza in ranch dressing, regardless of the toppings. ← There's a local pizza chain in Colorado, Beau Jo's. Their specialty is Mountain Pies: thick crusted pizzas with good-sized rims. On every table is a squeeze bottle of honey, with the top trimmed to make the hole bigger. You eat the pizza, and then drizzle some honey onto the crust rim and eat that for dessert. I wish we were closer than 1700 miles. MelissaH ← When I bought pizza for my not-so-little ('cause the little bugger tops me by several heads) brother yesterday, he told me the crust was the best part. So I said I'd make pizza bread (ie pizza without toppings) for him this weekend. I'll have to try this.
  12. Just the question I was about to ask. A girlfriend of mine loooooves Nando's, and can't wait until we get to the UK for it--we are headed to the same university over there later in the year.
  13. 190C? I bake mine at 180C, but I use Pichet Ong's recipe. Just search eG for it.
  14. Mariam, you're supposed to crush the cookies, mix with a bit of butter, maybe some sugar and press in.
  15. Hmmm... Nobody fries the rice before wrapping the joong? I don't know why my mom does it, but she does, and I think she fries it with the same ingredients with which Ah Leung mixes into the rice. Also, this round, my mom experimented. Chicken makes good joong too. I don't eat pork belly, so this is great.
  16. If cream is better than milk, wouldn't butter be best?
  17. Oh my, this is going to be a wonderful wonderful blog. Experience or no, we've all seen the 21 courses thread. :smiles: Can I ask what are you doing in the US?
  18. I love potatoes. If I had to pick one food to eat for the rest of my life, it'd be potatoes.... But not in a sushi roll. No way. No how.
  19. I eat the crusts of sandwiches first before eating the squishy soft parts inside. I try not to do this in public, because I'm weird enough without adding my eating habits to mix. When I cook noodle soup at home, I often add meatballs or fishballs. I hunt for all the meat, veggies etc, eat them and then I move onto the good part--the noodles, except that when I'm eating certain kinds of Asian noodles, it soaks up all the soup. I've discovered that this is the reason why I have to add soy sauce to my noodle soup--because fishballs and meatballs are saltier than the noodle soup itself, and by the time I finish them, my tastebuds are accustomed to more saltiness. If I take half a dozen cookies, put them in a bowl, and sit down with them, I'll find that I can't finish them. But if I take just three, I'll go back for more. eGers, please tell me what to do.
  20. Doddie, there's an asterisk on the Bananananana Bread. Was there something you wanted to add? Looks yum!
  21. I get excited when I see you post, Peter. And I bet I'm not the only one.
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